Letter from resistance

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It is necessary to restrain Ozawa.

japa001l.gif Noda Prime Minister !Hold on,please!!
I apologize for having slandered you from bottom of my heart. Prime Minister Noda,I admire your courage with unflagging resolve to try to realize of increasing a consumption tax and TPP .
You are certainly a great Prime Minister.

Face adversity with courage,please.
You can bear your misfortunes with a brave spirit.

Don't be subordinate to this villain.

Ozawa should talk over the matter with Noda Prime Minister.But Ozawa hints to overthrow Noda Cabinet though Ozawa insists to prevent the Diet to be dissolved.Because Ozawa judged that proposal of no-confidence motion against Cabinet of Tanigaki of the Liberal Democratic Party, cannot be relied on,Ozawa tries to corner Prime Minister Noda into resignation, and Ozawa is trying to cause the Representative election of the Democratic Party. In order that Ozawa may prevent the dissolution of House of Representatives which made the point at issue of increasing a consumption tax, Ozawa talked at the meeting of the Ozawa group lawmakers in Tokyo on the 23rd, about a possibility of the action which asks for Prime Minister Noda's resignation.
Ozawa indicates the "number" of the groups which have 120 persons of the intraparty maximum,as the most effective weapon, and Ozawa tries to strengthen pressure to the prime minister. Although Ozawa will be handed down a decision of his trial in April ,Ozawa is impudent to say so.

However, a number is also Ozawa's weak point. There are signs of an upheaval in the political world.

Because the political world of Japan is judged that the Democratic Party is completely beaten by the next Lower House election, the Democratic Party members of the House of Representatives whose number of times of success in an election is only one, feel themselves shaken.They are about 130 persons.
Of course, freshmen Congressmen of the Ozawa group are the same,too.
In order to restrain Ozawa, I would like to hope for American government high officials to headhunt more than 40 persons of freshmen Congressmen of Ozawa group to participate in the Ishihara new political party.

Since the Ishihara new political party should form a coalition with the Democratic Party, even if the number of freshmen Congressmen of the Ozawa group becomes decreasing, the Democratic Party will not be hurt a lot.The Democratic Party executives have a list of new Diet members who may leave from the Democratic Party. The Noda Administration will show the American government high officials the list, since the Democratic Party executives must be successful of increasing a consumption tax .
If Freshmen Congressmens' campaign spending are prepared by Federation of Economic Organizations of Keidanren, they will leave from the Ozawa group of the Democratic Party .

Freshmen Congressmen except the Ozawa group does not need to feel themselves shaken.
If the Democratic Party succeeds in TPP and increasing a consumption tax, the Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren should offer the abundant political donation for them.
I would like to hope for American government high officials to get a promise with the Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren about their campaign spending of Freshmen Congressmen except the Ozawa group in Democratic Party or freshmen Congressmen who leave from Ozawa group.

Moody's Investors Service announced on the 24th that it may change the Japanese government bond ratings outlook from the rank of "present stable" into the rank of "negative", when a consumption tax increase bill ran into difficulties towards enactment.

It is necessary to restrain Ozawa.

First of all, we should release abductees of North Korea, and all concentration camps.
Success in this "a consumption tax increase bill" and "TPP" is the first step to rescue them for Japan.
Japanese politicians,
you should help those who are waiting for our rescue rather than considering your profits.

Stand Up to the Victory,young men !Ozawa's time will be ended soon.


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