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Mediation of the United States and Iran

愆??惘???? 惺惡悋惆??愆??惘???? 惺惡悋惆??1
Ms.Shirin Ebadi
Iranian lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize

Iranian food of the New Year's Holidays

I have eaten only pita bread in Iranian foods.
Although the pita bread which the Iran woman made
was too delicious, the Japanese baker's pita bread
is not so good.
She was a woman who talked with me in the same seat in
travel of Japanese railroad.She was traveling with her
husband and very lovely children .Iranian child is
really lovely.
I wish to be a friend with the Iran woman,to know how
to make pita bread.

animated-gif-happy-new-year_8.gifHappy New Year !!
Please treat me this year as well as you did last year.
I love you and I love the peace.

I will start this new year to consider what Japan can do for Mediation of the United States and Iran.
I want to release the abductees and concentration camps in North Korea. This is the meaning to which I have been born. Therefore, I wish the United States make its peace with Iran. If the United States and Iran are deadlocked, we cannot save people who are waiting for our rescue in North Korea.
By a strong yen , the price of oil is a handy price in Japan, but if the price of oil rises, Japan cannot carry out high growth. The world desires peace of the United States and Iran.

I considered who among Iranians can talk with the United States and Europe. Ms.Shirin Ebadi has won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003.Because she criticized the government that oppressed the antigovernment demonstration which asks for the Iranian presidential election revoting,her medal and certificate of merit of the peace prize were confiscated by the Iran authorities. But I think she does not do showy activity politically but is tackling the human rights problem steadily within her limits as a lawyer.I think that she can be reconciled with the Iran authorities since she is not an excessive terrorist.

The unemployment rate of present Iran has reached to 15.33%, and I think that nuclear development oppresses Iran people's life. If there is an opportunity, I think it is better for Iran to stop nuclear development.

Iran was going to accept the ODA enterprise before instead of stopping nuclear development by the talks with an American Bush administration . However, Iran was got angry that USA fobbed Iran off with empty promises about the ODA enterprises.So Present Iran is continuing nuclear development.
Since there is some informations of drug dealing by Hizbollah and al-Qaeda, and the public security of Iran is bad, I think that entry of the ODA enterprise was probably difficult. In the prosperous area of drug dealing, naturally, the public security worsens. Iran side should establish the system that Iran army should protect people who relate to the ODA enterprise. If USA and Iran discuss without seeing an extremely important point, a misconception resulting from incorrect information arises.

Iran should build the new town which has a supermarket and a post office for the people who relates to the ODA enterprise. If the Iran army prepares the situation which protects the new town, the ODA enterprises will enter easily. This infrastructure building eases the unemployment rate of Iran. Since Iran has brainwashed Iranian people so that Americans have an evil spirit, I think it is fearful that Americans live in Iran. The foreigners who participate in an ODA enterprise need the environment which can live in comfort.

If Iran improves the environment where an ODA enterprise is accepted and nuclear development is stopped, Iran should be able to be reconciled with the United States. Since Ms.Shirin Ebadi is a lawyer, such negotiation should be able to be performed well. Since Europeans and Americans think ladies first, they should open their heart to her.

If the United States and Iran can't make peace at least, Japan cannot participate in the ODA enterprise of Iran. But since the personnel expenses of Iran are halves of Japan, there is the merit for Japanese enterprises.The golden colored Handycam of SANYO(the name of a Japanese household appliance ) won a success in the Middle East. I think that women in the Middle East will be pleased if there is a golden colored refrigerator.There is an image that this golden colored refrigerator brings them luck with money,I think.
If the cars containing bulletproof glass are mass-produced in Iran, to sell to the Middle East speciality,I think that it will be a great success, since the Middle East has much terrorism. I think a bulletproof car can be made by a reasonable price for general consumers if the technology of a bulletproof vest is taken in. Iran has a business opportunity abundantly.

Moreover, if Israel participates in the ODA enterprise of Iran, Israel should be able to cooperate more in harmony in the Middle East. If Water Treatment Desalination Plant which doubled as the hydroelectric power is built by Israel, electric power can be supplied to Israel and water can be supplied to Kavir-e Namak, both sides have a merit.If trees are planted in a desert, farmland increases and it is useful for Iran.

Even if Iranian people does not sell the drug illegally, it is necessary to make the environment where Iranian people can have a rich life. Iran should change al-Qaeda and Hizbollah to just right private enterprises .Probably, ODA enterprise offers good environment for Iran. In order for Iran to stop nuclear development, we should offer a bargaining point suitable for it.

The United States is going to forbid dealings with the financial institution, between foreign countries including Japan ,and the Iran central bank. Since Japan is settling accounts through the central bank of Iran when Japan imports crude oil from Iran, there is a possibility that Japanese government become not to be able to import crude oil.Japanese media insists that Japan should demand to cooperate closely with the American government so that USA admits Japan is the exception treatment of sanction. By this method,however, we can solve nothing.
We will have better luck by proposing the method which Japan arbitrates.Of course the United Nations should tackle mediation of the United States and Iran.

I have a dream. I want to release the abductees and concentration camps in North Korea.
In order to realize this dream, I wish the United States ,Iran and Israel are reconciled.


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