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A deflationary policy

In Japan, There is a habit which Japanese women present chocolate to men
on the day of St Valentine's Day.
Since Ozawa of the photograph was given chocolate from the beauty lawmakers of
the Ozawa group on the day of St Valentine's Day, he was glad. If you just keep
eating sweets, you will have decayed teeth eventually.
There is the proverb 'send salt to the enemy' in Japan.
Ujizane IMAGAWA had stopped the supply of salt to Shingen TAKEDA who Kenshin disliked, (Ujizane had anticipated this as Kai and Shinano Provinces under the control of Takeda clan did not produce salt being inland provinces), Shingen criticized this as 'a cowardly act,' and Kenshin sent salt to Shingen saying, 'I send you salt from Echigo Province as I intend to settle with you through battle (it is believed that the phrase 'sending salt to an enemy' originated from this anecdote).
Ozawa!I present you not chocolate but salt.Be quiet!You became noisy again although you kept silence as if Ozawa were a clams till a few days before.Ozawa hints to overthrow Noda Cabinet.Ozawa should talk over the matter with Noda Prime Minister.Ozawa wants to appeal so that he just cannot be ignored by Mayor Hashimoto Osaka .Noizy,noisy...
I will knock Ozawa down one day !I hate your smile.
Even if all people say "Leave the Democratic Party" to Ozawa, Ozawa does not go away by any means,I think.Ozawa insists," Although Democratic party does not carry out any reform,only raising a consumption tax means ridiculing Japanese people." Oh, look who's talking! Ozawa deceived the political party benefit of 920 million yen(11,553,435.00$)which people paid the tax and has pocketed it .Ummmmmmmm.I'm appalled. Ozawa leaves me speechless.Ummmmmmmmmmm

Even if I complain to Ozawa, I remain unsettled. Then,I would like to propose a deflationary policy to the Democratic Party.
The satellite cities in Hokkaido,Iwate,Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka,Hiroshima, Fukuoka ,Nagasaki and Okinawa have many inconvenient areas which needs 30 minutes by bus from each nearest stations. I would like to propose the infrastructure building which connects between the satellite cities and the nearest station by subways or monorails. Deflation can be stopped if the land price of the satellite cities goes up. Even if a consumption tax goes up under a deflationary policy, the Japanese economy can maintain balance. We can consider that deflationary policy is a kind of reform.

I think that reform which can persuade Ozawa is an deflation policy. If Noda Prime Minister provides these rights of the infrastructure building to the Ozawa group, Ozawa will not oppose to increase a consumption tax.

Japan should perform the large-scale infrastructure building between deflation.
A large-scale infrastructure building eases the deflation , by cheap expense.

In order to ease deflation,the Bank of Japan is going to buy up the sum total of 370 billion yen(4,606,000,128.00$) for national bonds of remaining period which is more than 1 year and for 10 years or less,and national bonds of a floating rate note. It became the rate of the 80 yen level yesterday but an ideal rate is 100 yen for the 1-dollar.A large-scale infrastructure building is necessary.

When Ozawa was the Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party,Ozawa made the road to a place in Hokkaido where only some bears and deer appear . There is no town at the end of the road.With ex-Construction Minister Kanemaru, Ozawa wasted a 430 trillion yen (557,789,609,984.00$)tax and Ozawa weakened economic strength of Japan.
But they can obtain the fare by the subway and the monorail.And the subway and the monorail bring an economic effect around each station.
Local self-governing bodies, such as all prefectures and cities, towns and villages, have the surplus funds, and the total amount of the surplus funds becomes to several 100 trillion yen. Each prefecture should be able to build the subway and the monorail. In order to build a subway,it costs the 32,600 million yen (406,028,160.00$)expense per 1 km . If total of the 360km subways are built in 9 prefectures,Japan needs the budget of 11,736 billion yen .It is about 12 trillion yen(149,420,998,656.00$).
The government should check the surplus funds of local self-governing bodies, such as all prefectures and cities, towns and villages ,in order to construct the large-scale infrastructure.
If the government is going to confiscate the surplus funds of all prefectures , cities, towns and villages, movement of the Noda government overthrow will occur on a scale of the whole country. The government has only to promote infrastructure construction in cooperation with a municipal corporation without confiscating the surplus funds.

