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Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul.


        Imam mosque


I read the report by which the criminal who tried to assassinate President Obama was arrested. President Obama is important person at the present time. For global peace, we have to understand President Obama's sterling worth. It isn't always reason why I support President Obama because he is handsome.Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul.

The China navy threatens fishermen by shooting several blanks by territorial waters in the East China Sea, and is driving the stake into the coastal waters of the Asian countries these days.Even if Asian countries sue the Chinese threat in ASEAN, China has insisted that they should discuss on the problem, between two countries, rather than ASEAN. The talk between China and Asian countries had yielded no definite results before last year.However, by President Obama's appeal,the United States, Russia, India, Australia, and New Zealand participated in ASEAN last year. And President Obama ,and heads of state of those countries impeached the violence of the China navy, in ASEAN. The spectators in ASEAN felt great satisfaction.

For all countries of the world, China is a grand trade exporting country and is a big regular patron of the business. But China must also follow a rule. Asian countries recognize President Obama is a leader of Pacific Ocean.Based on strengthening an alliance with the United States, they try to talk with China. By the appeal of President Obama's democratization, Myanmar released no less than 302 persons' political crimes. It is necessary to suppress the threat of the China army by cooperation of Asia with President Obama. President Obama is an important person for the peace of Asia.

According to the interviews of President Obama's close advisers, after acting pinpoint assaults to executives of al-Qaeda or Taliban, there is a concept which changes these organizations themselves into peaceful private enterprises by supporting of USA. According to this concept, both the soldiers of the U.S. Forces, and Muslim's soldiers do not need to die, together.
The member of al-Qaeda or Taliban should get the jobs rather than being collectivized like motorcycle gangs and running recklessly. Since President Obama is a important person for the peace of the world, Muslim people should value President Obama.Al-Qaeda and Taliban have killed many Muslims' citizens by terrorism.

Is a motorcycle gang smart? We need a brave Muslim who can take priority to peace. I hope the Middle East becomes peaceful from the bottom of my heart. I think the alliance with the United States leads to Middle Eastern national interest if Iran decides to form the alliance with the United States. Iran has petroleum resources abundantly and is blessed with the business opportunity. If Iran achieves economic growth, the numbers of jobless people in Iran will decrease and al-Qaeda, and Taliban will disappear naturally.

Although the Middle East has much terrorism now, I wish the Middle East to become peaceful early. And I wish the Middle East becomes the place of yearning of the honeymoon visitors in the world . Iran should become a tourist resort because there are beautiful temples and royal palaces, and delicious pita bread in Iran.
God ,please give courage to the Iran President. Courage for talking with President Obama.

Ozawa's threat is no more than bluff.

Ozawa is ugly ham actor in Japan .

Prime Minister Noda enactment

A person who seems to walk a narrow path running along by the cliff is Ozawa ,not Noda Prime Minister.Ozawa is just before a fall.
Although Ozawa holds the study meeting to oppose to a consumption tax increase and he can gather more than 100 persons, I think Ozawa distributes pocket money to participants clearly.

Prime Minister Noda did not shrink from the number of Ozawa's meeting .Prime Minister Noda had repeated the polite intraparty argument in the Democratic Party. Because it was exact in the process of meeting of the Consumption tax increase, Prime Minister Noda declared that he would like to unite to enactment of the Consumption tax increase Law, and Prime Minister Noda restrained Ozawa. Although the argument of consumption tax increase in the Democratic Party had finished, Ozawa caused the opposition movement against the consumption tax increase , and threatened Prime Minister Noda to disperse Noda administration. Ozawa needs a suspended sentence in a trial. It can be imagined that Ozawa's threat for Noda Prime Minister was for getting his own suspended sentence.

Progress of Ozawa's trial is advancing favorably a little for Ozawa.
In the trial of Ozawa, it has become clear that Public Prosecutor Tashiro was writing a different statement from an actual conversation to the criminal-investigation report.
Moreover, former Public Prosecutor Tunehiko Maeda had testified, "Although there were a lot of the memos of a police investigation about the building constructor who denied that he had passed bribe to Ozawa side, they were not provided for Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution."
So to the 5th Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution of Tokyo that decided the prosecution of Ozawa, the list of the criminal-investigation data which the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office sent was indicated to the defense counsel of Ozawa. The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office told the defense counsel of Ozawa that "a total of 70 copies of a building constructor's examination memos" existed.

