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The 12th trial of Ozawa

Ozawa who finished a trial and comes out of
Tokyo District Court at 5:03 p.m. on the 10th.

Oh,,,Ozawa has an evil countenance.Although there are fearful politicians, and bosses of the Mafias all over the world, Ozawa has the most evil countenance.
Japanese Ozawa is a politician of stature of the Korean resident in Japan who is aiming at the overthrow of Japan.
He is a half of the people from North Korea, and South Koreans, and is Japanese birth. I respect the culture of the Korean Peninsula, however Ozawa is another for me. The culture of the Korean Peninsula is a root of Japanese culture.If the Japanese people studies the root of Japanese culture, Japanese people respects the culture of the Korean Peninsula naturally.
Although war crimes of Japan were too sinful, in the Korean school of Japan, the overthrow of Japan is discussed after school .The plan to invade Japan by Chongryon, North Korea, and China smolders yet for more than 60 years after World War II.
Ozawa is the symbol of the vicious intrigue.Most founders of new religions in Japan are Korean residents in Japan.Each founders are teaching that invasion war will happen in Japan . Because Ozawa of the root of all evil is alive and well, we the Japanese residents hate and discriminate each other by the race problem.

Ozawa is going to slaughter the Emperor family, to make Japanese people slaves, and to sell off Japanese people to China for servile labor.
Since the national treason was lost in Japan after the war, Ozawa is never executed for treason. But I am fighting against Ozawa, in order to defend Japan.If Ozawa is not deposed, we cannot rescue any abductees of North Korea. Although we dedire to rescue the abductees of North Korea, it is impossible if not only Japan but also the world do not move. I am not discouraged although there are various difficulties. I will accomplish my purpose step by step.

Ozawa is a symbol of the intrigue to invade Japan, and Ozawa is just "the bastille prison in Paris" for us. Ozawa's terrorism can be prevented if bastille is fallen. Not only Japan but also whole Asia will run recklessly, if Ozawa is not deposed.We must overthrow Mr.bastille, because we love our homeland Japan.

After Ozawa made an application of the dismissal of prosecution at the end of the year last year, Ozawa brought pressure upon Prime Minister Noda , hurling oaths at Prime Minister Noda earnestly,"Noda is useless.The increase in a consumption tax is opposite."
Hey,Ozawa,You are useless.You are driven to the wall,now.Many persons met the mysterious death in the incident of Rikuzankai which manages Ozawa's political fund. You will be certainly convicted,Ozawa.I have neither a status nor honor nor property. It is only courage that I have.
The judge ignored your application of the dismissal of prosecution.
Ozawa stands on a narrow path along by the cliff.Does the Ozawa group hope to drown themselves from the cliff with Ozawa? Ozawa's 12th trial occurred on January 10 today.

A.M.:The question of Defense counsel

ozawa trial 12

Defense counsel:Have you ever been explained by your secretary about income and expenditure reports on political funds ?
Defense counsel:Have you ever confirmed the income and expenditure reports on political funds ?
Ozawa:I have never seen it.
About his 400 million yen offered when Fund-management organization purchased a land,the defendant (69) Ichiro Ozawa was compulsorily prosecuted on the charge of violation of the Political Fund Control Law by the decision of the Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution noting that it conspired with former secretaries and wrote the lie in the receipts and payments account. The former secretary Ikeda testified in this trial that he reported to Mr. Ozawa and got his consent. This denying the credibility of statements will be the greatest focus of this trial. Ozawa testified that Ozawa had left all that to the secretary because he trusted the secretary, and did the unqualified denial of his own participation to the false statement.
Ozawa:I was concentrated on considering seriously the whole country. It just goes on forever, if I verify the work which I had left to the secretary one by one or am checking.

Ozawa takes the cake for chutzpah!Ozawa made the observing system for 3 secretaries between the senior generations and younger generation in order to supervise each other and Ozawa made them inform secretly each other. Can you trust a secretary to hand 400 million yen(5,207,655.50$), without checking 400 million yen(5,207,655.50$) income and expenditure?

ozawa trial 12-2

About the 400 million yen(5,207,655.50$) source which Ozawa prepared for land buying
Ozawa:Since I had got the real estate and the cash inherited from parents, and since I had got the royalty of my books, and since I had got the lawmaker remuneration for about forty years, I held moderate cash.
Defense counsel:In what situation when you offered 400 million yen (5,207,655.50$)to the secretary you were ?
Ozawa:I don't have my own memory. If I hear various episodes ,I remember something that I can agree.

Ozawa explained that Ozawa had the his own fund of 400 million yen (5,207,655.50$)as the cash.
Ozawa was asked whether Ozawa had received 100 million yen bribe from the leading general contractor.(The general contractor's president already testified that he had handed 100 million yen bribe in the trial of the secretary of Ozawa.)
Ozawa:That is just strange absurd reasoning and there is no fact such that .

Ozawa flatly denied the bribe.

P.M.:The question of Prosecutor designated attorney role

ozawa trial 12-3

Prosecutor designated attorney rol:Are you looking at present income and expenditure reports on political funds for the year 2004 ?
Ozawa:I have never seen it.
Prosecutor designated attorney rol:Although it caused your trial, you have never seen it yet?
Ozawa:Never.Since I think that the person in charge does just right, I have never confirmed it.
Prosecutor designated attorney rol:Although you said before that you could correct if there was an error in the income and expenditure reports on political funds, have you never seen?

Although there were 400 million yen which Ozawa prepared about the purchase of the land, Ozawa has made a loan of 400 million yen (5,207,655.50$)from the bank. Mr. Ozawa became irritated when he was asked about details of the flow of this fund.
Prosecutor designated attorney rol:Were you reported from the secretary about 400 million yen loan?
Prosecutor designated attorney rol:When your property increased, you said that your secretary had reported you?
Ozawa:I cannot understand the meaning of your question. Since I said that I didn't know the land buying, I understand nothing, even if you ask me from another angle.

Ozawa testified that he didn't know for details,since Ozawa was concentrating on politics,and since he had left that to his secretaries.He claimed that innocence .

Although Ozawa explained clearly that 400 million yen (5,207,655.50$)was his own fund as the cash, he could not remember the situation of 400 million yen(5,207,655.50$) offered to his secretary.However, it lacks credibility.

Since I am a poor person, I have never seen the a wad of money of 400 million yen(5,207,655.50$) notes,I have never seen it in my dream and I have never touched it. Can a rich person forget 400 million yen(5,207,655.50$) ?Please answer me ,the rich person .That is 800,000 pieces of the value set of the hamburger of McDonald. I can't eat the all by myself.Therefore, Ozawa is fat.Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.I think that the poorer life is good for health.
But it isn't true Ozawa cannot remember the situation when Ozawa handed 400 million yen(5,207,655.50$).

What does the person in the world think of this trial? Don't you think that Ozawa has told only foolish lies? What the egregious lies he said!!!Ohhhhh,a bald lie!!I think that his guilt is decision.
The judge who can't declare guilty to Ozawa, should be changed into Mac pork.

There was a great gap between the views of Ozawa and former secretaries.
While the former secretary, Ishikawa testified "I think that I reported the statement of income and expense of the political organization to Mr. Ozawa at the last of every year", Ozawa stated saying "(Ishikawa) having never explained with data at no time."
Mr.Ikeda (34),the successor of the former secretary said, "since Ozawa told me that interest of loan was wasteful"and he paid payment of the bank loan which made on security of 400 million yen (5,207,655.50$)from Ozawa, more fastly .

The question for defendant will be performed tomorrow too.


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