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The Ozawa 13th trial

Question of Defense counsel

Defense counsel


Defense counsel is in charge of land buying, The defendant Ozawa handed 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$) to the former secretary's Tomohiro Ishikawa member of the House of Representatives.
Judge group asked about these 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$).

Defense counsel asked the defendant Ozawa about 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$) of land buying handed to the former secretary's Ishikawa member of the House of Representatives.

Defense counsel:It is right that you handed it in cash at the Motoakasaka towers (one room of the apartment of Rikuzankai(Ozawa's fund-managing organization ) possession which the defendant Ozawa makes an activity base)?
Ozawa:I think that right.
(Former secretary Ishikawa testified that 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$) had been packed up by vinyl tapes by 100 million yen(1,303,271.25$) respectively, and had been put into four paper bags coated by vinyl . )
Defense counsel:Did you and the persons concerned wrap each 100 million?
Ozawa:No ,I don't think so
Defense counsel:Was it in such situation from the time when he withdrew it from the bank account?
Ozawa:Yes,I think so.
(Although Ozawa testified in court yesterday that he could not remember that Ozawa handed 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$), he told the details today . Ozawa's testimony changed again and again between ten days and 11 days. )
Defense counsel:Which bank is it?
(In spite of being asked the bank name, Ozawa did not answer the bank name but Ozawa explained about source of 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$) that had been financial funds intently. )
Ozawa:The bank account 200 million yen(2,605,523.75$) ,the different bank deposit 60 million yen(781,962.75$) and 300 million gotten from which I sold my house in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo .
(Because Ozawa tried to prevent being tripped himself up,Ozawa never answers the bank name.)
(Defense counsel read out the protocol of the time when Ozawa had talked with the police.)
Defense counsel:"Ozawa sold off his house in Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo in "1985, after that, Ozawa purchased Fukazawa's land.
Ozawa withdrew about 200 million yen(2,605,523.75$) of the difference in 1989 from the Resona Bank Lower House branch (Daiwa Bank of those days).
Cash of 300 million yen(3,908,285.50$) drawn out in 1997 from the account under the name of his family of the Yasuda Trust & Banking, 60 million (Ozawa pulled out after that) yen, and 200 million yen(2,605,523.75$) of the difference.The total was 560 million yen(781,962.75$).
When a part of total of 560 million yen(781,962.75$) was united with the fund which remained in the safe of former Akasaka towers, it became to more than 400 million 10 million.
400 million yen(5,213,085.00$) that is a part of them was handed to the former secretary Ishikawa .

Ozawa repeated that he couldn't remember in detail, and he avoided clarifying.
While a reply did not gear with a question between Ozawa and Defense counsel,
Defense counsel read the written statement of the defendant Ozawa in the case of the 2nd police investigation on January 31, 2010 .

Defense counsel:"Ozawa withdrew 300 million yen(3,908,285.50$) from the Yasuda Trust & Banking on December 15, 1997.
And also as a result of investigating, I think that I sent 298 million yen(3,882,230.25$)to the bank account of the name of my wife on the same day.
I might tell my wife to do so,but it is certain that there was 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$) as my own self-finance."
As a matter of fact,Ozawa always tell a barefaced lie.The difference by proceeds of the sale of his house which exceeded its cost of purchasing land is 200 million clear yen.
However, Ozawa avoided clarifying about the other savings of 300 million(3,908,285.50$) or 60 million(781,962.75$) , and Ozawa avoided clarifying about the money of the safe of the office of 100 million yen(1,303,271.25$) scale.
Ozawa justified that such tons of money happened to be there.
Ozawa has made light of the poor clearly .
If the one-yen coin happened to be on the floor in kitchen,it's a possible story.If the 10-yen coin happened to be on the floor in kitchen,it's a possible story,too.If the 100-yen coin happened to be on the floor in kitchen,it is a rare story.But if a wad of money from 60 million yen(781,962.75$) to 300 million yen(3,908,285.50$) happened to be on the floor in kitchen,everyone strucks surely dumb.
Ozawa wants to say that a wad of money from 60 million yen(781,962.75$) to 300 million yen(3,908,285.50$) is the same as the one-yen coin or ten-yen coin for me .
Ozawa is repulsive to me.Ozawa thinks that he can deceive Japanese people if Ozawa enumerates the numbers of tons of money .

