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Sacred book of the Muslims, named Koran

The Japanese Embassy in Kabul
Taliban claimed responsibility for around a dozen attacks by the gunmen in central Kabul which has stunned Afghan authorities. Any casualties is still unknown but Kabul police chief Mohammad Ayoubi Salangi was quoted as having said one attacker had been killed near the Parliament.

The militants attacked five-star Kabul Star Hotel in Wazir Akhbar Khan area of the capital and some tried to enter the Afghan parliament firing rockets but were engaged by security forces and driven back, officials said.
An unknown number of Taliban men armed with light and heavy weapons targeted Afghan governmental and International offices in three different areas of Kabul, police said.
A number of Taliban militants took positions at a newly-build building at the Shahr-e-Naw, a neighborhood of Kabul. They battled with Afghan forces for several hours after the militants began assaulting Western embassies.
The building is located close to American embassy, Turkey embassy, presidential palace, Iranian embassy, ISAF's headquarters, German embassy, UK embassy and different other diplomatic offices.
"I am on the spot and hearing the gunfire being traded between the suicide bombers and Afghan forces. Until now I heard several explosions," a PTI correspondent reported from the scene of attack.
In a text message to the reporters, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed said: "Today, afternoon, at 1 pm, suicide bombings are happening by our Mujaheddeen at the ISAF headquarters, Parliament building, and other diplomatic offices in Kabul, and our enemies got many casualties."
The militants also struck at an airport in Jalalabad, Logar and Paktia.
A few others Taliban militants armed with heavy weapons positioned at a newly-build building are targeting Afghan parliament at the Darul Aman area of Kabul. The battle is ongoing between Afghan and Taliban militant forces, Afghan private tv, Tolo Tv, said today.
Another group of militants are targeting an ISAF's base, Turkish military base, and a training camp of Afghan national army at Pule Charkhi area of Kabul. They are targeting them from a building which they took under their control.
According to the eyewitness, suicide bombers had taken over the newly-built five-star hotel in Kabul, which was reportedly on fire.
Outside Kabul, two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the gates to Jalalabad airport in eastern city of Nangarhar province, wounding several people, police said.
Four bombers tried to enter the airport and two detonated their explosives when they were stopped at the gate, officials said. Two others were wounded and arrested.
Taliban militants also attacked ISAF's Provincial Reconstruction Team, Or PRT, in Jalalabad. "The battle is going on," Tolo tv said.
"In Jalalabad, several mujahidin attacked airport and PRT compound. The fighting is going on and our mujahidin are showing very strong resistance," the Taliban spokesman said.

According to reports, Taliban also attacked military academy compound in Jalalabad road, District No 9 of Kabul.
In Logar province, Taliban militants attacked a police compound, PRT compound and provincial intelligence department.
In Paktia province also, Taliban attacked police regional zone compound, airport, police headquarters and intelligence department. "The fighting is going on in all the provinces," Mujahed said.
"Our mujahidin are equipped with small and heavy weapons and also suicide vests," Mujahed said, adding "this attack was planned very well."
"Mujahidin attacked Afghanistan parliament compound and still the fighting is going on and we don't have casualties reports until now," the Taliban spokesman said.
The attackers also fired rockets at the parliament building and at the Russian embassy, officials said.

Heavily-armed Taliban suicide bombers today unleashed a wave of coordinated attacks in Afghanistan with several explosions and gunfire rocking the diplomatic area and Parliament in Kabul and three other cities but no Indian target was attacked.
I wondered why Taliban did not attack the India embassy.

The main area under attack was close to the embassies of the United States, Britain, Germany and Iran, as well as offices of the United Nations, NATO’s UNAMA, the ISAF-run Camp Eggers, the entrance to the presidential palace.The French, Turkish and Chinese embassies are not far from the site.
A police spokesman said the areas under attack were the diplomatic enclave of Wazir Akbar Khan in the centre, parliament in the west and District Nine in the south, where there are several foreign military bases.
The German, Japanese and Russian embassies were also targeted.Japan’s Kyodo news agency said three rockets landed in the Japanese embassy but nobody was hurt and staff had evacuated to a nearby air raid shelter.

