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An armistice.

Japanese foreign minister and Pkistan foreign minister
advance the negotiation concretely about the
reconstruction assistance of Afghanistan.
All over the world ,people desire the peace of Afganistan.

I desire staff reassignment of the top executives of
the stationing NATO force in Afghanistan.
Current NATO commander in Afghanistan incurs heavy
casualties by his violation of a treaty.
Afghanistan will become peaceful
by his staff reassignment .
If Afghanistan become peaceful,I bless Afghanistan even if
a lot of money is used on reconstruction assistance from
Japanese taxpayers' precious money.However,if Japanese
taxpayers's precious money will be wasted for the ego of
this Yoda,Japanese people have the right to require the
resignation of this Yoda.
Since Japanese Yen is so strong and Japanese trade balance
does not increase so much,Japanese people are living by economizing.
The Japanese government always screws money out of
Japanese people,in order to be kind to overseas.
But if Afghanistan becomes peace,we are happy.
Although Karzai government is appealing for peace negotiations to Taliban, since ISAF continues the all-out attack to Taliban, 4 members of ISAF were killed by Taliban ,and by bombing the wrong target ISAF was killed 8 children of Afghanistan.
Because Karzai government is appealing for peace negotiations to Taliban,ISAF should stop the all-out attack to Taliban.I hear that 3000 soldiers of ISAF were killed by Taliban .I pray for the repose of souls of 3000 soldiers of ISAF in peace .I can't get the information from Afghanistan, but about 3000 citizens were killed as the same time,I think. I pray for the repose of souls of all victims in Afghanistan.

Because Karzai government tries the peace negotiations with Taliban,ISAF should stop all the attacks to taliban.In order to avoid accidental bombing by IASF, the treaty to prohibit of attacking without permission of Karzai government was concluded.The members of IASF who continue all the attacks to Taliban should be punished at courts-martial.

For the peace negotiations,these violators should be punished.These violators prevent the groval Pipeline plan or the reconstruction of Afghanistan.If Afganistan becomes peaceful, since their job will be lost,especially a commander of NATO seems to violate this treaty.Nato should replace the Nato command in Afganistan and the vice Nato command in afghanistan .All the American soldiers ,all the taliban and all the afghan children should live.The people of karzai govenment and the people of taliban try to reconstruct Afghanistan.I pray to God for Afghanistan to success to realize peace without being discouraged.

Afghan people should hate a NATO commander not President Obama.It is the NATO commander who often breaks the treaty between Karzai government and ISAF.The NATO commander tries to prevent the peace negotiation between Karzai government and Taliban.In order to prevent the peace negotiation between Karzai government and Taliban,the NATO commander often attacks Taliban by ignoring the treaty because the NATO commander desires the defeat of President Obama in the next presidential election.Probably,he will be promised success in life,if Romney becomes the President.So the NATO commander is wasteful of life now if Romney becomes the President,since the third World War will break out.
Although President Obama declared that U.S. forces would evacuate completely from Afghanistan in 2014,Romney declared that he never decide the period to evacuate from Afghanistan if Romney can be a US President.For the NATO commander,Romney will suit the NATO commander very well. Afghan people should demand the resigning of NATO commander.And then the true peace start in Afghanistan.
The world should demand the resigning of NATO commander .
To realize the peace in Afghanistan is our dream.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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