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The Egyptian ambassador Yasser Othman is the true brave.

Cease-fire between Israel, Gaza militants

Yasser Othman
The Egyptian ambassador Yasser Othman
Egypt has mediated a cease-fire between Palestinian militant factions and Israel after four days of violence, an Egyptian security official said.The official told The Associated Press that a cease-fire went into effect at 1 a.m. Tuesday. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. It was not immediately clear when a formal announcement of a cease-fire would be made.

The official is The Egyptian ambassador Yasser Othman. He said that after hours of talks, the Palestinians agreed to stop launching rockets at southern Israeli cities and Israel agreed to stop targeting militants in airstrikes.
The fighting was triggered by Israel's killing of a militant leader last week. Twenty-four Palestinians died, including seven on Monday, and about 1 million Israelis in rocket range have seen their lives disrupted by the threat of rocket attacks, with frequent sirens warning them to run for cover.
Israeli officials believe that Islamic Jihad has amassed hundreds of rockets and missiles, if not thousands, including weapons taken from Libyan military bases during the chaos surrounding the fall of Libya's longtime ruler, Moammar Gadhafi. Missiles and other weapons reach Gaza through smuggling tunnels running under its border with Egypt.

In the current round, Islamic Jihad showed that the three main cities in southern Israel — Ashkelon, Ashdod and Beersheba — are in easy reach of its Russian-designed Grad rockets.
Since the start of this round of violence last Friday, 166 rockets exploded in Israeli territory. The Israel Air Force carried out 37 airstrikes in the Gaza Strip: 19 strikes targeted rocket-launchers and 18 targeted weapons warehouses.

Gaza's Hamas leadership, whose own cadres have kept out of the fighting, had confirmed on Sunday that Egypt was working on a deal to stop the violence.

On Monday, the Egyptian ambassador to the Palestinian Authority said that he expects Israel and Gaza to reach a ceasefire within 48 hours.

On Tuesday morning, the IDF said that Israel carried out no airstrikes after 1 A.M. Tuesday, when the cease-fire was to take effect. Three rockets were fired at southern Israel, causing no casualties.

Home Front Defense Minister Matan Vilnai told Israel Radio the latest outbreak of violence "appears to be behind us."

Mr.Othman denied claims of a Hamas legislator Yunus al-Astal, that Egypt suggested a ceasefire in exchange for supplying petrol to the Gaza Strip. He added that an Egyptian team was currently in Gaza, in order to solve the petrol supply problem.

What did the Japanese politicians do while the Egyptian ambassador Yasser Othmanset the stage for peaceful negotiations at the risk of his life?
His peaceful negotiations meet the demands of the present age.He analyzed what the other party needs most and realized peace negotiation.
Japanese people,we should imitate Mr.Othman.
What can Japanese people do for Israel?
What can Japanese people do for Palestine?
For peace,what can Japanese people do?

The longstanding promise that 2012, centenary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the Stalinist who set up the North, would be an era of prosperity, dancing and mass celebration is an early test of his grandson, Kim Jong Un. A few hundred thousand tonnes of extra food would come in handy.
This situation differs from usual.
Political power of Kim Dynasty should be capsized if North Korea cannot supply the people food at the nativity festival of Kim Il Son on April 15.
Now is a golden opportunity which can rescue abductees.
Japan and South Korea should ask for the United States to make recapture of each 40 families of abductees of Japan-South Korea into a bargaining point, instead of offering food aid by the United States,not only a uranium enrichment stop. If the problem of Iran, Israel, and Afghanistan are not solved peacefully, the United States cannot say strongly to North Korea.

Japan and South Korea should try contributing more hard at the peace negotiations among Israel and Palestine, the peace negotiations among Israel and Iran, and the peace negotiations of Afghanistan and the United States.

In order that Israel may reinforce armaments too much, the difference of wealth and poverty is expanded, about 1,770,000 people of all the population of Israel are in a poverty state, and 850,000 of them are a child. About 75% of Israeli poverty households lack of daily food , and it is very serious.
Although Israel has the dry land covering 60% of country, the food self-sufficiency ratio is more than 90% by technical capabilities with advanced agriculture of Israel like the irrigation system by computer control, or biotechnology. The lack of jobs causes the difference of wealth and poverty.
Therefore,daily dish industry of Japan earns about 8 trillion yen(96,385,540,096.00 US$) of profits every year using vegetables which shapes are not so good.
If Japan provides both of Israel and Palestine with the technology of this daily dish industry, the unemployment rate of both of Israel and Palestine should be eased.
Hate between Israel and Palestine will also be eased if there are more jobs.

Middle Eastern problem is the problem of Japanese people, us,too.If the third World War starts, China will plan to ruin Japan and South Korea and to change almost all the countries of the Pacific Ocean area to colonies.
And, in order to save those who are waiting for our rescue in North Korea,Japan and South Korea should try contributing more hard at the Middle Eastern peace negotiations.

The current action of politicians may be taken as attempts to probe each other's real intentions on the unstable political conditions.
As for the trial of Ozawa on March 9, the closing argument requires three years.After Ozawa's trial on March 9,Kamei tried to reach an accommodation with the Governor of Tokyo in order to stay in power.This evening Kamei is going to participate in the meeting of party heads in the governing party ,to talk with Prime Minister Noda.
On the one hand,although Ozawa is throwing his weight around, it's only bluff.Ozawa was at the end of his tether in order to overthrow Noda administration.In Japan the politician who has been in Parliament for more than 25 years can decorate his own portrait in the room of Parliament.Ozawa wants to have some authority over his subordinates in Japanese political world.He had the nerve to Ozawa is not easily to be daunted by his own trial.

Both of Ozawa and Kamei are too self‐conscious!!Although Kamei sings rather unmusically,we can see his video that Kamei is singing at his homepage.Though President Obama is good at singing, Kamei thinks he is good at singing as well as President Obama. Kamei has got it wrong.
The members of Kokumin Shinto seem not to have the courage to say to Kamei that a harsh voice of the movie which Kamei has sung,at the homepage is ugly, because Kamei's voice is tone-deaf. I cannot think that there is no power for the members of Kokumin Shinto in order to reform Japanese political world.

Ozawa and Kamei ,they are all of a gang.
Kamei always speaks to conduct everything advantageously for Ozawa. I judged Kamei is one of the key members who are planning to invade Japan. We must prevent those bloody purges incidental to dictatorship .
Stand up to banish Ozawa and Kamei from the political world.
Gather together to the Japanese flag, in order to save those who are waiting for our rescue in North Korea.

Freshmen Congressmen of Ozawa group should leave from Ozawa group in order to participate in the Ishihara new political party.Be a man!

The politicians of Kokumin Shinto should abandon Kamei in order to participate in the Ishihara new political party. Be a man!

Freshmen Congressmen of Liberal Democratic Party should leave from Liberal Democratic Party in order to participate in the Ishihara new political party. Be a man!


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