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We need the extraordinary session of the Diet

(from the left) Denny Tamaki chief secretary of The Liberal Party, chief secretary of the Social Democratic Party Seiji Mataichi, the "Secretary", the corresponding position of the bureau chief of the Communist Party Akira Koike , Chief Secretary Yoshihiko Noda of the Democratic Progressive Party
After having voted to approve anti conspiracy laws of the Nazi Administration strongly for enforcement, the Abe Administration ended Diet session to conceal a scandal of Kake school. And probably I thought that His Majesty the Emperor would have refused to sign anti conspiracy laws, but the Abe Administration promulgated anti conspiracy laws on June 21.
However, in constitution Article 53 , it is said that "The cabinet must decide the call if there are the demands which are insisted by more than a quarter of the total members of the Diet in "the both Houses of Representatives and Councilors" .
On June 22 , in the House of Representatives, the opposition parties formed "a group demanding the summoning of an extraordinary session of the Diet" which was composed by 120 persons of 4 parties of a Democratic Progressive Party, the Communist Party, the Liberal Party, and the Social Democratic Party .
In the House of Councilors, the opposition parties formed the group of 72 agreement members of the Diet who added 1 denomination to 4 opposition political parties.
The opposition party submitted the written demand of the summoning of an extraordinary session of the Diet that was attached all the list of the agreement members of the Diet of "a quarter or more" to to the Diet. The document for the call of the extraordinary session of the Diet was submitted to Vice-President Tatsuo Kawabata House of Representatives (the right of a picture).

Kakei school We fight decidedly against Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and Henry Kissinger who are going to revive the Nazis in Japan .
Japanese citizens must defeat Abe Administration which is the puppet of 3 American old men of devil monsters.
They may live with feeding on " sacrifice of blood" and "the misfortune and tears of citizens" , but they are destined to fall.
After that Okinawa citizens , "Japanese citizens who did against nuclear power generation manifestant", and "the citizens of opposition movement against Abe Administration" will be arrested by "Prime Minister Abe's new 277 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws", they may be sent into the university of the Kake school or the Nagasaki University medical department which is a study organization of 731 corps direct descendant as experiment on the human bodies.
Everyone will imagine that these Japanese 4 men of the photograph mentioned above do collusion to make the bacteriological weapons.Whenever I watched only this photograph, I blanch with fear, and tears start weeping freely.
They smile as if they made a toast for the arrival of the times of the devil.Oh...God...God...Please protect His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress.Please help Japanese citizens.Please help Japan...

The handbill , the meeting and a demonstration, the sit-in are guaranteed as "a meeting, an association and speech, all publication or other freedom of expression" of constitution Article 21. These actions are recognized in the United Nations guidelines, too.
However, a 66-year-old woman of Okinawa was arrested for violation of Road Traffic Act in this morning.The current Okinawa citizens are often arrested now only to have staged a sit-in.
Prime Minister Abe would become a dictator day by day. He is going to begin terrible persecution. If "the U. N. Human Rights Council" wouldn't approve "the censure resolution for "the Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime", Nazis will revive in Japan.

The U. N. Human Rights Council should do censure resolution immediately for "the Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime" by considering " its human rights violations", and "the thought oppression " in order to prevent the enactment of "Prime Minister Abe's new 277 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws".
The Self-Defense Forces should surround the Diet promptly.
The Metropolitan Police Department should break into the Diet in order to arrest members of the Abe Administration.
When the independence of our mother country Japan is threatened, the Self-Defense Forces must rise in revolt.
Just now when our mother country Japan is almost sold off to three foreign old men such as Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, the Metropolitan Police Department must arrest the members of the Abe Administration under Articles 81 of Instigation of Foreign Aggression.
Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger are only ugly old men having each bad personality.
They may be devil monsters, but they are only illusion.
Down with the illusion.
Down with Abe Government!
Down with Abe Cabinet!
Down with the dictator Abe
We have the right of all people to the preservation of their fundamental human rights!
We become nobody's slaves.
We are human beings.
Militarism deprived us of basic human rights once while the WW2.
In the Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft Prime Minister Abe deletes all Constitution of Japan Article 97 that declared fundamental human rights.
Besides, we are human beings.We become nobody's slaves.Down with Militarism!!!
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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