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In order to prevent the dissenters of the Democratic party

Prime Minister Noda who raised his hand for the question about Integrated reform of both social security and the tax
I sent letters that I would like to hope for Obama Administration to cooperate with my proposal about the secret plan for Japanese Democratic Party to win at the House of Representatives election in the end of August.Because it is the secret plan,I never say it here.I can propose it with the simplicity of Columbus's egg.I am satisfied if Prime Minister Noda will perform great exploits.Prime Minister Noda is always poker-faced under any circumstance.However,it seems that Prime Minister Noda is already sure of the victory, if we see his current pictures.I guess Ozawa will wonder what the sly old fox(Prime Minister Noda) is up to this time.The pot calls the kettle black.Besides,the Deputy Prime Minister Okada makes a sour face so much.Please smile more,Mr.Okada because I had stopped calling you Mr.Frankenstein.

But it is the important thing that we should prevent the dissenters of the Democratic party in order to realize the consumption tax increase bill and TPP,if Ozawa leaves the Democratic Party.

Ozawa's smile is always unpleasant.
Ozawa's head would be thrust into a cake if I were an invisible woman.
24th May is Ozawa's birthday ,yesterday.In Ozawa's birthday party,Ozawa told about the joy that Ozawa could obtain innocence at the first hearing of Ozawa's trial and Ozawa blew out the candles of the birthday cake fortunately.Those aren't real happiness.Ozawa's only acting.
Ozawa directed so that all the assemblywomen of Ozawa's group might gather in front of the room in order to appear on TV.Ozawa acted as if he had some sort of personal magnetism and he were popular among the intelligent women.Ozawa and the members of Ozawa group love performing a play.Ozawa group seems to be the Ozawa Theatre Troupe of gorillas!But I make it a point,there are many beautiful women in Japan.This promotional video of Ozawa is a bad example.The Japanese female politician won the first place splendidly in the beautiful politician ranking in the world of "20 minutos.es".
The debunking of Ozawa's religion has been too successful.The people who determine to improve the society are all beautiful,I think.However,what do the members of Ozawa's group think of the victims who died by the doubtful methods around Ozawa?Why they are smiling now without any inhibitions ,beside Ozawa Devil King?Even if Ozawa slaughters the Emperor family and Japanese people,can you smile like this?I think every member of the Ozawa group has each devilish heart.
Well,yes,I want to try to say about the way to prevent the dissenters of the Democratic Party.
Some media has already gotten several scoops on the improper actions during the election of the members of Ozawa's group ,called election irregularity . But although I couldn' understand the reasons,the members of Ozawa's group were not prosecuted.Around a millionaire of Ozawa ,there are always so many suspicious points.
Public security authorities should start the surveillance system of election irregularities of the Ozawa group towards House of Representatives election.The act which guides the vote to a specific candidate in a company,the industry,a religious group, welfare facilities,etc.is forbidden by the Public Officers Election Act.There are many testimonies that Ozawa has received a large amount of illegal political contributions from the pachinko industries.Most owners of the pachinko industries are North Korean residents in Japan.The association of North Korean residents in Japan is Chongryon.Chongryon is the association which is the target of Anti-Subversive Activities Act by Public Security authorities now,Public Security authority can eavesdrop of all the telephones of Chongryon.

The disposal of removal of Ozawa's name from the register of the Democratic Party's List is a major premise.
If Prime Minister Noda will carry the consumption tax increase bill over to the next session in Autumn,Japan can't go into the domestic deliberations on TPP before November.
Ozawa and Koshiishi Secretary General want to prevent TPP,so they are just killing time.Their strategy is to delay every discussion in order to prevent the careful discussion of TPP.
The tripartite meeting should break down at the first time and Prime Minister Noda should remove Ozawa's name more quickly.
I would like to hope for the American government high officials to pressure Japanese Public Security authorities to apply Anti-Subversive Activities Act to Ozawa,to eavesdrop of all the telephone or mobile phones of all the members of Ozawa's group and Ozawa in order to expose election irregularities.
Even if the lawmakers belong to Ozawa's group,the lawmakers who can be on the registers of the Democratic Party should not be the target of Anti-Subversive Activirties Act by Public Security authorities.
Some restrictionsapply
1.They must sever a relationship of Ozawa.
2.They are never allowed entirely to oppose to the bills about......
the consumption tax increase bill,
the comfort-women problem,
Japan-South Korea military alliance,
the ploblem of Senkaku Islands,
the ploblem of Takeshima Island,
The problem which a part of Manifesto about the consumption tax increase bill should be changed,
and TPP.

There are many persons who were dead by the doubtful death at the bribery case of Nishimatu Construction around Ozawa.This low should be applied earlier to Ozawa.
I'd like to express my deepest sympathy to all those who passed away by the bribery case of Nishimatu Construction company around Ozawa.
I wish they could have lived to see the success of Cherry Blossom Revolution.
Yoshinori Yoshioka
Kenichi Ukon

This is the requiem of Okinawa,
"Nada sou sou"

I'm sure Ozawa must have been offended by my criticism.But they want to live more longer.
I pray to God so that they can be again born to human beings.
I pray to God,"Please give them the mind to believe the existance of God.".
I pray to God,"Please give them their happy home at their next lives."
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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