Letter from resistance

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it is a great chance that we can't see whether there is 1 time for 20 years ,or not,in order to recapture abductees in North Korea.

We had better not try a hasty solution but should find a long‐range strategy to tackle the problem.
Mr.Glyn Davies ,Special Representative for North Korea Policy had finished the deliberations for 9 hours, without being taken food away by deception by Kim Kye Gwan .Mr.Glyn Davies is the great politician.Former Special Representatives for North Korea Policy supported foods very easily, but North Korea never stopped uranium enrichment.

Though Mr. Davies said the negotiations made a headway a little,that is why he looked gloomy all the time .Mr. Davies doesn't have to be discouraged even if it is not the result that Mr. Davies expects .Because Mr. Davies never yielded to Kim Kye Gwan, we admire Mr. Davies.It is because Kim Kye Gwan is the No.1 swindler of the world.

If the United States does not concede till April of the nativity festival of Kim Ilson, many abductees' families can return to their home for giving their tight hugs to their families .Because North Korea can't bombard till April 15,if North Korea hopes foods aid, North Korea should return abductees .

This is Japanese grandparents of Kim Jong Un.
Eyes of Kim Jong Un are the reflection of Shigeru Yokota(right side).
If you want to see the Megumi Yokota recapture activities of Mr. and Mrs. Yokota,click here.

If a coup d'etat occurs in North Korea,because the whole family of the Kim dynasty may be slaughtered, Kim Jong Un should arrange more than 5 helicopters for defecting in Pyongyang.
It is said that the natural mother of Kim Jong Un is not "Ko Yon Hi" but "Megumi Yokota" who is a Japanese abductee . That is why Megumi Yokota is surrounded by many guards, and lives in the palatial residence,according to the information of MI6. "Ko Yon Hi" is a stepmother of Kim Jong Un, and the natural mother's Megumi Yokota taught Japanese language to Kim Jong Un as a private teacher.
Because Kim Jong Un has his own grandparents , uncles, and cousins in Japan, Kim Jong Un should escape to Japan with Megumi Yokota and his family in North Korea, if a coup d'etat occurs in North Korea. Japan never hand over Kim Jong Un to the International Court of Justice, since Japan sympathizes with the Megumi Yokota recapture activities of Mr. and Mrs. Yokota for a long time, although many people of innocence were put into the concentration camps by Kim Jong Un.
However, China will abandon Kim dynasty if North Korea becomes a civil war.The familial love characteristic of same blood is better than China.
The baby of Kim Jong Un is a great-grandchild for Mr. and Mrs. Yokota. Mr. and Mrs. Yokota will give a great-grandchild a tight hug, and they will kiss their great-grandchild repeatedly .
Even if the worst should happen to Kim Jong Un in North Korea, if Kim Jong Un releases the Japanese abductees now, Japanese family of Kim Jong Un and Japan will protect the lives of his family in North Korea.

Kim Jong Un should releases the Japanese abductees now .I propose each 40 families' return of abductees among Japan and South Korea,to Kim Jong Un.


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