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I love a lovely panda.


Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda talked together in the afternoon of the 25th December with Wen Jiabao of 6th Premier of the People's Republic of China, in Great Hall of the People in Beijing. About death of General Secretary Kim Jong-il of North Korea, both sides confirmed cooperation towards the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.While the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties between Japan and China next year approaches, Japan and China agreed to plan to attain enhancement of mutually beneficial strategic ties.As for the bilateral relation which has become not so good since the collision incident of the China fishing boat in September, last year, we could see the improvement.Wen Jiabao of Premier of the People's Republic of China has been agreed virtually to lend a giant panda to Sendai of the stricken area of an East Japan great earthquake .

In the morning of December 26 ,that was the next day of the meeting with Wen Jiabao ,Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda talked together with Hu Jintao of General Secretary of the Communist Party of China in the Great Hall of the People of Beijing.PRC President Hu Jintao asserted the peace of the Korean Peninsula after General Secretary Kim Jong-il death, and stable importance.

Why this meeting has been held individually ? China is always so.
But it seems that however, there were strictly confidential instructions of PRC President Hu Jintao this time.
According to the report of Mr. Willie Lamb of "China watcher", to the TPP concept led by the U.S., China will tighten their guard against TPP, if TPP is the candid China containment policy.PRC President Hu Jintao had schemed to take Prime Minister Noda into their circle. Because it is Darwin that the U.S. Marine army is stationed ,facing South China Sea ,and Darwin is very close to the area-of-conflict belt of China in the countries between Southeast Asia and Australia,PRC President Hu Jintao shows concern over being premised on the situation of "China is ostracized" at present about TPP. PRC President Hu Jintao said that President Obama had hostility consciousness to China about the U.S.-China summit meeting of APEC, it is an revaluation of Chinese Yuan problem and a trade deficit problem between USA and China, and President Obama had complained .PRC President Hu Jintao said that he had a method of using Japan which is an American ally in order to restrain the U.S. government, and he ordered Chinese subordinates so that a new policy toward Japan might be shown to diplomacy, external economy, and a military interested department.

Instead of accepting the resumption of negotiation about Japanese agricultural-products import, and the resumption of the gas field problem of the East China Sea for which the Japanese government is asking,the China side planned to ask for reconsideration to Japan about the TPP participation with a deep-rooted cautious view also in the Democratic Party. Since next year is the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties between Japan and China , in order to strengthen exchange of Japan and China, if visit to China by Japanese Crown Prince was realized, PRC President Hu Jintao also planned to discuss about his own visiting Japan . If there is no clear answer from the Japan side, PRC President Hu Jintao will make a navy naval fleet appear frequently around the Senkaku Islands or Okinawa, and he will strengthen the military exercise of the navy in those sea area, as the retaliatory measures. Depending on attitude of Japan, China plans to support the position of Russia about the Northern Territories issue.

In Japan ,it was not reported in detail about the response of Prime Minister Noda. Probably, Prime Minister Noda might be lucky since he always says only the ambiguous thing.
It was decided only that China lent Sendai a panda.

I love a lovely panda. Thank you very much,Great PRC President Hu Jintao.I refrain from criticizing China, if the East China Sea is peace.If you give me the stuffed animal of a panda,I will be more calm .I am sorry to say you so impolitely.
Though Ozawa is always in such fear of Great Mr.Hu Jintao's steward enough to use your name in order to frighten naughty children with, please break off relations with Ozawa. If you break off relations with Ozawa,I will believe you.


I surely love a Panda but I love Japan more further.Japanese Crown Prince is an important irreplaceable person for Japanese people. If you hope the diplomacy through personal visitation by Japanese Crown Prince,please break off relations with Ozawa.Japanese Crown Prince has his own mind.Of course, Japanese Crown Prince dislikes Ozawa and Hatoyama.You know the reason,I think.
For the peace of the world,please smile more to Japan.I wish the FTA negotiation between Japan and China is successful.
我非常喜欢熊猫. 谢谢 我更喜欢小宝宝的熊猫
(I love a panda. Thank you very much.I love a baby's panda more. )


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