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The brave and heroic feats


Because it was revealed that ISAF soldiers of the U.S. Forces tried to burn the Islam related document containing the sacred book Quran ,around Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan on the 21st,about 3000 persons' demonstration by local residents occurred. The Afghan who was looking at the work of burning Quran carried it out of the US base.That is why it was revealed.
ISAF commander, Gen. John Allen apologized for Afganistan people on television on the same day.
After that ,2 persons of the U.S. Forces who were dispatched as advisers ,were shot dead in the building of the Department of the Interior in Kabul of Afghanistan on the 25th. Those 2 military men were looking at the television pictures of the protest demonstration in the Department of the Interior. Those 2 military men blamed and insulted demonstrators, and before an Afghan personnel's man, they called the Quran"harmful book".Though the Afghan personnel got angry and he became a dispute with two military men, since two military men threatened the Afghan personnel, towards two persons, the Afghan personnel fired the bullet of eight shots and escaped.

I think that the U.S. army is lack of sensitivity for Muslims or the capacity for deep feeling for Muslims. Quran's being burned is for a Muslim to hate enough to feel murderous intent . We should not do what people dislike. The U.S. Forces should make soldiers study the training more eagerly, about the morals or the cultures of other races.It is the starting point of peace.

It is a sad terrible incident that two military men were killed. These two military men did not need to be killed if they had had the right training about the religion of other races. The stress of the soldier dispatched to the foreign country is also excessive. Their more recreation in a delightful manner is important ,like Soccer, baseball, a karaoke contest, etc. . I think that the specialist who takes charge of soldiers' training of other races ,or the specialist who takes charge of soldiers' recreation specially is necessary for an army.

unst001l.gifPresident Obama's apology is suitable absolutely.
I guess that this incident is a certain American government high official's intrigue.I think the computer system of RQ-170 wasn't broken by Iran but RQ-170 was made crash-land by an American government high official.I guess the same American government high official who told to make RQ-170 an emergency landing in Iran,plots this intrigue of burning Quran .Probably, he will be involved also in President Obama's attempted assassination.

Probably, even if this American government high official is executed for treason,it is normal.
Who is he? I do not write the name here. You can guess who he is. He has betrayed the United States many times.
I guess that American soldiers were ordered by someone to had burned Quran. The adult who turned 20 years old should not burn Quran. They were ordered by a certain American government high official in order to oust President Obama from politics,I think.

President Obama's apology is suitable,brave and heroic feats. President Obama's apology has the power to stop the casualties more than this .
In order to protect the lives of the American soldiers of ISAF, the U.S. Parliament should not criticize President Obama's apology.
In order to try to stand on predominance at a presidential election,by their own narrow interests ,those who ignore the lives of American-soldiers do not have any qualification primarily to become US President .

President Obama is the great brave President.
President Obama has great Courage!

The Japanese government is not going to apologize to the South Korean women who had been forced to have become comfort women by the former Japanese army for a long time during more than 60 years.
Because of this wrongdoing, Japan offended South Koreans, had been occupied Takeshima island and was taken Takeshima island. Japan's all the past Prime Ministers should follow the example of President Obama.
President Obama's prompt apology is brave to protect the lives of the American soldiers of ISAF.
President Obama is the great brave President.

Hamid Karzai President of Afghanistan will apologize to the death of 2 American military men, if a demonstration becomes calm. It is top priority to calm a demonstration now.We see that politicians who will not calm down U.S. Parliament are incompetent.
President Obama is the great brave President.
I love you,I love President Obama!!!


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