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For Ethnic minorities of Myanmar

Myanmar soldiers and villagers chop down opium poppies in Shan state, northeast of Yangon in this file photo.
One of Myanmar’s biggest businesses―heroin and methamphetamine manufacturing ―is thriving in the area along the Thai border known as the Golden Triangle, led by members of well-armed minority ethnic groups.They are pushing out a vast amount of pills.Maj. Gen. Somsak Nilbanjerdkul is director of a command centre set up by the Thai government to coordinate anti-drug efforts.

Maj. Gen. Somsak Nilbanjerdkul said,“Democracy is flourishing in Burma, but illegal activities are moving to areas where there is a lack of law and order.”
Impoverished areas where the central government has little control remain the largest base of drug production in South-East Asia. If he cracks down on drug syndicates, Thein Sein, who was previously a military commander in the Golden Triangle region, risks alienating the very ethnic groups he is trying to woo for his programme of national reconciliation.

While the income of a poppy farmhouse is about 5000 Kyat (about 487 yen) per day, the income of a rice farmer is from 1000 to 1500 Kyat. Although there are several farmhouses already changing to making potato or tea, people who cannot grow the crops to eat occupy 2/3 of local population in this year . As the result of destroying the poppy fields,many people have been driven into the situation having neither gold nor food.

What can Japan do for ethnic minorities of Myanmar?

The special envoy team of "The United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC:The federal council of racial unity)" which organizes by the ethnic minority armed group of 11 of Myanmar visited Japan on April 27.They gave an interview in Tokyo and they requested the mediation of the peace negotiations and progress between the federal council and the Myanmar government to the Japanese government.Since the power of the yen loan which the Japanese government resumes is large, they asked for the Japanese government to employ efficiently the influence in their peace negotiations.
Since international society feels the sign of an improvement for the current Myanmar government, the Nakano parliamentary official proposed not depending on the external pressure first of all, but groping for solution by nationals.And Nakano parliamentary official did not declare to cooperate as a matter of fact.
The special envoy team are worry that international yen loan will not be provided to ethnic minorities through Myanmar government even if international yen loan is immense.
Japan should do something,I think.Former Japanese army suspected the Kachins or Karens were British spies, and former Japanese army carried out severe torture to Kachins or Karens.Sinse former Japanese army did atrocity everywhere in Asia, I become feeling miserable.I wish I could erase the history of former Japanese army by a magic wand.
Moreover, I often hear that ethnic minorities of Myanmar have received persecution and the suppression of human rights like the film of Rambo IV ,from the government troops, after the war.
We should not be uninvolved bystanders.

Caren state Quoc Rick village in 2004
Caren State cadota village circumference in November, 2004

We should consider for Ethnic minorities of Myanmar how to eat without making drugs. By only income source of export of the folk crafts, the jade, and the ruby, it is not enough for them to live.
Then, I have a proposal.
If the government of Myanmar builds the highwaies from cities to the villages of ethnic minorities , Myanmar will achieve economic growth. In addition, the infrastructure building can provide ethnic minorities of Myanmar with work.
Since Myanmar has the complicated geographical feature and geological structure, there are many earth-and-sand disasters, such as the landslides and the mudflows. By the random development according to plantation farming, the deforestation has caused the flood in Myanmar.Myanmar should investigate The rock of the mountain ranges and Myanmar should build the national-land-use master plan for the disaster mitigation based on it.
Japan has the technology which leads the world in the disaster prevention field. Japan has the technology enough to create the map in which the points where the earth-and-sand disasters of floods and mudflows occur were described, in order to decide upon the Basic Land Use Plan guideline.
In Japan, the Niigata area or the Sendai area have introduced the "landslide geographical feature deciphering technique", by using the landslide observation system and the aerial photograph.I think that they will be applicable also in Myanmar. However, the flood measure team of Japan is doing research by their experimentation to cause landslides tentatively ,in order to build irrigation facilities required for landslides . Detailed talks are required in advance so that Ethnic minorities of Myanmar may not have misunderstanding to suspect that Japanese people are destroying their mountains .
If the flood measure team of Japan cooperates with Myanmar, it is necessary to advance the construction after worshipping at the cenotaph of Ethnic Disputes of Ethnic minorities of Myanmar, offering flowers and praying for the safety of construction.If there is not the cenotaph for ethnic disputes, ethnic minorities of Myanmar should build the cenotaph of Ethnic Disputes for many victims of oppression.It is because people desire the peace by praying for many victims of oppression and the peace strats.
Please accept my apologies about the atrocities against civilians of Myanmar by former Japanese army,as a Japanese people.I hate the hypocrisy of the Japanese government.
After 1945 , Japan paid compensation for damages in a lump sum after the war so that Japan deceived especially the problem of women who were forced to be comfort-women by former Japanese army without apologizing.The fund of reparations did not be supplied probably to the ethnic minority from security which Japan paid to Myanmar after the war,I think .
Myanmar can pull highways from cities to the ethnic minoritys' area, if the measures against a flood are taken.The highway circulates lubriciously in the country and brings local development.Racial conflicts will be ended by building the highways. I think Japan can do something.

a list of the flood measure scholars of Japan
name attachment managerial position Research item adress
Hideaki Marui Research Institute for Natural Hazards & Disaster Recovery Professor Creation of overall Hazards map
planning Disaster mitigation master plan
8050 Ninomachi Igarashi,Nishi-ku,Niigata-city Postal code 950-2181
Tel 025-262-7051
Fax 025-262-7050
Naoki Watanabe the same as above Associate Professor Earth scientific groundwater action analysis the same as above
Gen Furuya the same as above Specially appointed Associate Professor the survey of the nature of the soil, and the water survey the same as above
Yutaka Urano the same as above Specially appointed assistant professor Picture analysis by using GIS the same as above
Toyohiko MIyagi Tohoku gakuin University Professor Deciphering Landslide geographical feature Tohoku Gakuin University International Affairs Office 1-3-1 Tsuchitoi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-8511, Japan
TEL.(81)22-264-6425(From outside Japan)
TEL. 022-264-6425 (From within Japan)
Koji Yagi FACULTY OF EDUCATION,ART AND SCIENCE Yamagata University Professor Deciphering Landslide geographical feature 1-4-12, Kojirakawamachi, Yamagata-city
Postal code990-8560
Eisaku Hamazaki Advantechnology Co.,Ltd.- President Landslide danger evaluation Chisan apartment Kakyoin No. 1202,1-4-8, Kakyoin, Aoba-ku, Sendai-city, Miyagi,Japan
TEL 022(214)5625
Kyoji Sasa nonprofit corporation ICL The academic representative Landslide kinetics Chisan apartment Kakyoin No. 1202,1-4-8, Kakyoin, Aoba-ku, Sendai-city, Miyagi,Japan
TEL 022(214)5625
Kyoji Sasa The Japan Landslide Society(nonprofit corporation ICL)  The academic representative Landslide kinetics
Development of technology of judging land vulnerability-to-disaster
Kaga building 5-30-7, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Postal code105-0004
Yosuke Yamashiki Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University  Associate Professor an investigation of the mudflows Gokasho, Uji-city, Kyoto, Postal code 611-0011
Tel. 0774-38-3348
Fax. 0774-38-4030
Hiroshi Fukuoka the same as above  Associate Professor an investigation of Sediment disaste the same as above
Noriyasu Sawada CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd.Osaka scholar the rain prediction technique for a short time by the three-dimensional radar data which based on the unstable place model Kitahama MID building 1-6-7, Doshucho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka Postal code 541-0045
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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