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Japan's businessmen has the ability for superior arbitration that the Japanese economic world can suggest both merits.

Middle-East pipeline Qatar would cooperate with Russian Rosneft, and Iran Qatar pipeline seems to be built, but it seems to cause current dispute in the the Middle East.
But I think ISIS may cause a revolution in Saudi Arabia.I thought that "2015 Mina stampede" had been caused by CIA which tried to lead that the popular discontent of Saudi reached boiling point in Saudi Arabia, in order to cause a revolution. And ISIS may attack Israel one day by a problem of Jerusalem.Because ISIS soldiers are almost junkies, ISIS soldiers may change suddenly.Henry Kissinger often speaks that Israel will be ruined one day. Kissinger is an old man like the devils. I think that Kissinger has a plot to let ISIS attack Israel. As well as Iran, ISIS is more likely to threaten both Saudi Arabia and Israel, I think. It is because the Khazars's Mafia which handles ISIS becomes the financial difficulties.They should give up on ISIS.
If Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey would cooperate with "destruction of ISIS" and "cancellation of the aerial bombardment of Yemen" and "the peace negotiation of Yemen", Japan should participate into the United States-led Middle Eastern pipeline construction's plan.
I am convinced that the Middle East should become peaceful if Japan and the United States build several pipelines . If Japan money will be invested this plan, Middle Eastern countries fighting will be end. The world should give priority to pipeline construction rather than World War 3.
Middle Eastern Pipeline construction business has far more bigger merit for Japan than Chinese Belt and Road Initiative . As for the defect construction of China, drainage is incomplete, and, in the African countries, there are many people who are electrocuted if it is wet season every year. Belt and Road Initiative will come to a deadlock one day soon. It is not necessary for Japan to enter in AIIB. Japan should invest huge fund in the Middle East as much as Japan can.
This is the big chance for Japan . Japan may be able to make "Tokyo, Nagoya city, and Osaka city" become "the finance markets which will be equal to New York , London and Singapore" if Japan can get the trust of Middle Eastern countries. Of course the world should establish a fund to rescue soldiers of ISIS from narcotic drug addiction.the world should invest huge money in the construction of narcotic facilities in the Middle East.If the crisis of ISIS will be end,the world can expect the huge profit on pipeline construction.

10 kinds of pipelines(How about do you think that this concept's name is Peace lines 10?)
1.Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Red Sea, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain.
2.Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordanian,Israel, Turkey
3.Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordanian,Syria, Lebanon, Greece
4.Iran、Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Turkey
5.Iran、 Iraq, Jordanian Palestinian West Bank、 (basement)、 Palestine Gaza Strip、 Greece
The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine was a proposal by the United Nations, which recommended a partition of Mandatory Palestine at the end of the British Mandate. On 29 November 1947, the UN General Assembly adopted the Plan as Resolution 181(II).
Resolution 181(II) should revive, and both "independence of Palestine", and "the existence of the Israeli country" should be accepted in the world.
Because many Israeli people throw away their nationality because Israeli disgusted with persecution of Palestine and escape from military service, the Israeli population continues decreasing. The Israeli GDP does not increase, too. It will bring Israel a big blessing that Israel becomes the country loved from the world.
If each oil pipeline goes in both Israel and Palestine, both countries will become more rich.

And Jerusalem should make the jurisdiction of the United Nations. the United Nations should add Iran and Saudi Arabia to "five countries of China France, Russia, U.K.,and the United States which are the permanent members",these 7 countries should deal with administration of Jerusalem.
They are “Super Lucky 7” .
6.Iran, Iraq, Kurd nation, Greece
"A Syrian port" and "a part of the Turkish land" should be provided in the Kurd nation because Kurudish soldiers are fighting against ISIS bravely,I think.
7.Iran,submarine tunnel, India
8.Saudi Arabia, Oman,submarine tunnel, India
9.Saudi Arabia, Yemen,submarine tunnel, India
10.Bahrain, Qatar, UAE,submarine tunnel, India
If India would be added to these pipeline plans, all Middle Eastern countries can participate the pipeline plans with the merit.If the world cooperates with the Indian antipollution measure and the world should shift and change the production bases of the world's factories for cheap India's personnel expenses, they may produce products with low cost safely.
These infrastructure business will provide the vast employment in the Middle East, and the ISIS soldiers who overcome narcotic drug addiction can work soundly as the good citizens.
The refugees who fled into EU can return to their hometowns.
Incidentally, if undersea submarine tunnel's construction will be necessary, everybody will recommend Taisei corporation which built the Seikan Tunnel which is the longest in the world.If Taisei corporation can order the undersea submarine tunnel's construction of "Peace lines 10",Taisei corporation may increase the world's longest record of the tunnel construction more.That made me excited.

Book of Daniel of the Old Testament predicted that Jerusalem is settled in peacefully in 2018. The human race should unite for peace.
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