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In order to prevent the riot of Afghanistan

The militants

National Directorate of Security Spokesman Shafiqullah Tahiri
Afghan SWAT police unit seized large quantities of weapons and ammunition
and more than 10 tons of explosives.

Afghan security forces have detained five militants with 10 tonnes of explosives they allegedly aimed to use in attacks in crowded areas of the capital Kabul. The explosives were found in a truck, hidden under a cargo of potatoes.National Directorate of Security Spokesman Shafiqullah Tahiri said if the explosives had been used, the result would have been "large scale bloodshed."
Tahiri said the explosives were brought into Afghanistan from Pakistan. He said they were found in Kabul in 400 bags under piles of potatoes in the back of a truck.

Of course, people of Karzai government are also very angry for the problem which U.S. Forces soldiers took commemorative photos with the dead body.All Afghan people and Taliban group unleash their anger now.But the whole Kabul might have been nearly in flames.

When it is revealed that the policeman took commemorative photos with the dead body in Japan, the policeman becomes a disciplinary dismissal and a boss becomes subtraction disposal.In view of the sentiment of Afghanistan,because the soldiers broke army regulations, I think that ISAF of Afghanistan should be punished similarly as disposal . If ISAF forces Afghan people to accept this incident meekly,the whole Kabul may be really in flames.

The soldiers who took the commemorative photos should pay the mental consolation money to victims' bereaved family, and ISAF should tell dishonorable discharge to the soldiers after the unpaid works for 100 days. Because the reparations of 33,000 dollars(about 2,500,000 yen) per a dead person or seriously injured person were paid on one occasion,ISAF should judge for the soldiers to pay 3,300 dollarsas the mental consolation money to the bereaved families about the commemorative photos.
Of course,the soldiers should pay out of his own pocket.

Two high officials should have their salary reduced by the bonus cuts.They should be ISAF Commander John R. Allen and ISAF Commander Curtis Scaparrotti.Their subordinates cause scandals too much. Their poor supervision of subordinates developed into the riot which many lives were lost.Something unusual must have happened for Afghans.It behooves them to act more responsibly.
I wonder whether two persons participated in the intrigue which a certain American government high official plotted or not, in order to make President Obama defeat at the next presidential election, .
ISAF should not repeat a trouble more than this.

All soldiers should also have their salary reduced by 10 percent for four months to take responsibility for the joint responsibility .

ISAF should be required to pay these total amounts of those salaries subtracted to Afghan government as mental consolation money for the Afghan people.

If any conclusion is not drawn early, it will develop into a new riot.

As for war, it is true to drive people mad. It was more terrible that the former Japanese army did in Asia foreign countries.Within the army, there are serious problems of bullying ,the training of army is the practice to kill enemy, they often receive cruel treatment, and also their friends are murdered by terrorism, and almost soldiers will become PSD . I think that it is better to play a video game or it is better to sing with karaoke all night, rather than committing suicide, or rather than being narcotic addicts . I think the Japanese government should be able to contribute karaoke equipment,and the softwares of the video game so that the occupation forces may not wound Afghanistan residents. In order for Japan to rescue the abductees in North Korea, Japan has to participate in the peace of Afghanistan as possible.The Japanese government should consider to contribute karaoke equipment, and the softwares of a video game, etc to the Karzai Administration, the Taliban group, and ISAF impartially.
If the amusement facilities for soldiers of the Karzai Administration, the Taliban group, and ISAF will be constructed impartially, the stress will decrease.
Just Dance Wii
Since 8 people can play by this dance game, if there are ten pieces of this soft, 80 persons can play.Dancing helps the soldiers to develop their imaginations and healthy souls.Also Karzai Administration, also the Taliban group, and also ISAF should dance and sing more.

We have to rescue those who are waiting for our rescue in North Korea. We must never forget them.
Japan does not have the national power enough to rescue them . In order to rescue them, Japan should love the Middle East, Israel, Afghanistan, and Pakistan by the pure heart.
It is a Japanese mission to rescue the abductees in North Korea.
It is the providence for human beings to release the concentration camps in North Korea.

Any persons will become rough if their fates are too miserable. Human beings needs hope. Human beings are born in order to give hope to people. I think that this is the starting point of human beings.

a song dedicated to the soul of the dead, called Blue requiem

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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