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A beautiful first lady

Asma Al-Assad First Lady of SyriaJune 22 -5
Asma al-Assad First Lady of Syria and Marie Antoinette's android
Marie Antoinette didn't have fine features but she had classic features.Marie Antoinette carried herself well by her beautiful carriage and by her graceful motions.
If a woman has clear‐cut features,if she is a great talker who talks in a glib manner,she will be a pain in the neck for everybody.But Marie Antoinette always answered shortly but clearly by such a graceful talking .Marie Antoinette was ravishingly beautiful.It is said that we can't feel the true beauty of Marie Antoinette from her pictures. She was a beauty to the extent that it was unbelievable.

Many people think that Marie Antoinette was a foolish and crazy person.But a dumb person in the society is not height of intelligence but no amount of knowledge either.Marie Antoinette's quick on her feet so no matter what everyone said to her she would have a witty comeback.If we read the judicial record of Marie Antoinette of her trial, we can know Marie Antoinette defeated the able lawyers in an argument splendidly,although she had been decided the death penalty from the beginning of her trial.
At the trial of Marie Antoinette's close adviser,because princess Marie Louise of Savoy refused to "take an oath to love liberty and equality and to swear hatred to the King and the Queen and to the monarchy",she was slaughtered on the road in front of the Court.When Marie Antoinette was demanded the same question as princess Marie Louise of Savoy, she answered like this.
"I can not answer on my responsibility."
I think she was wise though Marie Antoinette was Dyslexia .Probably, she were not killed if she had not opposed the wealthy of the court nobles's tax increase .Marie Antoinette seemed to be the little bird in the basket of ancien regime.

This Joueuse de Tympanon automate was made when Marie Antoinette had been 17 years old.
Her blond hair is used for the hair of android, and this android wears the dress of the same design as the dress of Marie Antoinette. I can feel Marie Antoinette's grace,chic elegance and her unbelievable beauty whenever I see this Joueuse de Tympanon automate.My heart bleeds for Marie Antoinette whenever I see this Joueuse de Tympanon automate.
And whenever I see the pictures of the beautiful Asma al-Assad First Lady of Syria,I often remember Marie Antoinette.

Although the Bourbon dynasty had an army overwhelmingly stronger than anti-government organization , since relatives' Louis Philippe II and Duke of Orleans had become a sponsor of the revolution side, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were executed only four years after the Bastille attack.
Louis Philippe II and Duke of Orleans was Louis XIII's grandchild.

The Assad Administration is also the same. If President Assad's relatives side with the anti-government, the Assad Administration will collapse within four years. Asma al-Assad First Lady of Syria is called the rose in the desert .She is the beautiful first lady.She is a beauty to the extent that it was unbelievable.President Assad should give a chance for his beautiful wife and children to defect to Tunisia.Rather than regretting strongly after becoming between a rock and a hard place at a fearful revolution,Assad President should make his wife and his children to fly safely from Syria now.
Syria ceased hostilities practically today.If it is now, his wife and children can fly safely from Syria .

Though President Assad has his fixed idea to maintain political power, he should secretly set "a rose in the desert" free to Tunisia.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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