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The confirmation hearings of Ozawa

Ozawa is just only a lame duck.
The Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito Party push for Ozawa as the witness to be summoned about Ozawa's trial at the Parliament.Prime Minister Noda said that Mr. Ozawa should judge whether he accepts it or not.Prime Minister Noda neither protects Ozawa, nor blames Ozawa. However, there is no opposition party which has a lot of members,like a stupid party which tries to coalesce with Ozawa.Osaka Restoration Association(Osaka Ishinnokai) and Your Party(Minnanoto) declared that neither Osaka Restoration Association(Osaka Ishinnokai) nor Your Party (Minnanoto) would be allied with Ozawa .

It serves you right,Ozawa!

Koshiishi,the Secretary-General of Democratic Party
Koshiishi,the Secretary-General of Democratic Party determined to cancel Ozawa's disposal of party's membership stopping,in the executive board meeting on the 8th May. Since Ozawa always provides huge campaign spending for Mr.Koshiishi, Mr.Koshiishi always obeys to Ozawa.

When Ozawa was representation and the Secretary-General from April, 2006 to June, 2010 ,although a total of 3,725,100,000 yen(46,587,044.00US$) was paid for 5 lawmakers (included this Koshiishi, and Kenji Yamaoka chairman of financial committee of those days) as organization policy expenses from party headquarters, the purpose for spending is not yet clarified. Mr. Koshiishi has received organization policy expenses of a total of 75 million yen(937,969.00US$) from 19 years to 21 years which established the status as the Councilor chairman .

According to a treasurer's report of 2010 year's Subsidies to political parties which the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications released on 30th September , the Democratic Party received 17,105 million yen(213,919,472.00US$) from the government ,and the Democratic Party expended 14,807 million yen(185,180,096.00US$). The balance of Democratic Party's the fund amounts to 4,406 million yen(55,102,552.00US$), and the Democratic Party is holding the abundant fund.

If Ozawa becomes the representative at the next election in September, he will plan to pocket a lot of money from this campaign spending as much as Ozawa likes.

Ozawa's virus turned people into zombies called the Ozawa group and the infection will spread all over the world.

The Koshiishi's face is really zombie's face.You can understand Koshiishi's real nature, if you click the photograph of Koshiishi.
In order that the Democratic Party may unite, Mr.Koshiishi claimed ostensibly that he canceled Ozawa's disposal. In order that Ozawa may prevent TPP by the cooperation with Chinese President Hu Jintao, Ozawa is going to oppose a consumption tax increase bill at the risk of his life. Koshiishi's decision is hypocrisy.

A psychological warfare starts now.

3 designated attorneys of the role of the public prosecutors
3 designated attorneys of the role of the public prosecutors will make the last judgment on the 9th May whether they appeal against the decision or not.
It is tomorrow.
We hope the appeal to a higher court.
All over the world except China,everyone will hope certainly the appeal to a higher court.
3 designated attorneys of the role of the public prosecutors,show us your courage.
If 3 designated attorneys of the role of the public prosecutors file an Appeal, at least Ozawa can not be chosen a representative at the next representative election in September. Since Ozawa always interferes with all the policies of the governing party, the governing party always be overthrown by Ozawa before Japanese political world tackles the abductee problem in order to rescue even an abductee .
We should help those who are waiting for our rescue in North Korea.
Let's release the abductees and concentration camps in North Korea.
We should cause a new wind,in order that those who are waiting for our rescue in North Korea can hear the new wind blowing.
Cherry Blossom is the Japanese national flower.Please close your eyes and imagine the Cherry Blossom. You can gain courage surely.

Painter:Kaii Higashiyama Title:Cherry blossoms in the early evening
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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