Since the construction of subway or monorails requires immense expense, its burden of the amount of the debt is heavy compared with the profit. Therefore, if the subway enterprise can become black-figures management,it takes 47 years. This is a 50-year plan.It needs to build the public housings and nursery schools near by the circumference of each station. If a special public housing which includes a nursery school,a gymnasium only for a nursery school,supermarket ,a post office and a bank right above a subway station is built,the area will get popularity . Since it is the suburbs, the government should be able to build the public housing which has many wide rooms. Since the government can make the comfortable environment for a young generation to work , the economic effect is great.

The government has only to specify nine prefectures. This plan will move.And if these nine prefectures finish building subways or monorails, the following nine prefectures should be newly specified by the government . This plan will take 20 or less years , if the government specifies each 9 prefectures by 5 rotations so that all 43 prefectures end this infrastructure construction. That is, during 20 years, Japan can continue the deflation policy.
animated-gifs-trains-008.gif Make it snappyYou'll end up as a nothing,Japanese politiciansHold On

In order for Japan to conclude TPP in November safely, we have to restrain the Liberal Democratic Party. I have a proposal for the Federation of Economic Organizations,Keidanren.
My proposal is as follows. ,
"The Federation of Economic Organizations should cut off all political donations to the Liberal Democratic Party till November when TPP will be concluded.But if the Liberal Democratic Party does not submit a non-confidence bill till November, if LDP is not opposed to Noda government which increases a consumption tax ,if LDP responds to discussions between the Government party and opposition parties and if LDP does not instigate a dissolution till November, the Federation of Economic Organizations may resume a political donation after December to the Liberal Democratic Party. "

Tanigaki changed his will again and again.
Tanigaki is likely to be forced to resign the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, because his improper speeches on several days are serious problem.
The Liberal Democratic Party has not united, either.
Tanigaki does not have quite the stature to be Prime Minister.
Tanigaki can't see the international situation , but prevents TPP hard.
Tanigaki holds the Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren cheap because Keidanren has relation with the Liberal Democratic Party for a long time.Although Tanigaki demanded the secession of Ozawa who opposes to increase a consumption tax ,to Prime Minister Noda on 19th, Tanigaki has suggested even the possibility of cooperation with Mr. Ozawa on the next day on 20 th. Tanigaki changes his will repeatedly.

In order for Japan to participate in TPP, the clear declaration of intention about the political contributions for the Liberal Democratic Party by the side of the Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren is necessary .The Federation of Economic Organizations freezes the political donation to the Liberal Democratic Party till November has a big demerit for the Federation of Economic Organizations,too.However, Japan has to make TPP successful.
The American government needs to put pressure on the Federation of Economic Organizations of Japan to freeze the political donation to the Liberal Democratic Party till November. The maximum amount of the political donation of the Federation of Economic Organizations to the Liberal Democratic Party is 10 billion yen(125,313,280.00$). We need cooperation of the Obama Administration, in order to make conclusion of TPP successful.
The present Liberal Democratic Party is anti-Americanism, and in order to prevent TPP, the present Liberal Democratic Party fights tooth and nail.
We must fight at the risk of our own lives against the present Liberal Democratic Party in order to make conclusion of TPP successful.

The leader of North Korea
Kim Jong Un
Success in this TPP is the first step for Japan to rescue abductees and all concentration camps in North Korea .We have to release abductees and all concentration camps in North Korea as early as possible . Collapse of North Korea will happen soon.Kim Jong Un was not able to ration the food which promised with North Korean people on the day of the nativity festival of Kim Jong Il on February 16.
Although Kim Jong Un tried to turn the food of the army to distribution for his people, he was not able to force it. It is because Kim Jong Un has been unsuccessful of defrauding food from the United States. In the nativity festival of Kim Ilson in mid-April, probably, Kim Jong Un will not be able to perform food supply. Nobody already believes the lie of North Korea which stops the uranium enrichment.Kim Jong Un should just release each more than 40 abductees' families of Japan and South Korea, if he would like to celebrate his own grandfather's birth.
Considering the situation of North Korea, it is necessary to bring stability to the political situation in Japan.

We have to move forward. Success in this TPP is the first step for Japan to rescue abductees and all concentration camps in North Korea .Our best friend ,United States,please help us ,please.
Please put pressure on the Federation of Economic Organizations of Japan to freeze the political donation to the Liberal Democratic Party till November.


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