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True courage


Soltaniyeh Dome

The situation of Iran is serious yet. President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will return today to Iran from South America,Venezuela,Cuba,Ecuador,and Nicaragua.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, How many systems of the nuclear power plant could you sell to south America?
Could you take contracts more than 20?

Japan knows Nuclear power plant export is not profitable so much.
Furthermore, was there even one country which said that it cooperated with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in order to make the enemies of the United States and EU for nuclear development?
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, although you must have tried hard, you cannot have gotten a great track record. Can the sales of the farm tractor of ITMIG continue to increase? This is current reality. Don't transfer the United States to your enemy. Iran should be more wisely than Japan of prewar days. The unemployment rate of Iran is 15.2% now, and if economic sanctions start, it will exceed 20%. If the unemployment rate of Iran exceeds 20%, a riot will break out in Iran. Probably NATO will supply weapons for several insurgent group. There is not any good manners or any etiquettes in war.In order to win against Iran efficiently strategically, it is best to instigate a civil war.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, please wake up if possible. North Korea was convinced that North Korea can carry out high growth in export of nuclear development, and North Korea held up the target of building Powerful nation in April, 2012. However, the people of North Korea are troubled with famine now, and need food aid. Nuclear power plant export is not profitable so much.Nuclear development export is not profitable so much.This is current reality.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,is your circumference only people who say only Yes to you?
The terrorism of Middle Eastern oil producing countries does not last long.
If a civil war is instigated and weapons are passed to the anti-government troops, the NATO force can turn a profit after war.
It is very enviable for Japan that a lot of oil is produced. However, oil seems to be a terrible beautiful woman who ruins country. Although North Korea built many concentration camps in oreder to maintain the political power , it is impossible for Iran to do the same,since oil is produced in Iran.

If Iran stops nuclear development, introduces an interceptor missile, and accepts the ODA enterprises ,Iran can carry out high growth.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,please show me your true courage.Since I love the culture of Iran, I appeal for peace to you. Those who fuel war to you are bad men.
The color which I like very much is blue.The Iran culture has the technology which expresses color of blue very beautifully. I am charmed by the culture of Iran.

I would like to prevent that Iran which I love, rushes into a nuclear war. A nuclear bomb burns everything. I would like to prevent that the art of blue disappears in Iran .
Although Japan has not done nuclear development, Japan is not in a state pitiable now. There must be a peaceful method.
If you do not part from North Korea, we cannot rescue the abductees of North Korea.
If you do not stop Nuclear development, we cannot rescue the abductees of North Korea.
They wait our rescue in North Korea.Please open your mind.I hope for you to think not only the national interest of Iran but also the peace of the world.

It is not only Iran that is angry to Israel. Though Israel is an American ally, Israel cannot exceed the United States. In order to express your opinion to Israel, Iran should realize high growth and should form an alliance with the United States. If Iran turns against the United States, it will be just as Israel expects. You are caught in a trap of Israel now.Please wake up from your bad dream.

I will make final today to shout the peace for Iran . I think that I made an effort.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said today,
"In order that many countries might take out a loan, almost country put the foreign currency earnings of their own country into the bank of the hegemonism country, but it was only the United States, Japan, and the European countries that took out the loan.
The American government has the external debt of 15 trillion dollars corresponding the twice of the gross domestic product of his own country.
If countries other than an American friendly nation apply for the loan of 1 billion dollars, many restrictions and conditions will be shown to the loan application of the country, but about the case of an American friendly nation, there is no restriction in any way."

I would like to propose following five.
1.If Iran makes a decision to stop nuclear development, because it will mean that Iran show the great courage,the United States and EU should cooperate so that Iran can get the introduction of the interceptor missile of the newest and the ODA enterprises.
2.If Iran makes a decision to stop nuclear development, the United States and EU should concede so that Iran can obtain a lot of loans smoothly at cheap interest rates .
3.If Iran makes a decision to stop nuclear development,the United States and EU should secure continuing all the peaceful nuclear power plants of Iran.
4.Iran should accept an expert's group of inspectors for the peaceful nuclear power plants IAEA at fixed intervals so that the United States and EU can confirm that Iran stops uranium enrichment activity,since the United Nations has decided on a uranium enrichment activity stop .
The high enriched uranium such as uranium enrichment containing more than 90% of the weapon class shouldn't be produced from uranium enrichment containing 20% ,in Iran.
They should decide on the details of the forfeit after peace is decided between USA,EU and Iran. Also Iran has to concede a little. Iran need not expand the 3 times of amount of manufactures of uranium, because Iran has petroleum resources .
Iran insists that the nuclear power plants in Iran are all completely peaceful, and I would like to believe it. However, since all doubt will disappear if Iran stops the uranium enrichment,I hope for Iran to stop uranium enrichment with patience.
5.Iran should answer the letter of Ms.Ashton.

It is a problem solvable by only five proposals.
If the United States, EU, and Iran accept these five proposals, any soldiers do not need to die, either.

If the third World War starts, almost Pacific Ocean foreign countries will become colonies of China, and Japan and South Korea will ruin. I feel as if Iran were my own affair.
And I love the blue art of Iran. Please realize my wish of peace if possible.

The art of blue of Iran is extraordinarily beautiful. Everyone knows it.If Israel attacks Iran unfairly, I will hate Israel.Since the United States does not desire war, Israel will not run recklessly to Iran unfairly. Everyone thinks the same.Everyone wants to defend the beautiful Soltaniyeh Dome and Naqsh-e Jahan Square.If you open your mind,the world will defend Iran.If you make a concession to USA and EU, the world will defend Iran.
I pray to God so that Iran may not encounter an accident, an incident, and misfortune.
I pray to God that the Iran President's mind and fate are protected by God. The art of blue of Iran is irreplaceable. The beautiful blue of Iran certainly protects Iran.God certainly protects Iran.
Since all doubt will disappear if Iran stops the uranium enrichment,I hope for Iran to stop uranium enrichment with patience.


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