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The lives of Human beings

Mitt Romney
Candidate for the 2012
Republican Party presidential nomination

the cage only to sit

In the gulag of North Korea,
the injury of the foot becomes
frostbite after the lynching .

In the gulag of North Korea,Hell of infringement of human rights.
The domestic animal's excrement in a bucket .
My friends,American people.Please help them.
Mitt Romney linked North Korea's failed rocket launch to the Obama administration in a statement released late Thursday night, saying the president's efforts to appease the regime have emboldened Pyongyang.Mitt Romney said,"This incompetence from the Obama Administration has emboldened the North Korean regime and undermined the security of the United States and our allies."

However, Mr.Mitt Romney has never made reference about the Japan-South Korea abductees.Mr.Mitt Romney is never true-hearted to the Japan and South Korea which are the American allies.

In the concentration camp in North Korea, there are the cages only to sit,as punishment where prisoners can never stand or can never lean against the wall.There are many prickles in all walls of the cage only to sit.Prisoners have to defecate in a slovenly manner into a drain of the cage only to sit. The concentration camp in North Korea is more fearful than Auschwitz.

Does Mr.Mitt Romney have any ideas for releasing the concentration camps in North Korea?
Does Mr.Mitt Romney have any ideas for releasing abductees of South Korea and Japan?
They are all waiting for our rescue.

What we should do to North Korea now is requiring release of abductees and the concentration camps.
Is he suitable for the head of the state although he is a person who considers only national prestige?
The American President must have the volitional power about human beings' human rights.
I trust President Obama and I have continued my resistance activities against the intrigue of China, North Korea, and Chongryon for more than 1 years.And Chongryon is participating in abductions of the Japanese citizens by North Korea. We must fight against the intrigue of China, North Korea, and Chongryon.
And I support President Obama. I always pray to God in the early morning of every day so that President Obama ,his wife,Michelle,his daughters Sasha , Malia and all people whom they love are protected by God .Since air of early morning is clean, I pray in the early morning . If I pray in the early morning, I believe that my praying leads to God.

Release of all abductees and all concentration camps is human beings' subject.
Therefore, there is the United Nations.
Therefore, UN Security Council exists.

Hypocrisy is abhorrent to me.
Sanction is not important and the lives of Human beings are important.
The United Nations should speak to North Korea so that North Korea should return each 40 families of Japan-South Korea abductees respectively.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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