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The sinking ship Titanic

Prime Minister Abe of Japan appointed a new cabinet on Thursday, August 3, hoping to breathe new life into his conservative government, whose support among voters has plunged after a series of scandals and missteps.
However, Japanese citizens' distrust for Abe Cabinet has extended and now, Abe Cabinet is totally unpopular and the approval rating of the Abe Cabinet still remains in the 30% level although now is after the shuffle of the Cabinet.
As for buying and selling of unnatural business of "the land that is owned by the a nation" of "Kake school suspected of the participation for the doubtful virus weapons making " and "Moritomo school suspected of "the money laundering by the tax deduction on the donation" and "fascist brainwashing as AbeHitlerjugend ", "Prime Minister Abe has never elucidated the details at all".
Many Japan citizens perform exercise to require the dismissal of current Secretary current National Tax Agency because Prime Minister Abe always select ”Director of Kinki Financial Bureau” who affected Moritomo school as ”Secretary of National Tax Agency” . I don't know why, but Bureaucrats except Former top education ministry bureaucrat Kihei Maekawa are obedient for Prime Minister Abe.
Prime Minister Abe established personnel affairs bureau in Abe Cabinet on May 30 in 2014 and held rights of personnel management of bureaucrats entirely, but Prime Minister Abe is going to force the Ministry of Education to authorize the doubtful schools such as Kake school now. "Because Former top education ministry bureaucrat Kihei Maekawa was going to prevent the crisis that the Ministry of Education may authorize Kake school" , Mr. Maekawa was made to resign by Prime Minister Abe.
Oh......Mr.Maekawa is a passionate man.Most of Japanese bureaucrats are the elites who graduated from Tokyo University, but they fall in the puppets of Prime Minister Abe, and current bureaucrats of Japan are virtually the same as many customers robots “EMIEW3”of Hitachi . Mr. Maekawa is just the Japanese samurai who was going to prevent the revival of the 731 corps in the modern times.
Mr. Maekawa would have been summoned as a sworn witness before the Diet about the issue of Kake school on July 24, 2017.The testimony of Mr. Maekawa had grave repercussions for preventing the Abe Administration which rushes into Nazis.

Many people thought in the old days as if the Titanic were unsinkable.
The day when Prime Minister Abe and members of Abe Administration would be arrested as the terrorists by 277 conspiracy laws ( law of preparations punishments such as terrorism) that Prime Minister Abe made by himself soon will come.
According to 277 conspiracy laws ( law of preparations punishments such as terrorism) that Prime Minister Abe made by himself, the police can arrest persons if policemen judge that there is possibility of the terrorism even if there are not any evidences.
Kishi1.jpg PrimeministerAbe731.jpg
Kishi business and industry minister who led 731 corps became Prime Minister postwar . Because he handed over all data of experiment on human bodies of 731corps to CIA, he could have avoided a war crime, and he was able to become the prime minister.This Kishi former Prime Minister is the grandfather of current Prime Minister Abe.
And as for the center picture,on May 12, 2013, Prime Minister Abe has taken a ceremonial photograph in "the Blue Impulse unit 731 of the Acrobatic feats squadron" at "Air Self-Defense Force base" of Matsushima city , Miyagi prefecture.
According to 277 conspiracy laws ( law of preparations punishments such as terrorism) that Prime Minister Abe made by himself, the police can arrest persons if policemen judge that there is possibility of the terrorism even if there are not any evidences.
Everybody doubts Prime Minister Abe may be going to do experiment on the human bodies to Japanese citizens who are arrested unfairly in Kake school , only by 3 photographs above enough.
Didn't Prime Minister Abe intend to do genocide?
It is the just terrorism.
In addition,there are characters written as ”Leader S.Abe” above the yellow arrow above 731 at the fuselage of "the Blue Impulse unit of the Acrobatic feats squadron".
Is it a message for the boss of Leader S. Abe?
Who is his boss?
Is it Rumsfeld? Is it Dick Cheney? Is it Henry Kissinger? Is it CSIS? Is it CIA? CFR?

Abe government has insisted as if Kake school fulfilled "4 conditions" of new establishment of the department pro-veterinarian of a university but it is the blatant lie.However, lawyers' group insisted there was not the trace that it was confirmed that Kake school met "4 conditions" even if lawyers watched the announced documents.They pointed out that it was illegal that the Abe Administration accepted the new establishment of the Kake school veterinarian department as the national strategy of the special zone on January 20, this year.
Ministry of Education must not authorize a veterinarian department of Kake school.
The antipathy of Japanese citizens for Kake school is no trifling matter.At least I think if Ministry of Education authorizes a veterinarian department of Kake school, the Abe Administration will collapse surely.Abe Administration seems to be the sinking ship Titanic.

rpv.jpg "The measures taken against Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident" is the worst. And the frozen ground wall does not yet freeze although five years are going to already pass.
Prime Minister Abe told by a speech of the Olympics bidding, "Fukushima is under control" because Prime Minister Abe will build the frozen ground wall underground of Fukushima nuclear power plant.
But Fukushima is out of control !!!
Prime Minister Abe cuts corners in the correspondence of the nuclear plant accident of Fukushima, and many citizens suspect that Prime Minister Abe may send data of the experiment on the human bodies to Rumsfeld.
The patients of thyroid cancer abnormally increased while the frozen ground wall does not yet freeze.
But Prime Minister Abe broke off the house support of the Fukushima refugees in this April and he canceled the evacuation directive with the first Fukushima nuclear plant accident on July 1, this year.
There are many overseas scholars insisting that the debris which melted flowed out into the Pacific long ago. However, the Japanese scholars insist that the fuel debris are still left below RPV because TEPCO continues "the situation which the fuel debris are cooled".
Japan can't adopt a method of "accessing and removal of fuel debris from Top side of PCV/RPV under water" in order to take out debris in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant because a nuclear reactor storage container is full of holes.
The Nuclear Damage Compensation Facilitation Corporation (NDF) announced to push forward a method of construction that they gave priority to the debris of the storage container bottom over all three reactors in "a method of construction during the air" not to fill a nuclear reactor storage container with water on July 31 of this year and took out the debris from the side chiefly. It is a method to extract debris from the side with a robot arm while cooling debris with water.
Government and TEPCO decide a policy taking debris off based on this plan in September and is going to revise the schedule of progress of decommissioning the nuclear power plant .

Accident correspondence is delayed so much, but in the first place this method of accessing and removal of fuel debris from lateral side of PCV/RPV in atmospheric condition is extremely dangerous.


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