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Let's unite to prevent the prediction that the fourth knight of the Apocalypse brings the raging pestilence.

abe731aircraft.gif4 horsemen of A
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Saturday that he wants to create more veterinary schools nationwide, saying that his government’s recent decision to approve just one — the first in the past 52 years — had stirred doubts about the credibility of the process.
“We don’t have to limit it to the city of Imabari (Ehime Prefecture). We will quickly seek a nationwide move,” Prime Minister Abe said.
Abe’s suggestion came as criticism grows over the opaque process by the education ministry to greenlight a plan for a new veterinary school run by Kake school (Kake Educational Institution), operated by a close friend of his, in a national strategic special deregulation zone in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture.
No new university veterinary medicine faculty has been established in Japan in over half a century because the government rejects opening them due to strong opposition from the Japan Veterinary Medical Association, which says that enough already exist. Deregulation in this area should be promoted nationwide, Prime Minister Abe said in the speech in Kobe.
The government will permit the opening of such faculties by any willing university, and not limit it to Imabari, Prime Minister Abe said.
The public support rate for Abe’s Cabinet has dropped sharply recently over public dissatisfaction with his team’s explanations about the Kake school affair, in which he is suspected of influencing the approval process.
In his speech Saturday, Prime Minister Abe again denied any wrongdoing over the matter, saying “the process was clear and serene.”

However, there are already too many veterinarians in Japan and the employment of veterinarians reaches saturation.
Because the unemployment rate of the veterinarian is serious,the Japan Veterinary Medical Association has been negative for the new establishment of the veterinarian department of university for a long time.
As if " Okayama University of Science of the educational foundation "Kake school" of Mr. Kotaro Kake who "is a bosom friend" of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe" were arranged in advance with Prime Minister Abe , only one Kake school applied to this public applications for the new establishment plan of the veterinarian department of university of Imabari city . And this public applications was closed soon. And Kake school won this best chance unnaturally.
Because many Japanese citizens say "It is strange to recognize only one school!", Prime Minister Abe said in his speech so that Abe Administration aimed at developing the new establishment of the veterinarian department immediately in the whole country from the situation of the regulation reform promotion. the Abe government recognized a new establishment regardless of an area to every university which has a certain will strongly motivated to succeed even if they were two schools or three schools.

"The Japan Veterinary Medical Association" held a general meeting on June 22 and denied Prime Minister Abe's statement by insisting that ”the Japan Veterinary Medical Association” has never demanded a condition to accept a new establishment regionally only for each area which has no university which has the veterinarian department" in the country at all. This is a surprising event. Explanation of conventional Cabinet Office such as the statement which considered an opinion of the veterinarian society" will be denied fundamentally.
Member countries of the U. N. Human Rights Council should remember prediction that the fourth knight of the Apocalypse brings the raging pestilence.
Kakei school We fight decidedly against Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and Henry Kissinger who are going to revive the Nazis in Japan .
Japanese citizens must defeat Abe Administration which is the puppet of 3 American old men of devil monsters.
They may live with feeding on " sacrifice of blood" and "the misfortune and tears of citizens" , but they are destined to fall.
After that Okinawa citizens , "Japanese citizens who did against nuclear power generation manifestant", and "the citizens of opposition movement against Abe Administration" will be arrested by "Prime Minister Abe's new 277 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws", they may be sent into the university of the Kake school or the Nagasaki University medical department which is a study organization of 731 corps direct descendant as experiment on the human bodies.
Everyone will imagine that these Japanese 4 men of the photograph mentioned above do collusion to make the bacteriological weapons.Whenever I watched only this photograph, I blanch with fear, and tears start weeping freely.
They smile as if they made a toast for the arrival of the times of the devil.Now we are in War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness.We should unite as the Sons of Light.As the Sons of Light, we must not be fooled by a blazing lie of Prime Minister Abe.
Prime Minister Abe would become a dictator day by day. He is going to begin terrible persecution.

1.If "the U. N. Human Rights Council" wouldn't approve "the censure resolution for "the Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime", Nazis will revive in Japan.
2.If the U. N. Human Rights Council can't do censure resolution immediately for "the Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime" , many citizens of your countries will perish with the bacteriological weapons which the Abe Administration will make.
3.It is because Abe Administration is the puppet of 3 American old men of devil monsters such as Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger.
4.They always set "Head of state of other countries" to work at a dirty wicked and dishonest plot.
The U. N. Human Rights Council should do censure resolution immediately for "the Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime" by considering " its human rights violations", and "the thought oppression " in order to prevent the enactment of "Prime Minister Abe's new 277 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws".
The Self-Defense Forces should surround the Diet promptly.
The Metropolitan Police Department should break into the Diet in order to arrest members of the Abe Administration.
When the independence of our mother country Japan is threatened, the Self-Defense Forces must rise in revolt.
Just now when our mother country Japan is almost sold off to three foreign old men such as Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, the Metropolitan Police Department must arrest the members of the Abe Administration under Articles 81 of Instigation of Foreign Aggression.
Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger are only ugly old men having each bad personality.
They may be devil monsters, but they are only illusion.
Down with the illusion.
Down with Abe Government!
Down with Abe Cabinet!
Down with the dictator Abe
We have the right of all people to the preservation of their fundamental human rights!
We become nobody's slaves.
We are human beings.
Militarism deprived us of basic human rights once while the WW2.
In the Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft Prime Minister Abe deletes all Constitution of Japan Article 97 that declared fundamental human rights.
Besides, we are human beings.We become nobody's slaves.Down with Militarism!!!
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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