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Kamei left a party of Kokumin Shinto(People's New Party).

Mr. Shizuka Kamei (right) of
Kokumin Shinto(People's New Party),
and Ms. Akiko Kamei
Although Ozawa has never helped Kamei
from Kamei's adverse circumstances,
Ozawa smiles now like this.

the Bastille
The Bastille
Mr. Shizuka Kamei of Kokumin Shinto(People's New Party), and Ms. Akiko Kamei held the press conference in the headquarters of Kokumin Shinto of the Hirakawa town in Tokyo, and they expressed secession there on the evening of April 6.

Kamei explained that he should not be in a party since he felt responsibility very much as a representative,because he had put a party on a confusion situation.Kamei said "I leave from a party as a representative" by his position that he could not accept the dismissal. Ms. Akiko Kamei who had been the chairman of party policy bureau, expressed to leave from this party together at the same interview.

Very Good!
We have truly banished Kamei from the political power governing party tonight both in name and reality.
We have to prevent a plan to invade Japan by China, North Korea, and Chongryon.Ozawa who lives in Japan is a charismatic leader of this fearful intrigue .Ozawa is the second Pol Pot and is a symbol of terrorism.Ozawa is just the bastille (a fortress built in Paris in the 14th century and used as a prison in the 17th and 18th centuries)himself for Japanese resistances.
Having banished Kamei who was a right leg of Ozawa from the governing party means having just filled a blank in the outer moat of the bastille.
There are 18 days till Ozawa's peremptory decree.


We should force the Bastille in Japan to fall, on April 26.
I would like to hope for the American government high officials to be sure to say to Tokyo District Court so that Ozawa should be found guilty without Suspension of Execution of the Sentence on April 26,and Ozawa should be sentenced to 3 years in prison without a stay of execution on April 26.
Ozawa is the second Pol Pot and is a symbol of terrorism. If we can put Ozawa into a prison, the American government can restrain the Chinese aggression plan against the Pacific Ocean. China will plan to change almost all the countries of the Pacific Ocean area into their colonies , if the third World War starts.Ozawa's imprisonment is important for not only the United States but Russia, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and all the Asian countries of ASEAN .
Preparing for the riot of North Korean residents in Japan , I would like to hope for the U.S. Forces to cooperate with Japan to defend The Imperial Palace,Tokyo District Court, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office,and each ministry agency on April 26.If Ozawa is convicted, one part of North Korean residents in Japan are appealing to instigate a riot. However, we must not surrender to any threats.Please cooperate with Japan.
It is necessary to strengthen defense of the Imperial Palace after 26th April.
The people of Imperial Households should not come out from the Imperial Palace on 26th April .
Ozawa is a charismatic leader of one part of North Korean residents in Japan who plan to invade Japan viciously , and Ozawa is a symbol for their plan to overthrow the imperial family.
Naturally, the Noda government should prepare in order to dispatch 30,000 people scale of the Self-Defense Forces to Tokyo on April 26.
Of course, Security Police should guard the judge of Tokyo District Court and his all family specially.
I would like to hope for American government high officials to confirm to Yonekura the chairman of Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren to freeze the political donation to Kamei for more than 10 years.
Every year Kamei receives the billions yen of the political donation on a large scale from ODA enterprises which are related with the Federation of Economic Organizations .Since Kokumin Shinto (the People's New Party) has more money than Kokumin Shinto (the People's New Party) can spend ,Kamei always divides it with Ozawa . If we can freeze this fund, a part of Ozawa's source of funds can be cut off.
I would like to hope for American government high officials to propose to the top of Ministry of Finance to issue instructions to the data investigation department of Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau to launch the search group about Shizuka Kamei and Kamei's close adviser,Akiko Kamei secretly.
Kamei is going to overthrow the Noda government by cooperation with Ozawa in order to do nonparticipating manifestation of TPP. That's just Kamei's stated reason, to demur against the consumption tax increase bill as a step.Kamei's real intention is to realize nonparticipating manifestation of TPP .Kamei tried to overthrow the Noda government, in cooperation with the Ozawa group which is the TPP opposition faction mainstream in the governing party, and the Liberal Democratic Party, the opposition party. It is unnecessary to sympathize with Kamei.
I would like to hope for American government high officials to propose to Mr.Ishihara or Mr.Hiranuma to exclude Kamei from the Ishihara new political party.
If Kamei gathers the members of the Ishihara new political party's formation , it will become difficult for Japan to approve a consumption tax increase bill or to realize TPP.
I would like to hope for American government high officials to confirm the will of Prime Minister Noda to form a coalition with the Ishihara new political party.
Please put pressure on the Democratic Party executives to remove the names of Ozawa group's four people who resigned "Parliamentary Secretary and and Vice-Ministers" ,from the register of Democratic party.
1.Yoshio MAKI
2.Yuko MORI
They resigned their posts by opposition to the Cabinet decision of a consumption tax increase bill.
Simultaneously with Kamei's declaration of the alliance cancelling , they resigned the post, in order to overthrow the Noda government,although their intrigue went wrong. Setting a bad example to others.They are making a fool of the Noda government.We have to fill a blank in the inner moat of the Bastille.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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