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The list of lives

Japan must rescue those who are waiting for our rescue,in North Korea.
On February 29th ,Crucially, the North has agreed that inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency will check that enrichment really has stopped. In return America will ship at least 240,000 tonnes of food aid to feed North Korea’s starving people, organise a few cultural exchanges, and work towards six-nation talks about a comprehensive settlement. Despite North Korea’s record of caprice and outright deceit, this is a good deal for America.

The longstanding promise that 2012, centenary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the Stalinist who set up the North, would be an era of prosperity, dancing and mass celebration is an early test of his grandson, Kim Jong Un. A few hundred thousand tonnes of extra food would come in handy.
This situation differs from usual. We have to take advantage of North Korea.
Political power of Kim Dynasty should be capsized if North Korea cannot supply the people food at the nativity festival of Kim Il Son on April 15.
Now is a golden opportunity which can rescue abductees.
We have to shout,"Please make recapture of each 40 families of abductees of Japan-South Korea into a bargaining point, instead of offering food aid by the United States,not only a uranium enrichment stop."

There is those whom I want to save surely the lives from North Korea as follows.

Kyoko Matumoto was abducted in Yonago City at the age of 29 years old, while she was going to the knitting classroom near the house on October 21, 1977.
Because a journalist Shigeharu Aoyama performed a controversial statement at the news anchor of Kansai Television on February 9, 2011,there is a possibility that her life is at risk.

Aoyama brought a fact to light,"According to executive of investigating authorities, a certain civilian has brought the survival information of 3 abductees of Ms. Megumi Yokota, Ms. Yaeko Taguchi, and Ms. Kyoko Matsumoto, to Foreign Minister Maehara or former Chief Cabinet Secretary Sengoku. "Aoyama said,"this executive of investigating authorities analyzed the move that North Korea had tried that the posture of the United States and South Korea had to be softened ,and North Korea planned to force Japan to lift the sanction against North Korea, but there were no prospect of returning of abductees". Aoyama claimed that the civilian had met Maehara at the individual route because North Korea considered former Foreign Minister Maehara to be a strong Prime Minister candidate. Aoyama reported,"Usually, although executive of investigating authorities was calm, he spoke excitedly.
Aoyama reported that the executive of investigating authorities had said,"Since it may be concerned also with three persons' safety if Japan suffers itself to be imposed upon this strategy, I am opposite decisively that a politician advances this problem for his own profits. "

Why did neither Sengoku nor Maehara release this information to the public? Although neither Sengoku nor Maehara released it in order to protect their lives,Aoyama brought this fact to light.Then, Japan did not lift economic sanctions against North Korea but I had read the news soon about an abductee's woman who was put into a concentration camp. Journalist Aoyama should not report this information.

Since almost journalists and almost politicians want for themselves to attract attention, they are participating in the abduction problem. There was an information that Ms. Yaeko Taguchi had married with a South Korean abductee's male in Pyongyang. Since Ms.Megumi Yokota is a natural mother of Kim Jong Un, there is an information that she has no danger in her life because she lives in the palatial residence.But there is no information about Kyoko Matumoto.

When the rescue of 40 families of abductees will be possible, I hope for the United States to put the name of Kyoko Matumoto certainly in the list.

japa001l.gifWhy did a politician become a politician ? You have to rescue abductees as early as possible.The work for a politician and a journalist is not to speak ill of an enemy. The current action of politicians may be taken as attempts to probe each other's real intentions on the unstable political conditions.How long do you continue amateur theatricals?

Freshmen Congressmen of Ozawa group should leave from Ozawa group in order to participate in the Ishihara new political party.Be a man!

The politicians of Kokumin Shinto should abandon Kamei in order to participate in the Ishihara new political party. Be a man!

Freshmen Congressmen of Liberal Democratic Party should leave from Liberal Democratic Party in order to participate in the Ishihara new political party. Be a man!

Gather together to the Japanese flag, in order to save those who are waiting for our rescue.


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