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Please respond to peace negotiations please.

Suicide Bombing Kills 10, Wounds 26 In Northern Province in Afghanistan

Don't waste other people's lives and don't waste your own life, too.
Please live long,our friends of Afghanistan .
I was stunned by terrorism's news. My text offended Taliban ?It is true that Sgt. Dennis Weichel saved the life of the girl of Afghanistan at the risk of his life.What happen?

The bomber was riding a motorcycle when he detonated his explosives at the gate of the park in Maimanah, the capital of Faryab province, police spokesman Lal Mohammad Ahmad Zai said. It was not clear what was targeted, but he said four of those killed were police officers.

Although Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul will visit Qatar from the 2nd April, and although he will ask for cooperation towards peace negotiations with Taliban,it is unnatural that Taliban causes terrorism. I surmised that other people except Taliban had planned the intrigue of this act of terrorism.
But who? 

The Afghan Taliban will eventually resume talks with the US, a former commander said, but it will depend on how Washington repairs trust damaged by a string of incidents, notably the killing of 16 Afghans blamed on a US soldier.The American government tried to discuss a peace talk with Taliban after paying reparations for all the bereaved families and the injured persons . I got the sense that the third party had been going to prevent the peace talk.
I think that at this time,it is not the Mr.Candy's package who often plans to trap President Obama .It may be possible by an internal crime of U.S. Forces to burn the Koran and to give an American soldier the alcohol containing a drug in order to make him go distracted for the indiscriminate murder. However, this terrorism on 4th April happened by a Afghan man.
But by who?

Reasoning is easy.
It is necessary just to think of people who will lose if Taliban is reconciled with the United States.
That is China.
The Chinese Xu Fei Hung Afghanistan ambassador insisted that China always has supported the reconstruction of Afghanistan , and he insisted China has led the reconstruction of Afghanistan.
I surmise that the China side contacted some soldiers of Taliban.

Whether Afghan government army and the U.S. Forces make a night attack on Taliban at night is a problem which will be discussed without the shedding of blood from now on ,in order to be solved in an amicable way. It is unjust that China makes this problem more dangerously.

Then, I would like to propose a peaceful proposal.
Instead of stopping of a night attack of the Afghanistan army to Taliban, Taliban should isolate from China.
Since Afghanistan has abundant natural gas energies and iron ore, China will desire Afghanistan than Cambodia. China is a fearful country. China tends to grow a politician called Ozawa as the second Pol Pot in Japan. Therefore, I am fighting as a resistance against a major nation of China and the politician of stature of Ozawa.

The picture when Chinese ex-Prime Minister Li Peng said,
Japan will be disappeared within 20 years.
China plans to make Asia foreign countries colonies and to ruin Japan and South Korea, if the third World War starts.Chinese ex-Prime Minister Li Peng said to Australian ex-Prime Minister Paul Keating,around 1995 year, "A country called Japan will be disappeared within 20 years . Or "Almost Japan will collapse generally, within 30 years". Please click here.
If we search the image on Internet by the Japanese keyword of "disappear" ," Li Peng" and "Japan", this map can be found. It is said this is a plan map of the Chinese illuminati.Pink's areas are due to be made into the colonies by China in this map. Japan is in a nuclear pollution area and Japan has disappeared in this map. South Korea has disappeared,too. China plans to unify the Korean Peninsula by North Korea. And Afghanistan does not exist in this map. China is aiming at the natural resources of Afghanistan.

Please wake up.
Afghan leaders should give top priority to the happiness of the people of Afghanistan.
Please respond to peace negotiations please.

Don't give up the peace of Afghanistan.
Please respond to peace negotiations please.

Since Myanmar parted from China, many ODA enterprises participated in Myanmar after the ASEAN meeting.Economic growth of Myanmar will be achieved with a lot of the ventures . If Taliban makes a decision to cut the relation with China, Afghanistan will accomplish big economic development.The time comes that the organization of Taliban should change to private enterprises. I consider it better for Taliban to change nicely when it's convenient. Both of the person of Taliban and those who are not Taliban should build the job's place which they can work together.

With hope, everybody can stand up.
Let's believe hope, without being disappointed by several ugly intrigues.
People are born in order to give the hope to people .

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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