However, why did Taliban attack the Japanese Embassy?
Since Japan was an American ally, did Taliban attack Japan?

There is an old proverb in Japan,"Hate a priest, and you will hate his very surplice."In Japan, Buddhist temples had their power too much at ancient times and many armed priests had threatened the imperial family. So such a proverb happened.

Taliban declared that this attack had been planned for many months. Taliban hates Japan ?Japan presented stationeries to Afghan children last week,and Japanese people import the expensive carpets of Afghanistan . Nevertheless, Taliban hates Japan ?Taliban considers clearly that Japanese people are no better than the surplice .

Well,I have 3 questions to Taliban.
Does Taliban have any ideas for releasing the concentration camps in North Korea?
Does Taliban have any ideas for releasing abductees of South Korea and Japan?
They are all waiting for our rescue.
Tell me.
If Japan stops being an alliance of the United States, does Taliban rescue all Japanese abductees surely from North Korea?
Tell me.
We are living as human beings with our own minds .And we never want to be the slaves of someone else. Release of all abductees and all concentration camps is human beings' subject.We must not yield to any threats in order to release of all abductees and all concentration camps in North Korea.Because release of all abductees and all concentration camps is human beings' subject.

I think ,when NATO and the U.S. Forces will evacuate from Afghanistan ,China will try so that Taliban slaughters Afghan people ,and after that,China will destroy Taliban completely. Therefore, Afghanistan is not in the plan map of the Chinese illuminati.

I heard the security police authorities of Afghanistan had shot 36 members of Taliban dead , arrested two members, and had put down the rebellion. I am sad that 36 persons' lives disappeared. And A total of 15 people of citizens or security forces died, and 74 people of security forces got injured. They should all live long without any terrorism.I pray to God so that God gives the fate which does not encounter an accident, an incident, and a man-made disaster at a next world, to all the people who passed away.I pray to God so that the pain of the injured people will be relieved and they will be fine soon.
If Taliban acts carelessly, Taliban will play into the enemy's hands of China.The most important thing is that international society saves Taliban from a Chinese intrigue.

We have to understand that "the matter which American soldiers burned the Koran" weights on Afghan people so much.We have to know Afghan citizens often demand Taliban to cooperate for the revenge of Koran.All Afghan citizens continue being in pain by a criminal case of burned Koran,even if they are only breathing, even if they stand and sit down.

However, Taliban has not caused the rebellion only by hating .Since the enterprises of China and India have participated in Afghanistan, Taliban did not attack the India embassy,I think.
By understanding the pain of Afghan citizens about "the matter which American soldiers burned the Koran", the United States should talk with Taliban directly. In order to give Taliban the chance to be able to change into private enterprises, the American government needs to discuss with Taliban directly without an intervening of Afghan government.

And,Taliban should change their thought of "Hate a priest, and you will hate his very surplice."
I'm not a surplice .
I am a citizen who is fighting bravely against a major nation of China and the politician of stature of Ozawa, as resistance activities.
I have neither an army nor the property, while Taliban has either an army or the property.I am an obscure poor person. It is only the courage which I have.

Although Pol Pot believed China and supplied the weapons from China, the Communist Party of China management had led Khmer Rouge so that the people of Cambodia might be slaughtered.
If this current situation of Afghanistan continues more, the same thing will break out in Afghanistan.
If Afghan people love Afghanistan, Afghan people need the courage to separate from China. I want to see whether they have the true courage or not.

Although China often threatens Japan seriously ,if Japan show the bonds of friendship of Japan-U.S. alliance ,China starts suddenly flattering to United States. China is good at tempting. However, after China will slaughter Afghan people using Taliban, China will slaughter all people of Taliban. Only for the state power of a moment, Taliban should not trust China.

I never be silent even if Taliban will fire a lot of shot rockets into the Japanese Embassy. It is necessary either for Afghanistan or for Taliban that Taliban parts from China.
If Tariban can not cut off the relation with China ,Beautiful Afghanistan will be the killing field in the future.Tariban should respond to peace with both of President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai and the United States.
That is the true courage.
Neither suicide nor murder is the true courage.
Suicide and murder are all but only pain.
It is true courage to wish national happiness .
It is true courage to consider the future of a country.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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