Hey,you!!Ozawa!!!!Murder will out.His sin will find him out.Your rebellion plan is already revealed.
His guilt leaves no room for doubt.You can't explain the details of 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$).

Question of Judge


In spite of having already repeated the question concerning 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$) by Defense counsel,in court,because a judge inquired it many times,a judge didn't seem to be convinced that 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$) was right.
Judge:Although he had entrusted no less than 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$) of the money to the secretary,weren't you uneasy?
Ozawa:I have handed 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$) to the candidate by supporting at an election.
(Ozawa gave the example and emphasized that it was not a special case. )
Judge:Aren't you worry about when your secretary returns 400 million yen(5,213,085.00$)?
(Ozawa repeated the opinion that he had trusted and entrusted the duty to his secretary. )
Judge:It is strange to sign mutely the documents of bank loan.
The politician should have had the responsibility of checking "income and expenditure reports on political funds". (The judge pointed out several times that Ozawa should straighten his posture as Ozawa's politician .)
(Ozawa repeated the opinion that he had trusted and entrusted the duty to his secretary. )

The future schedule of this trial

It is said this is a plan map of the Chinese illuminati.
Around 1995,at APEC,Li Peng the fourth Premier of the People's Republic of China said to Paul Keating
former Prime Minister Australia about Japan, "a country called Japan will be lost in 40 years. "Japan will collapse generally after 30 years" .

The portion of Deep Pink's color will be the colony countries.
Iran ,Saudi Arabia,Iraq and Pakistan are written as the affiliation republic.
The portion of Light pink and Light green means dependent countries of China.
Probably Islam will be forbidden in this area because the Chinese Communist Party has forbidden religion.

Japan is a nuclear pollution area and Japan does not exist any longer.
I think that China is welcoming the ill feeling between United States and Iran.
I wish the peace negotiations between USA and Iran.

The court of justice is due to determine on February 17 ,next month whether the court of justice adopts as a proof about the written statement of the investigatory stage of the former secretaries who accepted, "The false statement was reported to Ozawa and his secretary obtained consent."
Probably, the judgment of Ozawa's guilty will be difficult if a former secretary's written statement is not accepted as a proof.

Because a part of a written statement of the defendant Ishikawa, and Ishikawa's IC recording were not in agreement,Ishikawa's written statement is not accepted as a proof.
But because neither Ikeda nor Okubo has any recording,written statements of Ikeda and Okubo should be accepted as the proofs.

Please cooperate to accept the written statements of Ikeda and Okubo as the proofs at least.
The powerful cooperation of American government high officials is required.

The power of the only person, Ozawa is equal to the army of a 100,000 people scale. Ozawa is going to entice Chinese Hu Jintao to invade Japan. War crimes of Japan were never what human being should do . However, it is pitiable that the crime before our birth will be abused for more than 60 years ,"Japanese people is brute posterity."
We have the right which we protect our homeland Japan.
We have the right to love our homeland Japan.
If Ozawa falls from power, we would like push ahead despite the obstacles of various ethnic conflict in order to build peaceful society in Japan. All Japanese residents want to build the Utopia in order to allow each other.

And I desire to rescue the abductees of North Korea.Since Ozawa is active behind the scenes, we cannot rescue any abductees from North Korea.Ozawa's enormous fortune is based on the political donation of billions yen scale.Since Ozawa has cooperated with China, Japan have never rescued any abductees since 2002. If we cannot depose Ozawa, whole Asia runs recklessly.

