Letter from resistance

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Please cooperate to new political party formation.


Collusion between agricultural cooperative association and the Liberal Democratic Party is serious.
In the Liberal Democratic Party, an overwhelming majority is opposing TPP.
Total 82 persons of The Liberal Democratic Party Councilor
70 TPP opposition factions
Supporter group 12 persons

Total 120 persons of member-of-the-House-of-Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party
TPP opposition faction 93 persons
Supporter group 27 persons
If a snap general election occurs until November when TPP will be concluded, the Liberal Democratic Party will come into power and will declare nonparticipating manifestation of TPP.
If the American government does not cooperate in new political party formation, it will be impossible for Japan to participate in TPP.


Please look at Ozawa's face having turned pale.His face was drawn with anxiety.
Ozawa declares that he revolts with 120 persons from the Democratic Party, in order to be opposed to consumption tax increase. Since Ozawa wants to be granted a stay of execution in his own trial, he has threatened Prime Minister Noda.
Now, there are 296 members of the House of Representatives of the political power governing party.
If 56 persons rebel from the Democratic Party, a consumption tax increase bill will be rejected.
If Ozawa threatens Prime Minister Noda, we also have to threaten Ozawa.
If many members isolate from Ozawa,a new political party Ishiharashinto should accept them .Ozawa should become penal servitude soon. It is a chance to separate from Ozawa now. The politicians excellent of the Ozawa group should be selected.
Though Prime Minister Noda declared that he talked with Ozawa, the American government needs to observe Prime Minister Noda not to give Ozawa a suspended sentence.

Stop the vain struggle,Ozawa.Leave Democratic Party, if Ozawa opposes to increase a consumption tax. Remove Ozawa's name from the register of Democratic Party.He can collect a great number of persons if Ozawa distributes pocket money. But if Ozawa leaves from Democratic party, he will be alone.The American government should desire Ozawa's penal servitude.
Because Ozawa may hope to seek refuge in China,I would like to hope that the U.S. Forces observes Ozawa and his own cruiser.I can shake the very foundations of the political world of Japan by only one personal computer, but if Ozawa escapes to China, his power will be demonstrated more than me. We should seal Ozawa in Japanese prison for more than 15 years.

They are going to cause a snap general election and to announce the nonparticipation of TPP.
Tanigaki lives for an agricultural cooperative association, Ozawa lives for China. Our best firend ,Unites States,please cooperate, in order to suppress two major forces of Japan.
Japan participates in TPP absolutely.
A new political party of Ishiharashinto should get the TPP supporters of the Liberal Democratic Party, and the persons leaving from Ozawa group .After judgment of Ozawa's penal servitude, for several people of the Ozawa group to survive as politicians, Mr.Kamei cannot but take up only talented politicians from the Ozawa group.
It is considered to be the best time to make a profit for a new political party of Ishiharashinto.


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