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Just the Abe government is the terrible terrorists' group

Approbe ratings
On July 5,the streets of Hamburg looked like a scene from Night of the Living Dead as a thousand zombies walked and crawled from all corners of the city towards a central square. Once assembled, the figures began to dance and shake off their grey clay coverings to reveal colourful clothing or their naked bodies. The performance, organised by the collective 1, 000 Gestalten (1, 000 Figures), was a peaceful protest against the upcoming G20 summit in the city.
There may be several political movements to rush into Nazism globally, but they expressed that every citizen was "a human being who had freedom of speech and fundamental human rights".

In current Japan, many gray zombies try to become human beings, too .
At the election for member of the Metropolitan assembly the ruling party Liberal Democratic Party defeated totally on July 2, Tokyo, and the approval rating of the Abe Administration makes a sudden drop.

One of the loser was clearly the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). The LDP suffered an embarrassing defeat, having won only 23 out of 127 seats — its worst performance in recent history.
Dubbed as a “historic” loss, the election results were largely interpreted as the manifestation of the voter's dissatisfaction with the LDP, particularly the high-handedness shown by the Abe administration at times in responding to those who oppose his policy agenda.
Among political parties, the approval rate for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party dipped from 41 percent in the previous poll to 31 percent, a record low since the launch of the second Abe Cabinet.
08summit09 (1) While G20 was held, Prime Minister Abe did several summit meetings including President Trump , and Prime Minister Abe tried to stop the sudden drop of the approval rating, but all his efforts were in vain , and the approval rating of the Abe cabinet continues falling down.
Mr Abe's focus on non-economic policy may also have upset the public.
This summer's creation of a new criminal offence of conspiracy was unpopular, while his pledge to revise Japan's constitution by 2020 is regarded as a low priority by many voters.

Former vice education minister Kihei Maekawa _w850.jpg
The Abe Administration is going to gradually push the Abe Administration to the Nazi Administration while deceiving Japanese citizens with a poker face.Unfortunately, "the conspiracy laws that could arrest many citizens arbitrarily by political motives " was enforced on July 11, today.
However, the Abe Administration does not arrest Japanese citizens in large quantities because the Abe Administration does not yet approve the emergency method for the moment.
However, based on the scenario of the Nazis, the Abe Administration will be going to approve the emergency method strongly one day soon.
One former bureaucrat rebelled against the Abe government which was going to advance to the Nazis while most bureaucrats were subordinate to the Abe Administration.
Mr.Kihei Maekawa, a former top education ministry bureaucrat, clashed with the chief Cabinet secretary in the Diet and he insisted a smear campaign was orchestrated to raise doubts about documents in a political scandal about KAKe school which may be authorized by the Department of Education.He is a passionate man.
The chief Cabinet secretary Suga made the police investigate privacy of Mr. Kihei Maekawa secretly, and the chief Cabinet secretary Suga was going to diminish him by revealing the fact that he went on a date with with the hostess at a bar  on city news of the media, but Mr. Kihei Maekawa did not give up his opinion for wicked harassment of the chief Cabinet secretary Suga.
On July 10, Mr. Maekawa testified by summons of a witness in the House of Representatives for four hours and in the House of Councilors for three hours.
In May, Mr.Maekawa confirmed the existence of internal ministry documents that said swift approval of Kake's plan to start a veterinary medicine faculty in Ehime Prefecture was the “intent of the prime minister.”
Mr.Maekawa described the ways in which the government restructured those conditions late last year in an apparent bid to give Kake Gakuen the upper hand against rivals when competing for the right to open the first new veterinary department in decades.In November last year, a government panel approved a revised guideline stipulating that a new veterinary department can be opened on condition that there is no institution eligible to groom veterinarians in the vicinity or in areas further beyond. This new prerequisite, which was allegedly added at the request of Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary and close Abe ally Koichi Hagiuda, effectively knocked Kake Gakuen's main contender, Kyoto Sangyo University, out of the race because the prefecture adjacent to it, Osaka, already had a veterinary faculty. “It seems to me that a victory for Kake Gakuen was a given from the get-go,”Mr. Maekawa told the Diet.“The whole process was designed to choose Kake Gakuen,” he said, arguing that Imabari won its bid to host a veterinary department “without its proposals being fully scrutinized.”“The whole process was designed to choose Kake Gakuen,” he said, arguing that Imabari won its bid to host a veterinary department “without its proposals being fully scrutinized.”

