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Syria, Russia, and China

Colonel Riad al-Asaad
Commander Riad al-Asaad of "Free Syrian Army",
who heads a group of Syrian army defectors

Demonstrators carry mock coffins Saturday during a protest in Izmir, Syria, against President Bashar al-Assad.

Syria on Sunday demanded written guarantees insurgents will stop fighting before it pulls back troops under the terms of a U.N. peace plan, and a rebel leader said the initiative was doomed.
“The regime will not implement this plan. This plan will fail,” Free Syrian Army (FSA) chief Riad al-Asaad told Reuters.

Colonel Qassem Saad al-Deen, spokesman for the joint command of the FSA inside Syria, said the rebels would respect the deadline to cease fire.
“We will commit to the deadline even if they (government forces) do not pull back, we will cease fire as we have pledged to the U.N.,” he said.“When the regime asks Kofi Annan for written guarantees that we will drop our weapons it is actually mocking the United Nations. This is a joke.”He said at least 1,000 people had been killed during last week’s violence in Syria, most of them civilians.

I feel uneasy about this dangerous cease-fire. I feel that a written guarantee of an immediate cease-fire like a piece of paper is not important.
It is important to secure that President Assad and his family will defect to Tunisia safely and it is important to secure not to persecute people of a government side after exile of President Assad family. Although a written guarantee about an immediate cease-fire is only hypocrisy, the written guarantee of the peaceful politics after the exile of President Assad and his family is worthy.

I think Commander Riad al-Asaad of "Free Syrian Army" should just write a guarantee of my propsal.
Commander Riad al-Asaad of "Free Syrian Army" should just write the guarantee ,but President Assad shouldn't come asking him for any more. I think it is also one courage that President Assad decides to defect from Syria to Tunisia. I think it is necessary to make a situation that President Assad decides to defect from Syria to Tunisia.

Since Syria does not have natural resources, there are not so many reasons Russia and China support the Assad Administration. Since Syria buys arms by a national tax paid by the sweat of Syrian's brow from Russia, Russia has a merit that arms can be exported .Since Chinese popular discontent to one-party dictatorship has reached the peak and China cannot support the democratization of Syria, China is using veto twice in the U.N. Security Council.

Well, here it is my proposal.
However, if Russia and China support the Assad Administration,it is can be prevented easily if the whole Middle East says that they should raise the oil price very expensively exported to Russia and China .
On the other hand,if China and Russia cooperate so that President Assad and his family will defect to Tunisia, Middle East should take off 3 percent of oil price exported to China and Russia.

Taking 3 percent off of oil price will be a mint of money, and it differs from taking 3 percent off of the bread price of Japanese supermarket.That is one thing, this is another thing.Japanese supermarket is always extreme stinginess.

If the merit of oil price of whole Middle East is clearly shown to Russia and China, everything should progress,I think.
The civilian should not be killed more than this.
Everyone wants to live.


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