If Ozawa starts a revolution, if he becomes a king,he will plan to slaughter the Emperor family. But I would like to defend the Emperor family. I have neither my own army nor a status nor honor nor property.It is only the courage which I have. I never plead for my life.But,If the worst should happen such that I will be assassinated ,I would like to hope for American government high officials to help Japanese Emperor family's lives. Even if a slaughter starts in Japan, if the Emperor family survives, Japan will revive.

Please cooperate to accept the written statements of Ikeda and Okubo as the proofs at least.
The powerful cooperation of American government high officials is required. We have to depose Ozawa.
Since Japan performed too much terrible slaughter to Asia foreign countries in World War II, we lost a treason, spy prevention law, and right to collective defens in international law, never to return to terrorism.
We have to fight against Ozawa only by the power of a pen.

Please cooperate to accept the written statements of Ikeda and Okubo as the proofs at least.
The powerful cooperation of American government high officials is required.
It is contrary to reason that Ozawa is not participating in Fake Statement because almost all politicians leave the income and expenditure of the political fund to the secretary.
Ozawa's trial should be the judicial precedent for obliging a politician to check a receipts and payments account. We have to make environment for politicians not to say the excuse that politicians don't be involved in the trouble since the politician is not looking at the receipts and payments account.

Ozawa led to establish the system of subsidies to political parties. And although ex-Prime Minister Hosokawa promised "I will forbid a corporate donation in the future", the corporate donation still continues. The Diet members succeeded in double dipping, Mr. Ozawa bought real estates by his own political fund etc., and Ozawa increased property. According to official records, there are Ozawa's gross assets of 3 billion yen(39,113,428.00$) . But considering to his hidden property, too, it is said that Ozawa's gross assets exceed 10 billion yen(130,378,096.00$). Ozawa has enough war funds if he wants to slaughter in Japan.
Making the war funds by double dipping for Ozawa is an easy task because the system of subsidies to political parties was established by Ozawa himself.
Although Ozawa left the Liberal Democratic Party, and established Japan Renewal Party (JRP) on June 23, 1993, Ozawa obtained public funding for political parties by establishing this new party .
With only one year and a half,Dispersing on December 10, 1994, 925 million yen (120,599,736.00$) that was public funding for political parties for the 2nd year,was not returned to Japanese government, and Ozawa joined the Democratic Party.

Ozawa distributed 470 million yen(6,127,770.50$) among 925 million yen(120,599,736.00$) subsidies to political parties to the politicians of the Ozawa group at the election, , and Ozawa pocketed the remainder .
Ozawa's trial is based on this fact.

Ozawa is the swindler who built the policy of the state for Ozawa to defraud from a tax. Ozawa can say that he carries out new political party formation, in order to threaten the governing party.
If Prime Minister Noda wants to increase a consumption tax, the system of subsidies to political parties which is a policy of the fraud which Ozawa made should be abolished. Probably, Prime Minister Noda can't persuade Japanese people .
400 million yen(5,148,668.00$) of the cash receipt and disbursement from 1 to 3 are offset by a cash margin and the land buying. However, only 4th 400 million yen (5,148,668.00$) is not offset.
The flow of the funds of 400 million yen from 1 to 3 is for deceiving the embezzlement of 4th 400 million clearly.

The judge should apply fraud to Ozawa's Collection of Expense from Wrongful Benefit Receiver,of 925 million yen(120,599,736.00$).
The judge should apply false pretense to Ozawa's dishonest receipt.

Ozawa should get 15 years in prison.
Ozawa should not be granted a stay of execution.

February 17 :Adopting a proof by the court of justice

March 9   :Closing argument by Prosecutor designated attorney rol

March 19  :Defense closing argument and the conclusion of a hearing.

During April:Judgment

Details of a defendant's legal faculty
Details of the legal faculty of a plaintiff
Details of the judge


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