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Fight against Ozawa!!Are you chicken?

We must get more aggressive so that Ozawa shrinks back. Fight against Ozawa!!Are you chicken? On the surface,Ozawa was found innocent of a crime. I surmise that it was judgment with a hint that Ozawa will be sentenced to 3 years in prison at the second instance if the lawyers of the role of a public prosecutor can clear some subjects.Although Ozawa desired dismissal of prosecution ,Tokyo District Court discarded dismissal of prosecution to the bitter end.It is original meaning .Thanks to the favor of an able American government high official's efforts,it was judged that the resolution of the Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution was effective.It is one miracle that they can tie to second instance although there're insufficient material evidence. Now, we should go positively. We have to go to the next stage.

Prime Minister Noda,Shape up or get out.So Just Ozawa is lame duck.Not you. Prime Minister Noda,encourage you by enforcing discipline !If you can make Secretary-General Koshiishi resign, Ozawa's rehabilitation is stopped and a consumption tax increase bill can be passed. Decide.
Prime Minister Noda,if you are male,fight against Ozawa bravely!!

Although Ozawa was found not guilty,the counsels for the defence cloudy looked, and we can't see they have the joy of having won at all. Actually, the counsels for the defence had prepared ourselves for defeat. They couldn't believe "Decision was given against the plaintiff."I was shocked too by this fact that Decision was given against the plaintiff.Considering prosecutors' mismanagement,I surmise that Obama Administration judged that it developed into a riot if Ozawa were sentenced to 3 years in prison at the first hearing .
All we have to do is that we should prepare the evidence against Ozawa.Because the counsels for the defence may lose the case at the second instance,that's a bad start for them.

Since the prosecution had too little material evidence to embody conspiracy , Tokyo District Court judged that conspiracy did not result, although Tokyo District Court admitted that the defendant Ishikawa, and the defendant Ikeda reported to Ozawa, and Ozawa accepted it. However, all were not gone.
All we have to do is that we should prepare the evidence against the a prisoner of state Ozawa .
When Yoshinobu Takahashi was Ozawa's first secretary, More than 15 or 16 secretaries were fired by Ozawa's directions.Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office should take more than 20 former secretaries who bear a grudge to Ozawa so much to be able to embody conspiracy with Ozawa there for questioning and Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office should make new Records of Statements as the material evidence.The prosecution has only to embody only what can be used out of these.

At the first hearing,since there are only 3 witnesses who are under the control of Ozawa, the prosecution was deficient in the material evidence which can embody conspiracy.
This can be said to be the insufficient preparation of the role lawyers of the public prosecutors. If new material evidence is prepared, the plaintiff can participate into second instance in order to embody conspiracy, it will be the trial which the plaintiff can win . It is important to record all, when prosecutors question. The Noda government should prepare Security Police for former secretaries of Ozawa ,with responsibility so that former secretaries may not be forced to suicide. At the bribery case of Nishimatsu Construction around Ozawa,more than 5 persons have died suddenly or killed themselves.Their lips were forced to be sealed.

Mr. Ken-ichi Ukon committed suicide by hanging himself at the telegraph pole, although Mr. Ukon was involved in the incident which receives offer of Nishimatsu Construction of a bribe of more than 10 million yen. Does the person who opted for suicide climb a telegraph pole like a monkey?How about do you think? I guess it is exemplary punishment by someone else.Even if everyone forgets existence of Mr. Ken-ichi Ukon away, I do not forget Mr. Ken-ichi Ukon.
Hey Ozawa,you can smile so much.Click your picture of this blog and you will cry aloud!

Secretary-General Koshiishi
You'll regret this
It is realization of a consumption tax increase bill that the Democratic Party has to have priority most now.
In order to realize a consumption tax increase bill,
Noda government should divest the post of Secretary-General Koshiishi who desires to cancel the punishment of stopping a qualification of party membership for Ozawa

Noda government should not cancel the punishment of stopping a qualification of party membership for Ozawa until the result of Supreme Court.

Noda government should promote the Maehara chairman of party policy bureau to a higher status as Secretary-General Koshiishi's successor.

Noda government should promote Sengoku to a higher status as the successor of chairman of party policy bureau .

Since Mayor Hashimoto Osaka has denied cooperation with Ozawa and Ozawa does not desire secession from Democratic Party, Noda government should negotiate with Ozawa so that a consumption tax increase bill may be accepted, and if Ozawa opposes it, Noda government should divest a qualification of party membership of Democratic Party from Ozawa.

Now, a person who is a lame duck most is not Prime Minister Noda but Ozawa.Ozawa is being weakened himself. If Prime Minister Noda is male, fight against Ozawa!
The group who claimed that the Democratic Party should cancel Ozawa's party membership stop disposal has power now.

I desire for American government high officials to talk with Prime Minister Noda, Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura, Deputy Prime Minister Okada, the Maehara chairman of the Policy Research Council, and Sengoku to divest the post of Koshiishi.

Now, if Noda government can't make Koshiishi resign , Ozawa runs wild and Japan cannot approve a consumption tax increase bill. And then Japan will not be able to participate in TPP,by Ozawa's power.
Japanese political situation is unstable.
Secretary-General Koshiishi plans to cancel the punishment of stopping a qualification of party membership for Ozawa to determine in the executive board meeting on May 8.We must prevent it.
Although Secretary-General Koshiishi was the elementary school teacher once, after he was supported by Japan Teachers Union and he became a politician, he became a bad man who are an just slave of Master Ozawa. The man who fights against Ozawa is cool. However, Ozawa's slave is ugly.

japa001l.gif Never quailing for an instant.
Don't be afraid of Secretary-General Koshiishi.He is just a slave.
Fight against Secretary-General Koshiishi,if you are male.
Fight against Ozawa,if you are male.

I hope the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komei Party refuse to participate all the condition of a decision in the Diet Assembly during a session in order to require Secretary-General Koshiishi's resignation .
Since Ozawa is good at using money for the election beneficially if Ozawa can use the fund of the Democratic Party freely, a next election becomes huge damage for the Liberal Democratic Party.
Therefore, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komei Party should cooperate in banishment of Secretary-General Koshiishi.
I hope for American government high officials to talk with Liberal Democratic Party President Tanigaki and Yamaguchi,the representative of New Komeito.

China is pleased so much with Ozawa's innocence now because China desires to prevent Japanese participation in TPP.Japan stays in the crucial moment now.
We would like to need the cooperation of the American government. I look forward to working with you,great United States.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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