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Israel and the Middle East

I would like to understand the Middle East and I would like to love the Middle East from the bottom of my heart.Yesterday,I wrote so.Of course,I would like to understand Israel and I would like to love Israel from the bottom of my heart.Although the Israel government is going to rush into war, the people of Israel are wishing peace. Many people of Israel are appealing,"We love Iran" by facebook.The government policy and people of a country are another.

What we should do our best is to stop the third World War.We have to appeal to Iran to stop uranium enrichment, and we have to call to Azerbaijan so that use permission for Israel army of an air force base may be canceled .

At present, it is only use permission. The world should hurry the method of solution between Israel and Iran as much as we can .War between Israel and Iran causes the third World War.
I propose that the United States sets the ballistic missile impartially turned to both Israel and Iran in the military base of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar.
My proposal is better than the third World War breaks out.
I have never wanted both of Israelis and Iranians to be injured and I have never wanted both of Israelis and Iranians to be killed in war. The power arbitrated by U.S. is declining and a reckless action of Israel has become extremely.My proposal brings Israel and Iran peace in the United States and the Middle East.I think Iran needs the security suitable for stopping uranium enrichment .

If Iran stops uranium enrichment, Israel should mediate a loan between Iran and major banks of Worldwide scale so that Iran can borrow funds at cheap interest rates .

It is true that I love both of Israel and Iran. It is rumored that Japanese imperial family is a descendant of the Levi clan of Jewish nation.Israel and Japan have the language and the custom which are alike surprisingly. At the time of Babylonian captivity of 597 B.C., the Levi clan which defected is a Japanese imperial family's ancestor,I guess. Japanese people should respect the culture of Israel.

A part of Okinawan people hid their faces by masks ,clothes, and the helmet, and did the opposition movement of the visit to Okinawa of Crown Prince husband and wife in 1975.
Two terrorists threw a petrol bomb at Empress Michiko(The Crown Princess of those days).
For national peace of Japan, the Japanese Emperor and Empress have made effort at the risk of their life.The Okinawa island has a strong anti-Japan sentiment. The Japanese Emperor and Empress were faithful to the memorial service of the people killed in war of Okinawa, and they also visited the facilities of the leprosy patient of Okinawa.The Japanese Emperor and Empress became the rainbow bridge of Japan and Okinawa . If Israelis are racial people with the same origin as the Japanese Imperial Household, I will hope for Israelis to make effort harder for peace.

The former Japanese army forced people of Okinawa into the meeting of emperor worship for every area in Okinawa, and forced people of Okinawa under terrorism in prewar days. Okinawa was the kingdom independent till 1879.In this situation the former Japanese army didn't often pay the charge of their haircuts and eating-and-drinking cost, and troubled people of Okinawa in prewar days.
When General MacArthur attacked Okinawa island at the World War II, Okinawa became a space fighting a decisive battle.There were 188,136 people killed in war of Okinawa. There are 140,000 people killed in war of the atomic bomb of Hiroshima,and there are 70,000 people killed in war of the atomic bomb of Nagasaki. There are more people killed in war of Okinawa than Nagasaki or Hiroshima. In Battle of Okinawa, even women and children twisted the land mine around their body and they jumped into the tank of the U.S. Forces. Finally, people of Okinawa were forced the Collective self-determination by former Japanese army in the air-raid shelters. The former Japanese army shot large numbers of Okinawan people dead in the air-raid shelters because they believed that they were made the U.S. Forces at slaves. In the air-raid shelter with little ammunitions, former Japanese army threatened residents by the gun and forced the suicide by jumping down from the cliff to them. Emperor and the Empress decided to become a rainbow bridge between Okinawa and Japan .And although Empress Michiko's (when she was the Crown Princess in those days) attempted assassination also occurred in Okinawa after the war, Empress Michiko did not flinch .The Emperor and the Empress continued the floral tribute of another cenotaph on the same day of attempted assassination. Left video is the video of Empress Michiko's attempted assassination. Since former Prime Minister Obuchi impressed by noble efforts of the Emperor and the Empress (When they were Crown prince husband and wife in those days) rebuilt Shuri castle burned down by World War II, people of Okinawa became to love the Imperial Household.

True love may realize peace.The people all over the world hope for Israel and Iran to compromise for peace.Although my grandmother was a person of Okinawa, 60% of the relatives of Okinawa were killed in World War II. My Okinawan relatives' number had been restored to its original condition at last after more than 40 years after the war.Since Okinawan people fought bravely too much, the American soldiers passed away more than General MacArthur's imagination. So General MacArthur became a pallor of the face. My ancestor fought bravely against the American soldiers ,too and 60% of my relatives passed away at the Battle of Okinawa of World War II. But now I undestand it one of Japanese history and I love President Obama and Mrs.Michelle Obama although I can't like General MacArthur.

And the love of present Emperor and the Empress helped Okinawan posterity from Okinawa which might be the troubled areas.I love the Japanese Emperor and Empress from the bottom of my heart.

True love may realize peace.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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