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Down the Nazis. Down the 731.

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Prime Minister Abe would have apologized for "unconstructive" discussions in Diet, and would have vowed to regain public trust of Japanese citizens at the press interview,yesterday.However Prime Minister Abe would make no scruple of lying.
At the press interview of yesterday, Prime Minister Abe insisted as if Prime Minister Abe's new 277 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws were established for the counterterrorism of the Olympics of 2020 , but it is a blazing lie.
Because there is already 66 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws in Japan, Japan can join enough into "Convention against Transnational Organized Crime" at present.‘277 kinds of anti-conspiracy that "Prime Minister Abe" would try to establish newly' does not become the counterterrorism at all and are not useful for the counterterrorism. Japan can deal enough with Yakuza Mafia and Aum Shinrikyo in the existing 66 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws in Japan.
As for Prime Minister Abe's new 277 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws, it is considered as if it were "an action to make terrorist funds" even if a citizen collects mushrooms or collects the ores in the protected forest."As for Prime Minister Abe's new 277 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws, sit-in in protest against the construction of the building" and "illegal copy of the music " become a target of the punishment, too.
”277 Prime Minister Abe's new kinds of anti-conspiracy laws” are cruel laws to limit freedom of thought.Prime Minister Abe would intend to revive the monitoring society of the Nazis. The Abe Administration really establishes various new devilish bills which are based on modeling the Weimar Constitution that the Nazis worsened.Prime Minister Abe behaved as if he reflected at the yesterday's press conference deeply very much, but it is a blazing lie.
Kakei school A subsidy contributed to Okayama University of Science of the educational foundation "Kake school" of Mr. Kotaro Kake who "is a bosom friend" of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would be provided as the chief director and the emails which were written inside document of " the intention of the Prime Minister" become the scandal.
Abe government would make Iamabari city provide "considerable assets which is the worth of "13.4 billion 7, 7 million yen" in total" for the friend of school days of Prime Minister Abe for the new veterinarian department's establishment . It includes 3, 600 million yen(US$32, 418, 000) of the land which is provided free and the burden of the construction expense of 7, 700 million yen(US$69, 315, 400).
Furthermore, Iamabari city determined to provide a city grant to university of 9, 600 million yen which was half price of the expense for establishing university of 19, 200 million yen.
It is said that students of Okayama University of Science of the Kake school will prosecute the studies of the vaccine which will be antagonizing the new wicked virus which CIA develops including swine flu and the bird flu .
However, there is also many people who doubt as if they study how to make the bacteriological weapons and the creature virus of the 731 military corps in the Kake school.
Kishi former Prime Minister who was a grandfather of Prime Minister Abe commanded 731 military corps which were the bacteria research institute which played experiment on the human bodies in wartime as Ministry of Commerce and Industry .
Besides, Prime Minister Abe has taken a ceremonial photograph in "the Blue Impulse unit 731 of the Acrobatic feats squadron" at "Air Self-Defense Force base" of Matsushima city , Miyagi prefecture.Prime Minister Abe answered the media as if the number of 731 were accidental, and he said he had no ulterior motives about that. It is a mere coincidence?But it was written such as " Leader Abe".above the arrow which was written above 731 titles on the plane's body. It was the event to celebrate what "nine Blue Impulse T-4 training planes that evacuated to the Self-Defense Forces base of Kyushu from Tohoku earthquake" returned again.
Prime Minister Abe answered the media as if the number of 731 were accidental, and he said he had no ulterior motives about that.. But it was written such as " Leader Abe".above the arrow which was written above 731 titles on the plane's body.
His ideas of his lies are stereotyped.He is always poker‐faced to play innocent under any circumstance .

The picture was uploaded to First lady Akie Abe's Facebook on Christmas Eve 2015, with a joking caption that said: “An evil scheme of the men ”
Still, Prime Minister Abe was resolute in trying to defend himself from his latest school scandal.
“If I was truly up to something bad, she never would've posted a picture like that in the first place,” Prime Minister Abe told in the Diet, "Takeshi Miyazaki (a member of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Progressive Party of the opposition party)". “It takes three seconds to realize that.”
Awwwwww...However because the first lady Akie Abe is naively honest, she always exposes several lies of her husband innocently.The prime minister and his wife are sharply contrasted in character or purpose...It doesn't take three seconds to realize that his remark must be a blazing lie!!!
After that Okinawa citizens , "Japanese citizens who did against nuclear power generation manifestant", and "the citizens of opposition movement against Abe Administration" will be arrested by "Prime Minister Abe's new 277 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws", they may be sent into the university of the Kake school or the Nagasaki University medical department which is a study organization of 731 corps direct descendant as experiment on the human bodies.
The data of patients around the Fukushima nuclear power Plant are sent to Rumsfeld, and the whole Fukushima has already become the prefecture of "the experiment on the human bodies .Many deformed children are born in Fukushima. The surgery of six fingers should be waited for three months because they are so many.
The lies of Prime Minister Abe about the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant conflict with a crime of the humanity.
Japan citizens object to the Abe Administration which neglects the correspondence of the Fukushima nuclear plant accident to discharge several tons of the contaminated water per day into the Pacific .
Prime Minister Abe is going to build a frozen ground wall to turn off groundwater underground without adopting a method of construction to extract debris of Dr. Morishige. However, four years passed, but the frozen ground wall yet does not completely freeze. And the contaminated water of several tons flows out into the Pacific per day every day.
Because the radioactivity of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is strong, the human being can not approach to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant , and the unmanned robot is broken by strong radioactivity immediately.
Therefor, nobody can yet take out debris of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. However, Tokyo Electric continues developing the unmanned robot.
Dr. Morishige would devise a method to make the outskirts of the debris be a vacuum with "a safekeeping container and the vacuum apparatus", in order to pick up debris. As for the safekeeping container and the vacuum apparatus, there is little trouble except that Dr. Morishige would circulate liquid nitrogen in the outside and the internal plumbing even if radioactivity is strong because there are few dynamic parts.
Because Prime Minister Abe would give priority to the profit of the developer of Tokyo Electric, the Abe Administration is not going to adopt a method of Dr. Morishige. 

  The Abe Administration often lets the police investigate the persons whom Abe Administration does not like , as if they were secret police . And the Abe Administration often uses the information in order to threaten them. The Abe Administration is going to just become Nazis. 

The U. N. Human Rights Council should do censure resolution immediately for "the Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime" by considering " its human rights violations", and "the thought oppression " in order to prevent the enactment of "Prime Minister Abe's new 277 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws".
The Self-Defense Forces should surround the Diet promptly.
The Metropolitan Police Department should break into the Diet in order to arrest members of the Abe Administration.
When the independence of our mother country Japan is threatened, the Self-Defense Forces must rise in revolt.
Just now when our mother country Japan is almost sold off to three foreign old men such as Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, the Metropolitan Police Department must arrest the members of the Abe Administration under Articles 81 of Instigation of Foreign Aggression.
Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger are only ugly old men having each bad personality.
They may be devil monsters, but they are only illusion.
Down with the illusion.
Down with Abe Government!
Down with Abe Cabinet!
Down with the dictator Abe
We have the right of all people to the preservation of their fundamental human rights!
We become nobody's slaves.
We are human beings.
Militarism deprived us of basic human rights once while the WW2.
In the Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft Prime Minister Abe deletes all Constitution of Japan Article 97 that declared fundamental human rights.
Besides, we are human beings.We become nobody's slaves.Down with Militarism!!!
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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