It is the most important thing that the 5 th Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution of Tokyo is fighting to make the second Pol Pot into penal servitude,rather than tends to make the good citizen a false charge . That's the point.
70 copies of memos written about parcel of lies of the former president of construction industry are not important for national interest of Japan.
In spite of not having sold off land, Ozawa has received 400 million yen (5,152,647.00$)from the Ikeda former secretary.And, in addition to this, the unjust statement of more than 2 billion yen(25,763,236.00) is found.

Ozawa was going to slaughter the Emperor family and Japanese people and to sell Japanese people as slaves to China . We have to defend the Emperor family and our homeland Japan.
In order to cut off collusion among President of China Hu Jintao and Ozawa, we have to put Ozawa into a prison for more than 15 years .

Soon,His Majesty the Emperor of Japan will undergo an operation of the heart. His Majesty the Emperor of Japan will work for public duties before one day of the day of the operation. We defends His Majesty absolutely.
His Majesty seems to hope his abdication because he is advanced age.Considering that health of His Majesty, the Emperor's abdication should be discussed in Parliament. The present Emperor will feel happy if Crown Prince Naruhito accedes to throne.

We know the Japan-U.S. alliance protects Japan. We need the cooperation of the Obama Administration for the peremptory decree to Ozawa. Please cooperate with us.

Moreover, with his crafty plan without regard to its appearance, Ozawa is a wily person who incites the confusion of political world.
Ozawa circulates several rumors about Ozawa's new party in order to terrify Noda Prime Minister because Ozawa is desperate to escape from a judgment of Penal servitude.
There is a black propaganda,such that Ozawa cooperates with Mayor Hashimoto Osaka who won quite easily to the election, and the Ozawa new political party will be formed with Mayor Hashimoto Osaka.

Ozawa compares Mayor Hashimoto Osaka to Ryoma Sakamoto of Japanese hero who mediated ,between the powerful clan of Satsuma and the powerful clan of Choshu ,and this alliance beat the military regime in those days.And for the overthrow of Noda government , Ozawa hopes Mayor Hashimoto Osaka to mediate between Ozawa and the Ishihara Governor of Tokyo in order to unite.
It is a scenario with which Japanese media will be pleased.

Cut out the nonsense, will you?

Mayor Hashimoto Osaka has a lawyer's qualification. He will not cooperate with Ozawa who may receive penal servitude.Everyone notices Mayor Hashimoto Osaka only takes advantage of the name of Ozawa widely known.Mayor Hashimoto Osaka is not a dull stupid fatuous person.

However, even if the reaction of Mayor Hashimoto Osaka is ambiguous, Ozawa is not discouraged at all. Ozawa gave a lecture in the political cram school which he superintends, and criticized about the government having revived the parliamentary statements of session at a Diet of Director-General of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau which the Democratic Party did not accept,after change of power . Ozawa said,"It cannot be said to be initiative by politicians at all."

Ozawa is such a shameless jerk.Ozawa makes a fuss over details of Noda Admistration.
When Ozawa was the Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party, Ozawa built the harbor for 50,000-ton container ships which can arrive at an island without the economic demand of Okinawa, but there is no Entry into Port of 50,000-ton container ship there.
Moreover, Ozawa made the road to a place in Hokkaido where only some bears and deer appear . There is no town at the end of the road.With ex-Construction Minister Kanemaru, Ozawa wasted a 430 trillion yen (557,789,609,984.00$)tax and Ozawa weakened economic strength of Japan.
There is still the huge national bond about 1,157 trillion yen (The outstanding obligation of whole Japan containing a debt and financing bill )by Ozawa.

Because of Ozawa's misgovernment, we have to raise a consumption tax.

Ozawa! Wash your head and wait for the time.


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