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Confront against the illusion

Kake school does not fulfill "4 conditions" of new establishment of the department pro-veterinarian of a university.The 4 conditions are as written below.
1.It should be shown the concrete plan by the unique method to train the existing veterinarian by the main constituent of the current suggestion realizes.
2.The concrete demand that a veterinarian should cope with newly" including the life science should be clear.
3.When it is hard to cope in the existing department and the universities, that corresponds to one condition of the new establishment of "the department and a university of pro-veterinarian training".
4.Japan's government should examine it from the nationwide standpoint within this year while considering the recent veterinarian demand trend.

At first view point, about 1.2, almost students of Kake school can't pass a national examination. The deviation value of the departments that seems to be connected with a veterinarian department in Okayama University of Science of Kake school is only 35-45.There are many departments less than deviation value 50 even if we look around the whole of Okayama University of Science of Kake school.Depending on the situation of departments it is too low level to show deviation value.It is the present conditions that so-called "there is no border line!!! "
It has a bigger problem than "that condition which is not the training method of the existing veterinarian" . About 1.2, it does not reach to even a standard to found a veterinarian department of Kake school origin. It need not necessarily be "Kake school" at all even if Japan needs the establishment of the new veterinarian department by the reason of lack of veterinarian.
As for No.3, because there are many university having higher deviation value than Kake school , it is thought that increasing veterinarians is available enough in the existing department of university .
Such as Hokkaido University (veterinarian department), Obihiro Zootechnical University (stock raising department combination veterinary medicine course), College of Dairy Agriculture (veterinary medicine group), Tokyo University (department of agriculture veterinary medicine course), Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (department of agriculture combination veterinarian subject), Kitasato University (veterinarian department), Nippon University (department of creature resources science veterinarian subject), University of Osaka Prefecture (department of life environmental science veterinarian subject) are "ten national universities, one public university , and five private universities". And they are 16 universities in total. The deviation value of each veterinarian department of each university is too high to compare with Okayama College of Science . Each deviation value is around 60 at least.

On May 12, 2013, Prime Minister Abe has taken a ceremonial photograph in "the Blue Impulse unit 731 of the Acrobatic feats squadron" at "Air Self-Defense Force base" of Matsushima city , Miyagi prefecture.
CIA developed the vaccine that women would suffer uterine cancer for population reduction.
In addition, CIA was criticized worldwide because CIA developed viruses such as AIDS, Ebola heat, SARS. Therefore I think Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and Henry Kissinger intend to let Japan do this evildoing instead of CIA. .I think that this picture was a symbolic event. Might Prime Minister Abe have been ordered to revive the research institute of the 731 corps by Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and Henry Kissinger?
Almost students of Okayama College of Science of kake school have too low deviation value to pass even a national examination.
It is not necessary to let Okayama College of Science of kake school found a veterinarian department.

As for No.4,"the Japan Veterinary Medical Association" held a general meeting on June 22 and denied Prime Minister Abe's statement by insisting that ”the Japan Veterinary Medical Association” has never demanded a condition at all to accept a new establishment regionally only for each area which has no university which has the veterinarian department" in the whole country.This is a surprising event. Explanation of conventional Cabinet Office such as the statement which considered an opinion of the veterinarian society" will be denied fundamentally.
Therefore,No. 4's argument is not a valid.

Kakei school If Okayama College of Science of kake school gets an excellent student by a scholarship, the student may pass a national examination.Nagasaki medical college and the Green Cross Corporation were constructed by successors of the members of the 731 corps. If Kake school employs doctors with large amount as the professors from Nagasaki medical college and "the Green Cross Corporation", in Okayama College of Science of kake school, it may become the place of the experiment of human bodies in order to make the bacteriological weapons and the biological weapons.
Abe government would make Iamabari city provide "considerable assets which is the worth of "13.4 billion 7, 7 million yen" in total" for the friend of school days of Prime Minister Abe for the new veterinarian department's establishment . It includes 3, 600 million yen(US$32, 418, 000) of the land which is provided free and the burden of the construction expense of 7, 700 million yen(US$69, 315, 400).
Furthermore, Iamabari city determined to provide a city grant to university of 9, 600 million yen which was half price of the expense for establishing university of 19, 200 million yen.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Saturday, June 24 , 2017 that he wanted to create more veterinary schools nationwide, saying that his government's recent decision to approve just one — the first in the past 52 years — had stirred doubts about the credibility of the process.
“We don't have to limit it to the city of Imabari (Ehime Prefecture). We will quickly seek a nationwide move,” Prime Minister Abe said.
At his presentation's speech of the invitation of the Olympics in Tokyo, Prime Minister Abe has told a blazing lie as if Fukushima's situation were under control.
Prime Minister Abe repeats every blazing lie after that.
Kishi former Prime Minister who was a grandfather of Prime Minister Abe commanded 731 military corps which were the bacteria research institute which played experiment on the human bodies in wartime as Ministry of Commerce and Industry .
Instead of offering data of the experiments on the human bodies of 731 military corps to CIA, the former Prime Minister Kishi avoided the judgment of trial as the Class-A war criminal and was able to become the Prime Minister after the war.
Everyone notices that "the reason why Kake school is treated preferentially" is "because there is a wicked plot to do the experiment on the human bodies in order to produce the bacteriological weapons and biological weapons".

Prime Minister Abe ,would you be willing to do anything you can do for "Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and Henry Kissinger" ?
Why are you saying many blazing lies?
Why are you selling your own country to devil monsters?
Why are you selling your own soul to devil monsters ?
As if three abnormal old men made Spielberg make up them with Reptilian masks , they become more and more uglier day by day.
On earth how many people are they satisfied to let cry?
But they are only the illusions.
Member countries of the U. N. Human Rights Council should remember prediction that the fourth knight of the Apocalypse brings the raging pestilence.
If the U. N. Human Rights Council can't do censure resolution immediately for "the Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime" , many citizens of your countries will perish with the bacteriological weapons and the biological weapons which the Abe Administration will make.
It is because Abe Administration is the puppet of 3 American old men of devil monsters such as Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger.
If the U. N. Human Rights Council can't do censure resolution immediately for "the Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime" , when various terrible epidemics spread in Europe, the Middle East, and the whole area of Africa, many citizens will remember my voice, and head of states will receive criticism from citizens of whole countries in future.
However, in constitution Article 53 , it is said that "The cabinet must decide the call if there are the demands which are insisted by more than a quarter of the total members of the Diet in "the both Houses of Representatives and Councilors" . On June 22 , in the House of Representatives, the opposition parties formed "a group demanding the summoning of an extraordinary session of the Diet" which was composed by 120 persons of 4 parties of a Democratic Progressive Party, the Communist Party, the Liberal Party, and the Social Democratic Party . In the House of Councilors, the opposition parties formed the group of 72 agreement members of the Diet who added 1 denomination to 4 opposition political parties.
However, Prime Minister Abe is not going to yet hold an extraordinary session of the legislature.It is unconstitutionality.
If Prime Minister Abe would be going to revise a constitution, Prime Minister Abe should not violate an existing constitution.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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