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Iran is the center of the energy resource

Wpic1.jpg The US has a military option "ready" if diplomacy fails to halt Iran's controversial nuclear programme, the US envoy to Israel has said. "It would be preferable to resolve this diplomatically through the use of pressure than to use military force," right-wing nationalist daily Makor Rishon yesterday quoted Daniel Shapiro as telling a bar association this week.
"But that doesn't mean that option is not fully available," he said. "It is not just available, but it is ready, the necessary planning has been done to ensure that it is ready."
The US, Israel and much of the international community believes Iran's nuclear programme masks a weapons drive, a charge Tehran denies, saying the programme is for peaceful civilian energy and medical use.
Washington has pursued a policy of pushing tough sanctions against Iran, while leaving the door open to a diplomatic resolution.
After a 15-month hiatus, Iran and the P5+1 powers - Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States plus Germany - held their first talks in Istanbul last month, which were described as "positive".
The parties agreed to more in-depth discussions in Baghdad on May 23.

But Israel has expressed scepticism about the talks, warning they could simply give Tehran more time to pursue a weapon.Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak, meanwhile, yesterday met US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta for their third session of talks in the Pentagon in as many months.Israel media said this week that the US was expected to announce an extra $680 million (BD257m) in aid to Israel to help finance the production and deployment of more Iron Dome anti-missile batteries.
In the United States,the new bill would build on penalties signed into law by President Barack Obama in December that threatened sanctions against any foreign institutions trading with Iran's central bank.

In order to stop the third World War, we have to propose something the method so that they can compromise between the United States and Iran, and between Iran and Israel .

At First, the United States, EU, and Israel should understand that Iran is an independent country.
Iranians are the people who are proud of the race of the Persia culture very much.They are the people of race consciousness who choose suicide rather than yielding to pressure.Iranians have their original sense completely different from Christian.In Christian's world, the politicians who won straight victories in the elections are the representatives of National people.In the world of the Persia culture, the politicians who won straight victories in the elections are like the maharajas, and the political world of Iran is like a group of maharajas. The politicians of Iran will choose the honorable death ,if the politicians of Iran fall into adverse circumstances.If each country advances talks by the current way of United States, EU, and Israel, it will lead into the third World War.

The reason why Iran tries to enrich uranium is the recapture of Jerusalem.Iran will continue hating Israel forever, if the problem of Jerusalem is not solved.
Even if Christian governs Jerusalem, even if Muslim governs Jerusalem, and even if Judaist governs Jerusalem, the outskirts of Jerusalem become the troubled areas. The human race has to learn something from this history.

I think that Jerusalem should be jurisdiction of the United Nations and Jerusalem should transcend all of religions and the frontiers. If my dream of the peace is realized, it will become unnecessary for Iran to fight against Zionisms.If my dream of the peace is realized, it will become unnecessary for Israel to fight against Iran or Palestine.

I think Jerusalem should be a symbol of peace.
Jahveh's God should be wishing Jerusalem should be a symbol of peace.
Jerusalem should transcend religion and the frontier disputes.
It is the raison d'etre of Jerusalem.

I desire so that each country will talk about my proposal about Jerusalem at the nuclear talks in Baghdad on May 23.

In addition,Iran is the center of the energy resource .If Iran can pull the pipelines to Syria towards west of Iran, and to India and Pakistan towards east of Iran , Iran should provide Europe and India with energy resources at more low prices.If Iran stops uranium enrichment, the bank in the world should lend to Iran and the Iran circumference foreign countries by the low interest rate for the construction of the pipelines.
Between Iran and Turkmenistan, the pipeline is already constructed. If the pipelines are built also in Syria, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan become to be able to export energy resources to the market of EU, and Western countries can have strong connection of the energy resources with the countries in Central Asia,as a result.
Of course, it is the big big business opportunities for American speculators. My proposal about Jerusalem and the pipelines have the big merit for all of the United States, EU, Israel, the Middle East, West Asia, and Central Asia.
Please compromise for the peace of the world.
Of course, I propose to Middle East to pull the pipeline of the natural gas from Afghanistan to Syria, through Iran and Iraq.

If this pipelines' proposal are realized, Central Asia and West Asia can be protected from a Chinese threat.

By my proposal of Jerusalem and pipelines, Central Asia, west Asia, Israel and the Middle East can also connect the military alliance together, and they can refuse the threat of the Chinese army.

If this pipelines' proposal are realized,Syria will become peaceful. Since all of the banks will not lend to the Assad Administration of Syria, it leads to the ruin of the Assad Administration.

If my proposal of Jerusalem and pipelines are realized,we can stop the third World War.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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