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My message to Afghanistan

A left animation shows us that Chinese army has shot at the Lamaist of Tibet as if Chinese army killed the wild dogs.Chinese president Hu Jintao was elected President by the track record of having oppressed especially the priests and the nuns in the Tibet people heartlessly with the special torture instrument.I would like all the members of Taliban to read all the details of these contents of torture.I think China is due to oppress Taliban and to ruin Afghanistan,after providing Taliban with a lot of weapons after withdrawal of the U.S.forces or the NATO force,leading the slaughters of Afghans and the national power of Afghanistan becoming weaker.I think that China exploits Taliban as much as possible.Because the reign of terror always bases on the hypocrisies and tortures ,it gives the serious stress to every soldier in order to form sadist's character,causes several useless wars so that every soldier treats the victims of the foreign countries like livestocks.Former Japan in prewar days acted so as if they were beasts of men.So I can guess the purpose of China.Present China carries on the reign of terror by one-party dictatorship.
I think that the interceptor missile against China is necessary for Afghanistan before the U.S.Forces and the NATO force will withdraw from Afghanistan.Of course,Taliban should part from China and Taliban should ally with Karzai government.If Karzai government and Taliban can't unite,Afghanistan can't build an interceptor missile against China.If Afghanistan has the interceptor missile against China ,Afghanistan can restrain China.
There are more serious problems than Chinese tortures or the persecutions to other races in China .Although China often holds the exhibitions of dead bodies in every corner of the earth,it is said that the objects are the dead bodies of the death-row inmates of the political crime of Tibetans or Uighurs.When I looked at this animation,I screamed and cried and then my hands got cold.Because the former Japanese army had done the unjust things as same as this,I am afraid of Chinese retaliation.However,either Tibetans or Uigjurs has never invaded China.China may exhibit the dead bodies of the members of Taliban.
I don't say that Chinese are cruel.
The reign of terror is cruel.
I hate Chinese President Hu Jintao because he has planned to invade Japan.It is unavoidable that I hate Chinese President Hu Jintao because he has planned to invade Japan.However,Japan's Prime Minister should apologize to the women of China and South Korea who had been forced by the former Japanese army to become comfort women at the setout.Of course ,Japan should apologize to all Asian areas. And Japan should pay them reparations.

Afghanistan stays in the national crisis.Karzai government and Taliban should unite, please defend the beautiful Afghanistan, and overcome the national crisis. Japan should overcome the national crisis,too.

This is soooooooooooooooo a mind-blowing horror story.For a change of pace let's listen to some popular music.Though the ranges of voices of black singers are astonishing,black singers have singing ability.I wish I could sing by such the wonderful voice.If I can sing by such the wonderful voice,I will sing this song to hope the peace of Afghanistan ,Japan,and the world.

The annular solar eclipse happened in Japan,yesterday.After the annular solar eclipse ,I wish that the reigns of terrors of all over the world should be finished.

I think that peace will be realized if sushi is made with best rice and best sliced raw fish by the best chef.
I think that 1 time of the wonderful dinner meeting realizes peace more than 100 times of negotiations.I wish that Karzai government and Taliban would eat Sushi at the dinner party.The people who live in the mountain range think that meat is more yummy than any fish.I think surely that "the meat cooked" is more yummy than "the fish cooked",too.But if you eat "the fresh raw fish being caught just from the sea" ,with Japanese horseradish soy sauce,you can feel surely it is further yummy than any meat.Especially sushi is colorful and gorgeous.
Though the season from April to November is the dry season in Afghanistan, because Afghanistan is in a heavy snowfall area in winter,Afghanistan can cultivate rice if the dams to collect melted snow are built.It is great if Afghans can consider that they build the fish factories after eating delicious sushi.Afghanistan will be more rich country if the pipeline of natural gas can be connected from Afghanistan to the east of Afghanistan like India, and Pakistan ,or from Afghanistan to the west of Afghanistan like Syria in order to export to EU.Peace will be realized by the delicious dinner meeting.If not frozen fish but the living fish is exported to Afghanistan and it is cooked by the wonderful chef, people of Afghanistan will feel that sushi is delicious.
Realization of the peace of Afghanistan is wonderful dream for every people.
I propose to Taliban that Taliban should establish the company of the employment agency. According to my proposal of pipeline of natural gas,because the pipeline will pass through the parts of Taliban controlled areas,if Taliban will dispatch the staffs to Karzai government,if Taliban can get the margin from Karzai government,the construction of the pipeline will be realized in Afghanistan.Construction of the fish factories and the dams of melted snow should be realized by the same way.

Karzai government should accept the parts of Taliban controlled areas as the autonomous regions, and both of Karzai government and Taliban should reconstruct Afghanistan.
I have seen the photograph that people of Taliban were put into the cages of sitting type.Both of Karzai government and Taliban have done the violation of human rights.Oppression of the women by Taliban is fearful.However,Afghan beautiful women are mystical, graceful and they have charming eyes.Afghan beautiful women fascinate the souls of human beings.I think that Afghan beautiful women are much more beautiful than Miss Universes in recent years.Since the beautiful women of Afghanistan are too beautiful,the men of Taliban may want to confine them in their house,I think.But I think the men of Taliban should not confine the ugly women in their house,too.Probably,I guess that such thought was produced since there are so many actions of obtaining a wife from an outsice group by force in Afghanistan.An important thing is that the public peace of Afghanistan becomes good.

If all the Afghans can take the abundant calciums and proteins by the fish factories,Karzai government and Taliban will be able to love each other.They are the same Afghan people.
Japan learned a lot from the reign of terror of the former Japanese army,and Japan understood the value of human rights.I think every country has a dark age in the history.Japan too.
I believe that Afganistan certainly becomes peaceful.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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