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Qualification for opposing to Consumption tax increase ???

Ozawa criticizes consumption tax increase,"The promise at the election is different."

Yujiro Taniyama
Though he was defeated in the last Tokyo gubernatorial election,
he is the brave activist who is fighting against Ozawa.

his mail

Ichiro Ozawa has purchased more than 1 billion yen(12,973,534.00$) individual assets by the political fund.According to the reporting in the left , we can never think at all that those real estates of Ozawa are for political activity.
Ozawa appealed the "Shukan Gendai(weekly present age)" of a weekly magazine,which revealed "hidden property" of Ozawa by defamation of character. It was almost like overall victory for "Shukan Gendai(weekly present age)".It is said that the political donation to Ozawa by an ODA enterprise exceeds billions yen.
It is dangerous that the key member who is planning to invade Japan raises funds like this.

False pretenses should be applied to Ozawa at his trial and will be suitable in penal servitude 15 years.
Only by the fact that the statement of Ozawa's registration was delayed for one year , we cannot accuse Ozawa as a heavy crime by Political Funds Control Law.
By dispersing a new political party immediately after forming it,Ozawa deceived more than 900 million of public funding for political parties, without returning it to Japanese government.

In order to pocket 400 million yen,Ozawa cooked the books.
Ozawa borrowed 400 million yen of the loans from banks on security of Ozawa's own 400 million yen,and Ozawa purchased a real estate.Although Ozawa has not yet sold off the real estate, Ozawa has received 400 million yen from the Ikeda secretary.

About the half of more than 900 million of public funding for political parties, Ozawa gave the election campaign fund for the politicians of the Ozawa group and Ozawa pocketed the 400 million of the rest.
Ozawa established public funding for political parties in order to abolish a political donation, but Ozawa is said to have got billions yen of political donations.
False pretenses should be applied to Ozawa and Ozawa will be suitable in penal servitude 15 years.

When Ozawa was the Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party, Ozawa built the harbor for 50,000-ton container ships which can arrive at an island without the economic demand of Okinawa, but there is no Entry into Port of 50,000-ton container ship there.
Moreover, Ozawa made the road to a place in Hokkaido where only some bears and deer appear . There is no town at the end of the road.With ex-Construction Minister Kanemaru, Ozawa wasted a 430 trillion yen (557,789,609,984.00$)tax and Ozawa weakened economic strength of Japan.
There is still the huge national bond about 1,157 trillion yen (The outstanding obligation of whole Japan containing a debt and financing bill )by Ozawa.

As for the national budget of Japan, the balance of tax revenues and annual expenditure has collapsed greatly.According to the national budget of Japan of the 2011 fiscal year, the price of annual expenditure is 92 trillion yen ,by comparison with tax revenues of 41 trillion yen.
Since almost are in home currency rate, a national bond of Japan does not become a default.However, Japan has to cope with the deficit of a national budget, in order to protect international trust. Therefore, the increase in a consumption tax is necessary.

Ozawa does not have Qualification for opposing to Consumption tax increase. Can you understand?

In order to reduce annual expenditure, expenses of social welfare should not be reduced but the public funding for political parties should be abolished.And Japan should close the semi-governmental corporations for the politicians' rights.

If Noda government can close 30% of the semi-governmental corporations for the politicians' rights,Noda government can win also the next election.
Noda government should punch out a number intelligible for Japanese people,if Noda government desires to succeed in increase in a consumption tax.

Though the public funding for political parties was established by Ozawa,Ozawa's embezzlement is serious problem. And Ozawa's bad attitude against imperial family is serious. On Japanese history, there were three persons who tried to abolish the Emperor system. Ozawa is the 4th man. And Ozawa has war funds which slaughter Japanese people.
If we can not seal Ozawa for 15 years, Japan will fall in a national crisis.If we can not put Ozawa into a prison, we cannot stop the blcak connection between Chinese PRC President Hu Jintao and Ozawa .

Let's have patriotism,Japanese politicians.Don't be afraid of barking dogs.You can fight against Ozawa.


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