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Ozawa struggles in vain.

Prime Minister Noda
ozawaマスク Whenever Ozawa becomes uneasy,Ozawa attaches his mask by telling a lie as having caught a cold .
Ozawa elaborates a plan of operations with Secretary-General Koshiishi.At the tripartite meeting,Ozawa and Secretary-General Koshiishi will persuade Prime Minister Noda to avoid a dissolution of the House of Representatives in stead of approving the consumption tax increasing bill.
Prime Minister Noda will hold a tripartite meeting with Ozawa and Secretary-General Koshiishi on 29th May or 30th May to discuss a consumption tax increase bill .We watch the contest between Noda Prime Minister and Ozawa with bated breath.Prime Minister Noda has only two choices.
1.Prime Minister Noda persuades Ozawa to approve of a consumption tax increase bill,and Prime Minister Noda avoids the snap general election in August.
2.Prime Minister Noda removes Ozawa's name from the Democratic Party, he makes both of "Defense Minister Tanaka" and "Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Maeda" resign in accordance with the censure motion by the Liberal Democratic Party,in order to realize the approval of the consumption tax increase bill.

Since we can't guess at all from Prime Minister Noda's expression,Japanese media have expressed various opinions about which is chosen.Which do you think Prime Minister Noda chooses?I'll bet the value set of McDonald's on 2.
Since Liberal Democratic Party has more members in the House of Councilors,Prime Minister Noda can not but go along with Liberal Democratic party in order to realize the consumption tax increase bill.
小川正持小川正持1 Prime Minister Noda will have the game in his hands.The appeal against a decision of "not guilty" of the first hearing of Ozawa's trial was not rejected in Tokyo High Court,and Tokyo High Court decided even to the presiding judge of the second hearing.
He is presiding Judge Shoji Ogawa.He is the presiding judge who sentenced to death on Asahara of the founder of a religion of Aum Shinrikyou of a famous occult homicide religion of Japan.

One part of Japanese media which support Ozawa say that Prime Minister Noda will cooperate with Ozawa since the approval rating of Noda Prime Minister is only 23%.They insist that the Democratic Party will be completely beaten if a snap general election is held.They try to defend Ozawa very much.Since Ozawa plans the slaughter in order to make the country of North Korean residents in Japan,Ozawa devil King is a symbol of the founding of their country for North Korean residents in Japan.
However,if Prime Minister Noda will cooperate with Ozawa,even if the consumption tax increase bill will be passed in the House of Representatives,since the majority of the House of Councilors will be occupied by the members of the Liberal Democratic Party the consumption tax increase bill will not be approved in the House of Councilors.
At the tripartite meeting ,If this negotiation will break down,Prime Minister Noda can remove Ozawa's name from Democratic Party.But they are planning not to give any chance to Prime Minister Noda to remove Ozawa's name by proposing conditions for exchange. If Prime Minister Noda insists decisively to dissolve of the House of Representatives at the end of August as a request of the Liberal Democratic Party,this tripartite meeting will break down .
Prime Minister Noda can't but remove Ozawa's name from the Democratic Party.

Go to hell,Ozawa!!Haa♪OKOK hey♪OKOK hoo♪OKOK haa♪

This tripartite meeting among Prime Minister Noda ,Ozawa and Koshiishi will break down . Hey,Chinese President Hu Jintao ,
which do you think Prime Minister Noda chooses,Number 1 or Number 2 ?
Probably you want to choose Number 1.
I select Number 2.
If you win,I will feast on a hamburger of McDonald for you. The price of a hamburger of McDonald is 120 yen(9.57Chinese Yuan/1.51$) if it is now. The yen has been strong for some time now. If I win,please sell a lot of yen as possible as you can.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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