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Ozawa's intrigue


The "new policy study group" to which Ichiro Ozawa serves as the chairman held the meeting at the Parliament, and Ozawa started being active of the "consumption tax increase contrary" there on January 16.
The attendants gathered 109 persons , more three persons than the organization meeting at the end of last year. With the slogan "the tax increase contrary," Ozawa showed a strong attitude toward the government which advocated the Consumption tax increase .
Since Heart trouble are chronic with Ozawa, Ozawa eats less than meat usually does, except the New Year and the election season.Ozawa declared that he ate meat at this night.Ozawa ate 140 g of roast beef at the luncheon party after this meeting.
Look at the pictures of Ozawa!!Ozawa could tell by the ear-to-ear grin that came to his face that he really had something to smile about.I was gazing at suspicious pictures of Ozawa's smiling for a while.
And I spotted him at once that the public visitation of China by Japanese Crown Prince is by Ozawa's intrigue.
This must be an intrigue of Ozawa,Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao in order to prevent Japanese participation in TPP.

The scenario which Ozawa plans is like this,I think.
1.The Chinese army which gets angry by anti-Japan sentiment will hold Crown Prince husband and his wife as hostages.

2.China will force nonparticipating manifestation of TPP of Japan,and Ozawa's innocence of his trial, under the public visitation of China by Japanese Crown Prince.

3.After keeping Japanese Crown Prince husband and his wife under house arrest , Japan may take incomprehensible action and may announce the nonparticipation of TPP suddenly.

4.Ozawa directed a dramatic performance as if Ozawa had saved Japanese Crown Prince husband and his wife by his relation between Ozawa and PRC President Hu Jintao.

5. Ozawa wants that the Diet has been dissolved for March before the judgment in April of his own trial.

6. Ozawa wants the election and he wants to become the prime minister by opposing increase in a consumption tax.

7. Ozawa is found not guilty in April.

Present Ozawa is opposing actively against increase in a consumption tax , and he is criticizing Prime Minister Noda thoroughly.This led to the preparation of the scenario which Ozawa plans !

In September 2010, the arrest of a Chinese captain off a disputed set of islands in the East China Sea led to the worst diplomatic row in recent years between Japan and China.
I can say that the Senkaku Islands incident of the year before last was the intrigue which Ozawa proposed to PRC President Hu Jintao clearly. Because Ozawa made a rival's Sengoku ex-Chief Cabinet Secretary resign, and Ozawa tried to make the Kan Cabinet disperse and he wanted to become the Prime Minister, Ozawa asked PRC President Hu Jintao for cooperation,I think.Probably, China might threaten the Kan government in those day that it would become a nuclear war if Japan did not release Chinese captain and crews. Although there was a video of material evidence when a Chinese captain rushed at the fleet of Japan Coast Guard in the Senkaku Islands last year, Chief Cabinet Secretary Sengoku has released a Chinese captain by the pressure of the Chinese government.
Only Ozawa profited from the Senkaku Islands incident because ex-Chief Cabinet Secretary Sengoku resigned.At that time, China domineered over Japan.
Although the ex-Prime Minister Naoto Kan applied for the talk to Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, at ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) held in Belgium, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao responded to the talk only for only 25 minutes. Only 25 minutes!!However, when PRC President Hu Jintao visited Japan for APEC, PRC President Hu Jintao came to meet Ozawa specially and PRC President Hu Jintao insisted that he couldn't suppress a reckless run of the China army, and he had made this Incident end .
Although Ozawa told the lie so that he did not know why PRC President Hu Jintao had come to meet Ozawa, but because Japanese people could find Ozawa's play out, Ozawa could not become the prime minister.

She is a poor actress.
Not silicon but a wad of 10,000-yen(130.14$) notes
is contained in her breasts.
Since it is a strong yen, such a great amount of money is useless for us.
Please sell Japanese postal administration stocks,my friends overseas.
Japanese enterprises are downsizing under the influence of a strong yen.
Japan must participate in TPP absolutely. HA HA HA HA HA HA

I think that China can hold the Crown Prince hostage in order for Japan not to participate in TPP, or in order that PRC President Hu Jintao may force Ozawa's trial not guilty. In order to defend the Crown Prince,Japan will accept the humiliation resignedly,if China holds Japanese Crown Prince hostage.

PRC President Hu Jintao,Is a plan to invade Japan so charming for you?
Since PRC President Hu Jintao is charmed by plan to invade Japan, although the difference of wealth and poverty has expanded in China, China is continuing being extorted from North Korea.North Korea doesn't work honestly, but only thinks of sponging off China.
PRC President Hu Jintao is taken advantage by not only Kim Jong Il but also Ozawa of Japan.
PRC President Hu Jintao must not miss national interest of China,in order to his own ambition.

The Japanese government should also recognize the seriousness of war crimes of Japan, and should do the apology to the former comfort-women who were forced to be comfort-women by the former Japanese army, and the responsibility for compensation for damages of the former comfort-women to Asia foreign countries.
Japan should reflect on having avoided the apology and the responsibility of compensation for damages of the former comfort-women for more than 60 years rather than blaming PRC President Hu Jintao. Japanese government after World War II desired the former comfort-women just have to swallow it in order to be ashamed of their fate .
The Japanese government should show the courage ,to apologize to them.
The Japanese government should pay compensation for damages.
And the public visitation of China by Japanese Crown Prince within 2012 year should be stopped.There are no meanings, such as hypocritical friendship.
The apology and the responsibility of the compensation for damages of the former comfort-women to Asia foreign countries should come before anything else.They need to win their own fates to revive the human rights while still alive.They are already advanced age. Japan should apologize to them while they still alive.Japan should not escape from this problem.
But the prestige of PRC President Hu Jintao will be damaged if PRC President Hu Jintao does not cut the relation with Ozawa.
Till April, it is a critical battle about Ozawa.
PRC President Hu Jintao,Don't prevent it, please.


I am impertinent enough to say such a impolite thing to PRC President Hu Jintao.Now, please don't get so angry . I am looking forward to beautiful pandas..Since There is not a lovely animal like a panda in Japan, may Japan send Ozawa putting on a stuffed animal suit of a panda to Chinese zoo? Because he admires China,he can learn the pretty tricks of Panda.
We need that Ozawa will go into the prison in Japan instead of the zoo in China because Ozawa betrays his country by committing treason.


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