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The peace of Afghanistan

210873-mullahomarreuters-1310789916-830-640x480.jpgHāmid Karzai
The spiritual leader of the Taliban Mullah Omar(left) and President Hamid Karzai(right)
People who pray in the vineyard where crop yields decreased sharply
for the prolonged drought
Photograph of June 29, 2002
Afghanistan Kabul
I looked fixedly at the photograph of Afghan people who pray in the vineyard where crop yields decreased sharply for the prolonged drought.I think this beautiful world is the concept of honorable poverty of Taliban.Taliban's government tried to end the time of materialism , and they reevaluated the concept of honorable poverty.It will become terrorism if everybody is going to force the ideal to the people . In Japan the campus dispute has spread on a scale of the whole country once, and Japan also has the history which many students did the brutal punishment in their group and terrorism occurred frequently.
Though Mullah Omar of the spiritual leader of the Taliban was about ten years younger than Japan's former prime minister KAN and ex-Chief Cabinet Secretary Sengoku, they seemed to participate in the campus dispute when they had been also young.Although this generation's people respect thought control, our generation thinks it national interest to wish the people's happiness rather than thought control.I consider what is the happiness of Afghanistan.

Restoring the irrigation facilities destroyed by the long civil war, increasing a food self-sufficiency ratio , and building the public housings and medical facilities ,will lead to the national interest of Afghanistan.Though Afghanistan has the vast narcotic's fields which keeps 75% of share of the narcotics of the world,in order for Afghanistan to become an advanced nation, foreign funding industry should participate in Afghanistan, the vast narcotic's fields should be crushed, vehicle factories etc. should be built there, and narcotic's fields should be reduced.
If foreign funding industries can borrow the vast land of the narcotic's fields, the landowners can get the rental rate and this plan can reduce narcotic's fields.
Since Afghanistan has the rich resources of iron and natural gas energy ,Afghanistan can achieve the economic growth .

Of course, excessive materialism depraves the people but thought control makes a country poor.There is a happy medium in everything.Mullah Omar of the spiritual leader of the Taliban and President Hamid Karzai should compromise each other in order to follow the golden mean.

I was surprised at random shooting incident of the gun by an American soldier. I prayed to God so that 16 people who passed away can live fortunately in their next world, without encountering an accident, an incident, and misfortune.
What is a thing required for people who despaired? It is the hope.With the hope, they can stand up.If The car factories of Japan and South Korea can advance to Afghanistan, they should employ bereaved families of these 16 victims preferentially.Afghanistan should build the job's place where persons except Taliban and people of Taliban can work each other without separating .

I am conjecturing the American soldier was given the alcohol containing the narcotic and he was ordered residents' murder. In order to entrap President Obama, I surmise that an American government high official planned.Probably, this American government high official has a cute family name as if it were the name of the package of candies. In certain internet news,I saw yesterday the photograph of Mr.Candy's Package who chuckled to himself at the idea of having done his man.Probably, Mr.Candy's Package might drink in celebration by Canadian Beer.Though I think that the American government should present the damages compensation to the bereaved families at once, Afghanistan should develop without being trifled with the intrigue of Mr.Candy's Package.
Although Mr.Candy's Package is probably supporting Mr.Willard Mitt Romney as a next presidential candidate, because Mr.Romney will become his damage to his own image, if Mr.Romney will closely relate with Mr.Candy's Package, Mr.Romney may surely think Mr.Candy's Package is a bothersome annoying person.Mr.Candy's Package can't see the state of the world .Mr.Candy's Package considers only immediate profits. Since China will plan to make the Pacific Ocean area Chinese colonies and China will plan to ruin Japan and South Korea if the third World War starts, U.S. economy will be severer far more than the Lehman shock . Middle Eastern peace is required for the world.The more the Middle East becomes the area-of-conflict belt , the more China laughs heartily. U.S. economy will become rich, if the Middle East becomes peaceful and the Middle Eastern people can live fortunately. Without the war,there are several ways American investors can get the business chances .Mr.Candy's Package should be an able politician to be able to propose it.If Mr.Candy's Package cannot change his idea, Mr.Candy's Package will be soon forsaken by the important business leaders.

However, even if the world concentrates on materialism, I pray to God for people of the bereaved family of Afghanistan to be recovered from sadness.
What is a thing required for people who despaired? It is the hope.With the hope, they can stand up.
People are born in order to give the hope to people . We should believe the hope without being discouraged by the ugly intrigues.
Japan and South Korea should try contributing more hard at the peace negotiations among Israel and Palestine, the peace negotiations among Israel and Iran, and the peace negotiations of Afghanistan and the United States.

Middle Eastern problem is the problem of Japanese people, us,too.If the third World War starts, China will plan to ruin Japan and South Korea and to change almost all the countries of the Pacific Ocean area to colonies.
And, in order to save those who are waiting for our rescue in North Korea,Japan and South Korea should try contributing more hard at the Middle Eastern peace negotiations.

Political power of Kim Dynasty should be capsized if North Korea cannot supply the people food at the nativity festival of Kim Il Son on April 15.Now is a golden opportunity which can rescue abductees.And, in order to save those who are waiting for our rescue in North Korea,Japan and South Korea should try contributing more hard at the Middle Eastern peace negotiations.

North Korea is planning the long-distance ballistic missile launch experiment as a launch of a "earth observation satellite." The related expense of this launch is estimated at a total of about 850 million dollars (about 70,900 million yen). This expense is equivalent to 1,410,000 tons of rice. Even if North Korea launches a rocket, the people of North Korea can not eat till they are full.Though a mere stripling, Kim Jong Un is impudent and is always talking back to the world.
I would like to say "Return each 40 families of abductees of Japan-South Korea ", and I want to play a match against Kim Jong Un. If the problem of Iran, Israel, Palestine,and Afghanistan are not solved peacefully, the United States cannot say strongly to North Korea.

Please let me win. By war crimes, Japan was scorned with brute posterity from Asia foreign countries, and we are ill‐treated ,although war crimes of Japan were crimes before we are born. I desire to win against Kim Jong Un.Please let me win. I would like to recapture abductees from North Korea. Please let me win.


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