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US Suspends Food Assistance to North Korea, but I continu to pray the peace of the Middle East.

The United States says it has suspended a food aid package to North Korea in response to Pyongyang's plans to carry out a missile launch next month.I know this news but I continue to pray the peace of the Middle East.In order to save the abductees of North Korea, I have to make various proposals for Middle Eastern peace, and have to shout, "Please help abductees to the American government."So I never give up praying the peace of the Middle East.Japan does not have national power enough to rescue the abductees in North Korea. In order to rescue abductees in North Korea, what I can do is to love Middle East sincerely, and to propose several proposals for Middle Eastern peace.

About Pyongyang's plans to carry out a missile launch,time will do the rest,I think .Since North Korea must secure food for the nativity festival of Kim Il Son on April 15, North Korea should certainly make concessions to the United States.So I never give up praying the peace of the Middle East.I pray to God "Please give the pure mind to love the Middle East from the bottom of my heart ,and the wisdom to propose the political proposal for peace of the Middle East. "I would like to understand the Middle East and I would like to love the Middle East from the bottom of my heart.

In order that the peace of Syria can realize ,I considered what Japan can do .

Beautiful DAMASCUS
Mausoleum of Lady Zaynab, Damascus
Although Syria accepted the cease-fire proposal of ex-U.N. Secretary General Annan, The military government continued to crack down ruthlessly on the anti-government troops and residents on 28th March.In the village of Idlib Governorate of northern part Syria, the residents and 26 dissidents soldiers who were surrounded by the government troops in the past 24 hours "were executed.President al-Asad is not going to accept the cease-fire proposal of ex-U.N. Secretary General Annan, and he completely neglected to promise it.

Although the government troops command soldiers very much and unite, the anti-government troops have repeated the internal troubles and the split in army. Because Syria does not have energy resources so much, there is no merit for the U.S. Forces and NATO, and only immense deficit for the U.S. Forces and NATO will be happened, if they march into Syria. Neither the U.S. Forces nor the NATO force will participate in the anti-government troops, and the anti-government troops cannot win at this situation. President al-Asad never want to abolish one-party dictatorship, and President al-Asad never fly from his country.

We must cut the weapons' route in order to stop union of the government troops of Syria.It is Russia Qatar,Saudi Arabia,and Iran that are exporting weapons to Syria.Because Iran has a problem of uranium enrichment, the situation of Iran is painful since Iranian people already have received economic sanctions.Since I love Iran, I do not want Iranians to be in pain. I'm no saint,and I often show favoritism because I can't forget the delicious handmade pita bread which Iranian professor's wife made.
However, the Middle East should impose the sanctions of oil on Russia. If the quantity of weapons becomes half, the Syria government troops will become weak.The ammunitions of the Syria government troops are already insufficient.I think it cruel not to help the people of Syria who are persecuted.

If Russia will supply the weapons to the Syria,it leads to the persecution to the same Muslims in Syria as almost people of the Middle East .

Since Russia is a wise country, if the Middle East says and unites to apply a sanction against oil to Russia, Russia, will give up the export of weapons to Syria immediately. If Russia wants to export the weapons , Russia should just sell weapons to the Uighur clan, the Tibet clan, Falun Gong, and Christian in China. Probably, there are needs of Russian weapons, because dissatisfaction of Chinese people opposing to one-party dictatorship has reached the peak. China plans to make Asia foreign countries colonies and to ruin Japan and South Korea, if the third World War starts. If the Middle East does not become peaceful, Japan and South Korea will be ruined by China.

I would like to propose the sanctions of oil on Russia to Arab Summit in Baghdad .Russia should just change the export destination of weapons.I can make delicious borsch and love the Russian food. I don't hate Russia but I need the peace of the Middle East in order to rescue the people who are waiting for our rescue in North Korea.

And Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have offered to accept President al-Asad if he would seek refuge. The Middle East should prepare the way concretely for the clan of President al-Asad to be able to establish a company,in order to live richly in Tunisia or the United Arab Emirates (UAE) .

If the clan of President al-Asad will defect to Tunisia and they will deal with development of the oil field in Golfe de Gabes near the Libya border, they can contribute to Tunisia.Development of the oil field in Golfe de Gabes near the Libya border is not progressing so much,and they can acquire the rights of oil. Since Japan has few energy resources, I hope for Tunisia to export oil to Japan at the low price by all means.

In addition, because the demand of rare earths exceeds the supply of rare earths  by far, and the production in Australia, Vietnam, South Africa and the United States will start since 2012, I would like to hope for the clan of President al-Asad to begin the investment business of the rare earth by all means. The rare earth is indispensable to vehicle industry of Japan.

If the clan of President al-Asad surrenders political power and if they defect from Syria, the terrorism will end.So when they defect from Syria,a financial-assets freeze should be terminated.

I think that to live as a millionaire is easier than living as a dictator though I have experienced neither and I am an obscure poor person. If I were a dictator, because I always discriminate in favor of my friends, I will not do surely a good thing. Almost the heads of state of all over the world must be disgusted with the opposition party.It is unable to be liked by everybody. President al-Asad has the right to choose another happy life.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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