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A pipeline between Eu and the Middle East through Syria

Burhan Ghalioun, head of the opposition Syrian National Council

This map is the plan map of Chinese illuminati.Central Asia
except Kazakhstan, does not exist in the plan map of the
Chinese illuminati.Also Afghanistan and India do not exist there.Japan is a nuclear pollution area
and the island of Japan itself does not exist.
Clck here,you can see the plan map of the Chinese illuminati.

If the Middle East and Europe are connected strongly,
the Middle East,West Asia,and Central Asia will become peaceful.Japan too.

Syria’s government wants to destroy the UN-brokered peace plan aimed at ending 14 months of civil conflict, opposition leader Burhan Ghalioun told reporters in Tokyo on Friday.“The regime is now trying to kill this Annan plan, and by a new technique which is terrorism,” Ghalioun said, a day after suicide bombers killed at least 55 people in horrific attacks in the capital Damascus.“The regime has operated very closely with Al-Qaeda,” he told reporters, adding that the bombings marked a change in tactics.
“We have to notice the timing of these bombings, the bombings started almost as soon as the regime removed heavy forces from the cities, we think there is a connection,” he said.

The situation of Syria becomes worse .Syria has never been pacified recently.participate in the anti-government troops.And then, I have a proposal to urhan Ghalioun, head of the opposition Syrian National Council.

Please look at the map of Syria well.Since oil can be efficiently exported to Europe if the pipeline of oil is pulled from Iraq ,Iran ,Jordan and Saudi Arabia into Syria, since Syria has wide harbors in the Mediterranean,Syria can get business opportunities. Jordan has a plan to mine 40 billion ton oil shale with Royal Dutch Shell.
Mr.Burhan Ghalioun should propose a clear pipeline's building program to Iran, Iraq, and Jordan, and you should negotiate with the United States so that Syria can receive a loan by a low interest rate. All of banks will never finance the construction of the Assad Administration.In addition,the Assad family is in the state of freezing assets.Just Burhan Ghalioun, head of the opposition Syrian National Council can advane this plan.
And if you can specify the numerical value of the data about how much England ,France and Germany can buy the oil at a low price through this pipeline, NATO will cooperate with you.Since this pipeline plan leads the revival of Syria, it will be creating new demand and new business opportunities in the market. It becomes business opportunities for American speculators.

Between Iran and Turkmenistan, the pipeline is already constructed. If the pipelines are built also in Syria, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan become to be able to export energy resources to the market of EU, and Western countries can have strong connection of the energy resources with the countries in Central Asia,as a result.

Of course, you should propose to Middle East to pull the pipeline of the natural gas from Afghanistan to Syria.
If this pipelines' proposal are realized, Central Asia and West Asia can be protected from a Chinese threat.

If this pipelines' proposal are realized,Syria will become peaceful.

If Syria does not become peaceful, we can not get cooperation of the U.S. Forces in order to rescue Japanese abductees in North Korea. Please show the merit of the construction of the pipeline clearly.
And please create the manifesto of your group which bases on the democratization of Syria .

I think that Jerusalem should be jurisdiction of the United Nations and Jerusalem should transcend all of religions and the frontiers. If my dream of the peace is realized, it will become unnecessary for Iran to fight against Zionisms.If my dream of the peace is realized, it will become unnecessary for Israel to fight against Iran or Palestine. If my dream of the peace is realized, it will become unnecessary for President Assad to fight against opponents of the government and the Assad family can not but defect to Tunisia.
I would like to hope for you to make a peaceful manifesto of Syria containing my dream.

For Japanese people, the culture of the Middle East,Israel,Central Asia, or west Asia are full of the mysterious exotic mood, and are very charming cultures. Each ethnic costume is also very beautiful. The aesthetics over their art have each original charming sense. I always think that I would like to sketch each building of the ancient times.In order to maintain the land where the tourists can visit with security, it is necessary to be peace.
I love Syria.
I love Iran.
I love Israel.
I love Iraq.
I love Jordan.
I love Saudi Arabia.
I love Turkmenistan
I love Kazakhstan.
I love Afghanistan.

It is not difficult to stop the third World War.
We should just love the Middle East and Israel purely from the bottom of our heart.
We should just love the West Asia purely from the bottom of our heart.
We should just love the Central Asia purely from the bottom of our heart.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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