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Israel and Palestine

A general view of the illegal Israeli settlement of Har Homa on the outskirts of East al-Quds (Jerusalem) (file photo)

Amidst Israeli plans to “legalize” random and unauthorised settlement outposts, to build new settlements, and expand existing ones, Palestinian Presidency spokesperson, Nabil Abu Rodeina, demanded the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu halts all unilateral moves in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including in Israeli controlled East Jerusalem.His statements came in response to an Israeli decision to legalize three settlement outposts in the West Bank.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has criticized the Israeli regime for legalizing the status of three illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Even if I criticize it too,the Israeli regime never changes,I think .
The former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by Israelis because The former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin would advance peace with Palestine. I think that Prime Minister Netanyahu decided to colonize the area because Prime Minister Netanyahu may also always be assassinated from a Zionism.

How shall we do for this solution ?

The products of Israeli companies can't be popular all over the world by the news of persecution of Palestine although Israel has the latest technology.If Israel can stop the persecution of Palestine,the productions in Israel can become popular brands and their relative merits will begin to be actively discussed.Of course, If Israel can stop the persecution of Palestine,Israel will prosper as a trading country.

How can we offer the chance for Israel to stop the persecution of Palestine?

I think I can refer to the island in Okinawa in Japan as an example of a success. Okinawa was the kingdom independent till 1879. Through the colonial rule for 270 years by Satsuma Domain of Japan,Okinawa island was merged as a part of Japan.And Okinawa island became Okinawa Prefecture. Okinawa Prefecture is prosperous as a tourist resort with immense support of Japan now. Since the present Emperor and the Empress continued the floral tribute to several services in remembrance of those killed in the war of Okinawa in World War II, without looking perturbed in the slightest by the Empress Michiko assassination case, Okinawan people became receiving the Imperial Household. Because the great former Prime Minister Obuchi was impressed by the self-sacrificing love of the present Emperor and the Empress, and he rebuilt the Shuri castle which burned with World War II. I think that this peace story of Okinawa serves as a good reference for the problem of Israel and Palestine.

I have a peaceful proposal.

We should make Jerusalem to jurisdiction of the United Nations instead of Israel as a symbol of peace.

U.S. Forces base should be built instead of removing all the isolation walls in Palestine and instead of withdrawing of the Israel army.

The memorials of Mass for the dead should be built to both Israel and Palestine and the ambassador to the United Nations of Jerusalem should continue the floral tribute to them.

Members' countries of U.N. should buy all the weapons of Palestine and Palestine should establish the fund for the peaceful corporate town .

The world should cooperate to the brands of the companies of both of Israel and Palestine to be popular.

24_1.jpgA part of Okinawan people hid their faces by masks ,clothes, and the helmet, and did the opposition movement of the visit to Okinawa of Crown Prince husband and wife in 1975.Two terrorists threw a petrol bomb at Empress Michiko(The Crown Princess of those days).

Emperor and the Empress decided to become a rainbow bridge between Okinawa and Japan .And although Empress Michiko's (when she was the Crown Princess in those days) attempted assassination also occurred in Okinawa after the war, Empress Michiko did not flinch .

The Emperor and the Empress continued the floral tribute of another 6 cenotaphs on the same day of attempted assassination.

Left video is the video of Empress Michiko's attempted assassination. Since former Prime Minister Obuchi impressed by noble efforts of the Emperor and the Empress (When they were Crown prince husband and wife in those days) rebuilt Shuri castle burned down by World War II, people of Okinawa became to love the Imperial Household.
By pure love of the great Emperor and the great Empress,Okinawa did not become an area-of-conflict.

The Emperor and Empress visit every year also
Airakuen which is the hospital of the leprosy patients in Okinawa, and the Emperor and Empress give patients the hope and courage .
All of the insulating walls and moats like a prison were lost in 1975 just before the present Emperor and the Empress who were the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess in those days visited the Airakuen,the institution for leprosy patient.I believe that all the insulating walls in Palestine are also lost one day.
Her Royal Highness always takes off her own gloves ,and her Royal Highness strokes the patient's fingers whose forms have also collapsed, and current Emperor and current Empress are always devoted to talked with all patients.
We are proud of Japanese Emperor and the Empress.
The Japanese Emperor and Empress proved that the pure mind to love the people brings peace.

I think Jerusalem should be a symbol of peace.Jahveh's God should be wishing Jerusalem should be a symbol of peace. Jerusalem should transcend religion and the frontier disputes.
It is the raison d'etre of Jerusalem.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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