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Prime Minister Noda smiled jeeringly

Ex-Prime Minister Hatoyama
Ozawa & Hatoyama
Ex-Prime Minister Hatoyama had so many foolish slips of the tongue that he had resigned the post of the Prime Minister in a little less than one year ,2 years ago.Hatoyama held up the campaign pledge that he would relocate Futenma Air Station to outside of Okinawa prefecture,over Okinawa residents, and realised the change of governing party from Liberal Democratic Party to the Democratic Party.As soon as Hatoyama became the Prime Minister, he suggested that Futenma Air Station should be relocated to Henoko of Okinawa.So Hatoyama offended Okinawa residents. Hatoyama is called space alien and disliked by the Japanese people.

In spite of opposition from Noda government, this space alien visited Iran, and conferred with the Iran President, and this space alien said that IAEA was unequal between the members nations and nonmembers nations in Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. But after this space alien went back to Japan yesterday, he has told the lie frantically that he never said such a thing at his interview in Japan.There is time that we should not say it even if it may be the truth.Since I am a citizen of a resistance movement, whatever I may say, I can say freely. But Hatoyama must express his opinion in his official capacity. Hatoyama is being impeached in the Parliament of Japan now.

Since Ozawa is groping for forming the Ozawa new political party with "Hashimoto Mayor of Osaka" and "Hatoyama" , the blunder of Hatoyama becomes a damage for Ozawa. Although Hatoyama committed such a blunder and if Ozawa will be sentenced to 3 years in prison without a stay of execution on April 26, "Hashimoto Mayor of Osaka" will not be truly allied with these foolish 2 persons,Ozawa and Hatoyama.

So Prime Minister Noda smiled jeeringly at Hatoyama,now.

Prime Minister Noda smiled jeeringly
at Hatoyama.
We would like to beg the American government to cooperate so that Ozawa will be sentenced to 3 years in prison without a stay of execution on April 26.

Do you watch the movie of Prime Minister Noda who smiled jeeringly at Hatoyama?
Click here,you can watch it.
When Hatoyama told Prime Minister Noda about the planning of visiting Iran more than one month ago, Prime Minister Noda said, "Please do your best positively", but Prime Minister Noda demanded for Hatoyama to abort the project just before Hatoyama's visit .But Hatoyama forcibly departed for visiting to Iran.
We think Prime Minister Noda expected the damage by this blunder of Hatoyama to the "Ozawa and the Hatoyama union" which turns against political power.
Prime Minister Noda is an old 'un.

A family name of Hatoyama means "a pigeon and a mountain"."Hashimoto Mayor of Osaka" should be careful of the pollution of a pigeon.

graphics-marionettes-551491.gifGreenhorn like Hashimoto often talks impertinence as a politician.
He doesn't have his feet on the ground.Ozawa may flatter Hashimoto into doing anything.
The Japanese citizens often leave a politician in the lurch.
If Hashimoto is going to cooperate with Ozawa,we understand Hashimoto can't see the international situation and Hashimoto has no qualification for becoming the Prime Minister in his future.
If Hashimoto have a relation with Ozawa more than this situation, Hashimoto will be a dirty image soon,like Kamei or Hatoyama.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance



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