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The lives of Afghan people

An Afghan youth, injured during an airstrike carried out by NATO, lies in hospital
during a visit by ISAF officials in the northern city of Kunduz
(AFP Photo / Massoud Hossaini)

I pray so that his pain of this boy will be moderated soon!

The reason why I love the current Emperor and the Empress is they love Okinawa from the bottom of their heart.

The reason why I love the current Emperor and the Empress is they are the symbols of peace.

The current Emperor and the Empress have never flinched the attempted assassination,and they continue to love Okinawa.

We must love Afghanistan from the bottom of our heart for the peace of the world.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance
I am shocked for 14 civilians having passed away by accidental bombing of the NATO force in Afghanistan. If someone of his family were killed suddenly one day , everyone will become hating the person who killed someone of his family.It's impossible that such a thing could happen.The bereaved family can not talk with 14 victims whom they love. No one hopes to die by being killed.14 victims are not the numbers of 14.Each bereaved family has the love which shared their lives from their babyhood to today.

When I think how Afghan people were filled with vexation,I remember the history of Okinawa Island.My grandmother was born in Okinawa island and 60% of my relatives were killed at the World War II. During World War II, the former Japanese army forced people of Okinawa so that the meeting for the education of emperor worship might be held for every area in Okinawa island. Since the island in Okinawa was the Ryukyu kingdom independent till 1879, the relative of the posterity of the Ryukyu Royal Family or the Ryukyu aristocrats reacted against the way of the former Japanese army.However, the former Japanese army abducted forcibly those who do not attend the meeting.And the former Japanese army beat them to death in front of residents of Okinawa island at the meeting. The former Japanese army treated the relatives of the posterity of the Ryukyu Royal Family or the Ryukyu aristocrats as if the people of Okinawa had been worms.When MacArthur's army advanced against Okinawa, people of Okinawa became not to be able to understand why they were fighting.Although they couldn't see the reason , people of Okinawa twisted the land mines around themselves in order to jump into the tank of the U.S. Forces. However the inhabitants of small Okinawa did their best, although they never defeated the U.S. Forces, they fought. They thought that a miracle might happen.

If everyone feels resentment too much, it will explode one day .Anger of people of Afghanistan is already serious. I can feel their pain .
I pray so that 14 victims can live happily in a next world, without encountering any accidents, any incidents and any misfortunes.
I pray so that 14 victims can live long in a next world enough to hold their many lovely grandchildren.
I pray so that all injured people will be cured as early as possible.
I pray a lot of happiness for Afghan people.

A commander of NATO Afghanistan force must admit that he was not supervising well enough.His subordinates cause problems too much.A commander of NATO Afghanistan should receive disposal which the world can accept.If a commander of NATO Afghanistan has caused the trouble ,in order to make President Obama defeat at the election of President, he should be punished by a court-martial.
I suspect a commander of NATO Afghanistan . Probably, all over the world will suspect a commander of NATO Afghanistan .
If a commander of NATO force treats Afghan people as if Afghan people were worms,I hate a commander of NATO Afghanistan by heartburning anger from the bottom of my heart.
Of course, all lives are valuable.
The Taliban should not treat Nato soldiers as if Nato soldiers were worms.They can smile ,they can sing,they can see the sunrise tomorrow.As a matter of fact,almost the meaning to fight is vain. Just the method of winning without fighting is the true wisdom. Just the wisdom for peace is the truth. Peace always transcend any difficult philosophy and any difficult religion. What the human beings need the most is just the courage for realizing peace .


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