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One Love Peace Concert

One Love Peace Concert

The singing voice of Bob Marley has wonderful healing capacity.
In 1978, Marley performed at the political concert, the One Love Peace Concert, in Jamaica in an effort to calm warring parties. Near the end of the performance, by Marley's request, Michael Manley (leader of then-ruling People's National Party) and his political rival Edward Seaga (leader of the opposing Jamaica Labour Party), joined each other on stage and shook hands.

In order to rescue abductees ,Japan and South Korea have to imitate Bob Marley.Japan and South Korea have to contribute to the peace between the United States and the Middle East.
The Japan and South Korea have to calm the anti-American sentiment of Afghanistan and Iran, and have to lead to a peaceful resolution.

Japan and South Korea has no national power which rescues an abductee from North Korea. However, the United States has the power of rescuing a lot of abductees from North Korea. If Japan and South Korea ask the United States for the abductees' rescue, Japan and South Korea need to do mediation between the Middle East and the United States, at the risk of our lives.

We must rescue those who are waiting for our rescue in North Korea.
I considered what Japan and South Korea could do for the peace of Afghanistan, Iran, and Israel.

    Many abundant veins containing the various metal of Afghanistan are largest scale of the world, like the rare metal, the precious metals, and jewelry exist in .If Afghanistan can advance maintenance of the infrastructures and development of rights , Afghanistan will bring immense wealth to resource companies.
Afghanistan can yield 4,300 trillion Joule per yearof natural gas, in northern area as organic-mineral resources(2003) . As metallic mineral resources,Afghanistan can mine 6364 tons per year of chromium.

If Japan and South Korea build the car factories in Afghanistan, the car factories can buy up iron at a low price, and the car factories can produce a lot of cars ,without any influence with the situation of Iran, by natural gas energy.

The incineration incident of the Koran is a sad terrible incident and I guess that it is an intrigue of the certain American government high official for driving out President Obama from the political world. Since President Obama apologized bravely, Afghanistan should admit President Obama is innocent.
If Japan and South Korea offer jobs for Afghanistan people, the demonstrations will be calmed down rightly.

Japan and South Korea should declare to offer a lot of jobs if Afghanistan people stop hating President Obama or stop demonstrations.The Japan and South Korea should import natural gas from Afghanistan, in order to keep the energy stable, regardless of the situation of Iran.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda of Japan is going to visit the U.S. by the end of March, and Japan is going to import natural gas also from the United States. It leads to the stability of the international situation ,if Japan imports natural gas from both of the United States and Afghanistan.

            We hear that the reason that Iran doesn't stop uranium enrichment is that Israel holds no less than 400 sets of nuclear weapons. On the one hand,Iran is the country where the leader himself is setting a strategic target to blot out Israel from a map. Relations between the two countries are strained to (the) breaking point.

When Obama government eliminates the military offensive strategy to the nuclear weapons development of Iran by the U.S., Israel decided to force destructive strategy uniquely. The Israel army should change the attitude if the Israel army doesn't receive U.S. deterrence. Recently,the Israel army may be becoming unmanageable for USA more and more .

In order to change this situation, I have one proposal.
I propose that the United States sets the ballistic missile impartially turned to both Israel and Iran in the military base of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar.
My proposal may be disagreeable for Israel.However, in order to overcome this situation, my proposal should bring Israel peace.

Both Japan and South Korea should be brave to propose this proposal.

I desire Israel to compromise to my proposal for global peace.If the third World War starts, China will plan to ruin Japan and South Korea and to change almost all the countries of the Pacific Ocean area to colonies. China, North Korea, and Chongryon have banded together and are planning a plan to invade Japan since more than 60 years. Although there are many doubtful new religions in Japan, almost founders of those religions are North Korean residents living in Japan. Such doubtful religions insist a doctrine that no one damages us if we believe this religion.Secret arsenals of North Korean residents living in Japan were discovered in various parts of Japan.Ozawa is a charismatic leader which is planning to invade Japan, for North Korean residents living in Japan. Therefore,as resistance, I am fighting against Ozawa .I sympathize deeply to the thought that Israeli people try to protect their homeland. Since I love my homeland,too, I can feel the Israelis' homeland love is pure.

It is rumored that Japanese imperial family is a descendant of the Levi clan of Jewish nation.Israel and Japan have the language and the custom which are alike surprisingly. At the time of Babylonian captivity of 597 B.C., the Levi clan which defected is a Japanese imperial family's ancestor,I guess. Japanese people should respect the culture of Israel. Since Israel is the country of relatives of Japanese people, we hope for Israel to understand a crisis of Japan and to accept my proposal.
Please watch those videos.
1/3 Japanese are Jewish? Eng/Sub
2/3 Japanese are Jewish? Eng/Sub
3/3 Japanese are Jewish? Eng/Sub

Please ,don't carry out the missile attack to Iran . Both of Judaists and Muslims believe in God of the same Yahweh, and believes that the progenitor of the human race is Adam and the eve. I hope for Judaists and Muslims to make peace , because there are many common points,although religion and founders of those religions differ each other .

21nov09a.jpgIf Israel accepts my proposal, I hope for Iran to stop hating Israel. Since Iran has abundant resources,Iran is the country with many business opportunities. Iran's economy should become rich.

Japan was trafficking with Iran from around A.C. 700.It is also said that Japan conceived its longing for the outer world watching various imported goods of the Persia culture.Emperor Shomu (701-756) loved the glass of the lapis lazuli color of Iran, and specified a blue glass goblet with a metal stem like the following picture, imported from Iran ,as the national treasure,because Japan did not have the technology of glass in those days.
Even now, the blue art of the Persia culture is wonderful. I guess that Iranians love the color of beautiful blue very much. Because Japanese people has traded with Iran from ancient times,Japanese people are unable to have prejudice to Iran. I always pray for the peace of Iran.

If Iran stops uranium enrichment, Japan and South Korea should negotiate to the United States to build car factories in Iran. If Japan-South Korea vehicle factory move in on the car market of Iran, the unemployment rate of Iran should be eased.

Japan must rescue those who are waiting for our rescue,in North Korea.
On February 29th ,Crucially, the North has agreed that inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency will check that enrichment really has stopped. In return America will ship at least 240,000 tonnes of food aid to feed North Korea’s starving people, organise a few cultural exchanges, and work towards six-nation talks about a comprehensive settlement. Despite North Korea’s record of caprice and outright deceit, this is a good deal for America.

The longstanding promise that 2012, centenary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the Stalinist who set up the North, would be an era of prosperity, dancing and mass celebration is an early test of his grandson, Kim Jong Un. A few hundred thousand tonnes of extra food would come in handy.
This situation differs from usual. We have to take advantage of North Korea.
Political power of Kim Dynasty should be capsized if North Korea cannot supply the people food at the nativity festival of Kim Il Son on April 15.
Now is a golden opportunity which can rescue abductees.

Japan and South Korea should ask for the United States to make recapture of each 40 families of abductees of Japan-South Korea into a bargaining point, instead of offering food aid by the United States,not only a uranium enrichment stop. If the problem of Iran, Israel, and Afghanistan are not solved peacefully, the United States cannot say strongly to North Korea.
Now is a golden opportunity which can rescue abductees,but there is the time limit till April 15.
Please give Japan and South Korea a chance to rescue abductees in North Korea.



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