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The rejection of exhibits by Tokyo District Court.

Left:Ozawa who appears in Tokyo District Court.
Right:The poster of Tanigaki which has no sense, by the backlight.
Former Prime Minister Mori was enraged because this poster charms no one so much.
Finally the Liberal Democratic Party will end.
What a pity they act in collusion with a villain like Ozawa!

Tokyo District Court rejected the adoption of the record of the suspect's confession of "Mr. Ozawa's former secretary, Ishikawa",as a proof.
I thought that Tokyo District Court rejected it as a proof since Mr. Ishikawa's tape and protocol didn't coincide on contents. I was ready to read the news about the rejection of exhibits by Tokyo District Court.However, Ozawa's innocence was not necessarily decided yet.

Ozawa group clan also regained power in this result,and they try to cooperate with Mr.Tanigaki of the Liberal Democratic Party, in order to reject the bill of increase in a consumption tax. But they are playing the fool.All three persons of Prime Minister Noda, Tanigaki ,top of Liberal Democratic Party ,and Ozawa are standing on critical point .

Although there is movement toward the Ishihara new political party's formation, since Tanigaki is showing the ambiguous attitude, he has received bashing in the Liberal Democratic Party. Since the Liberal Democratic Party obeys to the agricultural cooperative association, , Tanigaki cannot promote TPP and cannot but become silent.

Left:former Ishikawa secretary
Right:former Ikeda secretary

Although Ozawa had not sold off land, the Ikeda former secretary testified in court that Ozawa had received 400 million yen(5,030,181.00$) from the Ikeda former secretary.
Ozawa's innocence is impossible even if the Ishikawa secretary's protocol was not adopted.
Ozawa offered 400 million yen as cash collateral, to borrow 400 million yen(5,030,181.00$) from the bank, and purchased land. And although Ozawa had not sold off land, Ozawa had received 400 million yen(5,030,181.00$) from the Ikeda former secretary.The protocols about former Ikeda secretary who reported the period of land-buying to Mr. Ozawa ,were adopted as a proof.

Ozawa complicated the flow of funds and has pocketed 400 million yen(5,030,181.00$) clearly.
As soon as Ozawa formed the new political party Shinseito, Ozawa made it dissolve immediately, and Ozawa did not return the political party benefit of 920 million yen(11,569,416.00$) of Shinseito to Japanese government in order to get it.When Ozawa entered into the Democratic Party, he distributed the half of the 920 million yen(11,569,416.00$) for campaign spending to his friends , and formed the huge Ozawa group. Ozawa pocketed 400 million yen(5,030,181.00$) ,the remaining funds.

Ozawa should be sentenced to 15 years' penal servitude as false pretense. Although a part of mass media is writing that Ozawa may be found guilty, they have empty pates. It seems that they do not have the knowledge of bookkeeping. But,without any knowledge of bookkeeping,every one can see that Ozawa had received 400 million yen(5,030,181.00$) from the Ikeda former secretary although Ozawa had not sold off land.
In short, they always write only foolish reports .

However, though Ozawa is standing on critical point to be sure, Tanigaki of the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party can use to his advantage present Ozawa . Tanigaki has fallen into the plight because there is a motion that the Liberal Democratic Party will make Tanigaki resign President of the Liberal Democratic Party. If Ozawa is convicted by the judgment in April, Ozawa's centripetal force will fall certainly. Since Ozawa understands it himself, if Tanigaki and Ozawa take action, they will stand up before the judgment of Ozawa's trial.Tanigaki expects for Ozawa to cooperate between 60 persons and 70 persons of Ozawa's group in order to approve of a vote of non-confidence against the Noda Cabinet.The timing must be precise.It will be after the Lower House passage of the new-fiscal-year main budget early in March.If they consider the life of the people , March is desirable.
It means we have to headhunt 60 to 70 lawmakers of the Liberal Democratic Party or Ozawa group to the Ishihara new political party by March in order to prevent the intrigue of Tanigaki and Ozawa.

We need American government high officials' cooperation.I would like to hope for them to stay Japan till April.Japanese political situation is unstable and we need American government high officials' cooperation in order to the judgment of Ozawa's trial.
The lawyers of the role of a public prosecutor insists that they can enough prove even if it is indirect evidence.
Please cooperate with us to realise Ozawa's jail sentence !

Japan should hold the snap general election in December after November when TPP will be concluded. I hope a coalition government between the Ishihara new political party ,the Democratic Party and Social Democratic Party. With the conditions of making talented persons become to cabinet members regardless of their age at the new Cabinet , they will come.
The targets should be politicians of stature or famous handsome young politicians for the election.They are a rich variety of persons in stock from which we can take our choice.

The person who will be prime minister designates after December should be Hiranuma who continues the campaign of abductee rescue. It meets the demands of the present age.
I love Ishihara Governor-of-Tokyo the most in a political new party of Ishihara shinto but I hope for him to be a Prime Minister after the North Korea collapse .I am waiting for the prime minister who abolishes Pachinko. But it is not now.
If I consider the situation of Iran ,I wish the Ishihara Governor of Tokyo to abolish a nuclear weapon simulation .The firm Japan-U.S. alliance protects Japan.But he will be a Prime Minister within 3 years,I hope.
If the time comes, because it is a coalition government, there is the chance that Ishihara Governor-of-Tokyo,Hashimoto Mayor Osaka,Shizuka Kamei ,Hideki Omura and Okada or Sengoku of the Democratic Party will become the Prime Minister.Please smile and wait your chance after a while.

First of all, we should release abductees of North Korea, and all concentration camps.
Success in this TPP is the first step to rescue them for Japan.
Japanese politicians,
you should help those who are waiting for our rescue rather than considering your profits.


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