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My slip of the tongue

Catherine Ashton
Ms.Catherine Ashton
European Union foreign policy chief

Meidan Emam,Esfahan
Naqsh-e Jahan Square.

I'll take back everything I said about Ms.Ashton's dress. Please accept my apologies, Ms.Ashton,I had the cheek to say about your dress sense.Your blue suit as follows is very elegant. The combination of a necklace is very nice and cute.

The European Union (EU) member nation reached agreement on the whole by forbidding the crude-oil import from Iran in order to intensify the sanction against Iran which furthers nuclear development.I wonder whether more intensifying the sanction against Iran is caused by my slip of the tongue .It makes me turn pale.Your nice blue suit is very beautiful but I am scared green.Since I am not so wise as you,Ms.Catherine Ashton, I cannot do mediation well. I should not need to say about your dress. I apologize to you from the bottom of my heart. Please open your mind to Iran and the peace of the world.
7HoWS2_480.gifIt is me who is bad.I’m very sorry,Ms. Ashton.

Also Iran should make effort for the peace.I have offended Ms. Ashton.It is me who is bad.Iranian politicians, please reply to Ms.Ashton's letter about the concern over Iran's nuclear development in October, last year. We shouldn't let the problem rest here.It is me who is bad.If Iran never reply it,troubled times comes.

In order to declare to participate in TPP, the dispute of TPP occurred in Japanese political world and many politicians fell from power. Now, if oil price rises, Japan will not get high growth. Since Japan cannot have even right of collective self-defense, Japan cannot but do high growth.Many abductees are waiting for our rescue in North Korea. Tonight,too.Japan need an immense fund to rescue them.Japan cannot but do high growth.
Iranian politicians, please reply to Ms.Ashton's letter .Please give us the chance to rescue them.

With my whole heart, I love Iran.
Please open your mind.
Iran is a beautiful country where there is Naqsh-e Jahan Square.
I'll want to treasure the culture of Iran.

The Japanese drama on the theme about the humanity of "Oshin" made a smashing success in Iran.Oshin is a success story that a one poor girl becomes the rich. Before Oshin is successful, she must overcome various bullying and misfortune. Although Oshin is a drama that Europeans and Americans do not like because her poor life was so miserable, this drama expresses that a success person never grumble.
I think that the national traits of Iran bear a strong resemblance to Japanese people. The policy is one thing, and the national traits are another.The national traits of Iran are kind and warm.
Though war crimes of Japan are fearful history, war drives people mad. But National traits of Japan are kind and warm although the political world of Japan is rotten.
The world should talk to Iran without having prejudice .

Don't damage the pride of the politicians of Iran. Every country is faced with the crisis of the world economy. India and China which is carrying out high growth are troubled by inflation in actual fact. Every country in the world gets the short straw now.Every country is poor.
We can prevent the increasing oil prices,if we try hard in an amicable way. It is the brave who avoids a useless war. Fortune favors the brave.

If Iran replies to Ms.Ashton's letter , we should pay honor to the brave Iran as a country which brings the fortune to the world.

Since Japan has an interceptor missile, Japan is protected from the threat of China or North Korea. Although Japan wants to have a nuclear weapon,too, since war crimes were too cruel, Japan is not allowed to have any nuclear weapon.
Since Iran is exposed to the attack on Israel, Iran bears a strong resemblance to a situation of Japan. If the world wishes Iran to stop the nuclear development, USA and Eu should secure the newest interceptor missile in Iran. Moreover, USA and EU should cooperate also in development of the interceptor missile in Iran.

Without any security ,Iran cannot reply to Ms. Ashton's letter . USA and EU should make a peaceful effort,too. The United States and EU are kind to North Korea too much, and too cold for Iran,although Iran has never abducted people from any foreign countries. If USA and EU are standing on predominance, USA and EU should smile more warmly to Iran rather than North Korea.
If U.S. President is President Obama, it is possible that Iran can talk with the United States. President Obama is a man of virtue.I think that it will become the worst for iran if the Republican Party comes into power in the United States . Everyone wishes President Obama's reelection. I hope that Iran steps forward.There is a time for everything.


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