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I believe that the whole imperial family would never sign this devilish bad anti conspiracy laws at all.

Hiroji Yamashiro who is a leader of the prominent Okinawan activist told the U. N. Human Rights Council on Thursday that the Japanese government has committed “clear human rights violations” against those opposed to the relocation plan for U. S. Marine Corps Air Base Futenma.
“Civilians are protesting the militarization every day. The government of Japan dispatched large police forces in Okinawa to oppress and violently remove those civilians,” Hiroji Yamashiro, head of the Okinawa Peace Action Center, said in a speech to the council in Geneva.
Yamashiro, who was detained for five months starting last October for what he and his supporters call minor offenses during base protest activities on Okinawa, said he was forced “to confess and give up the protest activity.” “These are clear human rights violations by the authorities,” he said.
Yamashiro, currently on trial, led a group of protesters who are opposed to the long-delayed Futenma relocation plan, which will shift the base from Ginowan to less populated Henoko, a coastal area of Nago further north.
He was arrested in October for allegedly cutting barbed wire at a U. S. military training area in Higashi and was released on bail in March. During his detention, Yamashiro was not allowed to see anyone except lawyers, not even his family, he said.
“However, I and the Okinawan people will never bow to oppression,” he said. “I demand the government of Japan stop human rights violations, and respect the Okinawan people's will against the construction of new U. S. and Japanese military bases.”
The first arrest was followed by two retroactive arrests that kept him in jail for five months.
Yamashiro and others are suspected of piling some 1, 480 blocks in front of the gate to Camp Schwab in January 2016 to prevent the delivery of equipment and materials needed for the relocation work.
He is also suspected of injuring a local defense bureau official by grabbing his shoulder and shaking him last August near the U. S. military training area in Higashi.
The high-profile case prompted human rights groups including Amnesty International Japan to call for Yamashiro's immediate release.
The bulk of U. S. military facilities in Japan are already situated in Okinawa.The Okinawa citizen can't stand any more with building more US bases in Okinawa.

"H. E. Mr. Shalva TSISKARASHVILI (Georgia), Vice President of the United Nations human rights" would have made the speech of Mr. Yamashiro terminate on the way. He said "Next speaker is young rehabilitation center for victims of torture." Would three minutes be fixed per a person?
Oh......The Abe Administration already makes many commentators speak at TV. as if Okinawa citizen resisting against the US bases new establishment were terrorists.
I am convinced that if anti conspiracy laws would be enforced on July 11, many Okinawa citizens will be arrested unfairly and will be tortured.
That is why the censure resolution for the Abe Administration of the United Nations human rights is necessary to stop genocide in Japan.
"The 277 kinds of new anti conspiracy laws of the Abe government " has no item which punishes "the police officer to arrest general citizen unfairly" and "the politician who promotes an unfair arrest" at all.
This is the just same laws as the Nazis' laws to arrest "the general citizens, communists, and socialists" who resist against "the Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime" suddenly , as a roundup of whole suspects.
There is the plan that the FEMA camp will be founded near Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in order to murder every inmate by radioactivity.Prime Minister Abe would prepare everything now for the terrible military regime as much as possible.

One day many citizens will be arrested if Prime Minister Abe will declare a state of emergency and they will be put in the FEMA camp of Fukushima.

Probably many resistance's persons including me will starve to death for each nameless prisoner number in the concentration camp.

Okinawa citizens who oppose against the landfill of the sea of Henoko for US base construction which Abe Administration leads.

Okinawa citizens who oppose against the destruction of the Takae virgin forest for US base construction of the play training places of Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey of United States Armed Forces which Abe Administration leads.

Japan citizens objecting to the Abe Administration which neglects the correspondence of the Fukushima nuclear plant accident to discharge several tons of the contaminated water per day into the Pacific .

Japan citizens objecting to the Abe Administration which neglects to manage "the crimes that the favorite journalists of Prime Minister Abe and the favorite politicians of Prime Minister Abe and Prime Minister Abe himself have done".TV director who reported on the fact that ”the people who were thyroid cancer increase rapidly” " was killed.But some one else must insist this fact.

The former Japan forces did a reign of terror in Okinawa island . The former Japan forces performed propaganda of the military education in all residents' associations of Okinawa prefecture. The Okinawa citizens who played truant from residents' associations were taken to each residents' association, and they were beaten to death in each residents' association as a warning for Okinawa citizens.  
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I believe that the whole imperial family would never sign this devilish bad anti conspiracy laws at all.
I heard from one of the relatives of the imperial family that His Majesty the Emperor would not have done any signatures of the enforcement of the security treaty related bill at all because His Majesty the Emperor would take consideration into the intention of Japanese citizens.
The U. N. Human Rights Council should do censure resolution immediately for "the Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime" by considering " its human rights violations", and "the thought oppression " in order to prevent the enactment of conspiracy bill.


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