Because the Kihei Maekawa former undersecretary of Ministry of Education was going to prevent to give the authorization of establishment of the new veterinarian department to the Kake school, many people think that he might have been fired by the Abe government.
But Okayama University of Science of Kake school lacks the ability of the rudimentary management obviously.There is the information that Okayama University of Science of Kake school will install facilities of biosafety level 3(BSL-3 ) in the fifth floor and the sixth floor of the campus of the same building as the students' classrooms.In addition, the facility which houses the BSL-3 laboratory must have certain features to ensure appropriate containment.This is the "danger facilities" treating "the viruses which let human being be sick in serious disease if infected".It must be facilities alone and it must be built far from residence area!The same building as the classrooms of the students is out of the question.
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology must not authorize a veterinarian department of Okayama University of Science of Kake school.
Because Okayama University of Science of Kake school lacks the ability of the rudimentary management obviously, several terrible epidemic illness will expand in Imabari city one day.
Mr.Maekawa resigned in January to take responsibility for a scandal in which the ministry systematically secured post-retirement jobs for its bureaucrats.
In current Japan, the appointment of a former government official to a responsible position in a private company is prohibited. The government controls bureaucratic reemployment and puts every bureaucrat under the control of the government.However, the Japanese bureaucrat becomes the robot of the foreign capital because the Koizumi Administration privatized a research institute and a company of the bureaucratic reemployment without foreign capital regulation. As for the situation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs is serious.
Iijima controlling personnel affairs of the bureaucratic reemployment stays in the official residence from the Koizumi Administration era, and he receives bribery from foreign capital and seduces the Prime Minister to approve several wicked laws which are useful for the foreign companies."Isao Iijima special advisor to the cabinet" seems to receive "contingency fees" from foreign capital industry into his secret bank account of the Geneva head office of Credit Suisse Bank .
A office deciding this bureaucratic reemployment is Cabinet Personnel Bureau, and the leader of this section is Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga now.
Even if Mr. Maekawa was going to introduce bureaucratic reemployment of the Ministry of Education , if I say honestly, is it a crime enough he must resign? This is totally in an absurd world .And this system becomes the factor that the government pressures bureaucrats and makes the unfair authorization for the doubtful schools such as Kake school or Moritomo School.

However, here is one paradox. It is a fact that the Abe Administration conflicts with 277 new conspiracy laws of Prime Minister Abe.

If Abe Administration let Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology authorize a veterinarian department of "Okayama University of Science of Kake school which lacks the ability of the rudimentary management obviously" although a terrible epidemic may extend in the Imabari city and were going to make the bacteriological weapons and the biological weapons, everybody can judge that just the Abe government is the terrible terrorists' group, and the Japanese police can arrest cabinet ministers of the Abe government arbitrarily.
The police can arrest every Diet member now because they are finished in the session of the Diet.
gaikokujintarento.jpg CIA trains several foreign TV entertainers and is going to brainwash many Japanese citizens to let every citizen accept several wicked laws.Many foreign entertainers who are good at speaking Japanese language increase.
But, as for their remark, I notice that they have wicked intention to say their opinion to let Japan ruin.Some of them insist that the United States has the conspiracy that is severer than Japan.
However, a vast numerical coffins are piled up on the American FEMA camp, and even the railroad for prisoner transportation such as Auschwitz is built until FEMA camp. It is reason why American citizens don't throw away their guns because American citizens hope to take each weapon to fight when the U. S. Government began slaughter and an unfair arrest.Oh...the criminals should be sent into exile.
It is inadequate to compare American conspiracy laws and Japan's conspiracy laws in this different situations. Because Japanese citizens do not arm themselves, as for the Japanese citizen without each gun , 277 conspiracy laws of Prime Minister Abe is extremely dangerous .
We may be in this harsh petty world where money does the talking.
But as a nation that itself experienced a post-war reconstruction in the previous century and as a member of Asia, bearing in mind the preciousness of peace, Japan should challenge of the international community with enthusiasm .
That is the challenge of building peace society.
The Self-Defense Forces and the police should arrive to citizen side.
The Self-Defense Forces and the police should challenge to become the human beings from the gray zombies.
That is the challenge of building peace society.
Abe Administration doesn't really care about us.
Abe Administration doesn't really care about this country,Japan.
Who can save Japan from ruin?
Japanese citizens can do it.
It isn't Abe Administration.
Aozora Japanese Resistance
After overthrow in the Abe Administration, the 277 conspiracy laws of Prime Minister Abe should limit the object of the arrest to Islamic extremist connection and the designated gangs ,. Japan must prevent that the government arrests Japanese citizens arbitrarily. About the sole terrorist of suicide bombings, "the item of the house investigation, "listening of smartphone or telephone by the police", and a body search" is necessary . Of course if the government and the police arrest Japanese citizen unfairly , the violator should be sentenced to a severe punishment including the penal servitude. The item prohibiting establishing of the concentration camp definitely and "the item to forbid torturing citizens" and "the item to forbid unjust arrest" should be composed newly in the 277 conspiracy laws.


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