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A tripartite meeting is 30th MAY

nodasouri2012527.jpg Prime Minister Noda
ozawa20120527ss.jpg Ozawa with cattleya
Since Ozawa tried to kill the time,the talk will be at AM.11:00 on the 30th instead of the 29th May ,in the headquarters.Ozawa provides mass media with the information that Ozaw opposes a consumption tax increase bill, like a champion of justice.Although Ozawa looks evil-looking like a dishonest businessman,Ozawa acts a champion of justice with flowers.
Thanks to Ozawa who tried to kill the time,the vice Prime Minister Okada often contacts with the Liberal Democratic party in order to ally together.
jiminto50272012.jpgThey are always porker-faced under any circumstance.You can expect 30th MAY.My blog is more intellectual than the tablids on 30th MAY.
Prime Minister Noda declared to talk with Ozawa at only one conference, and Prime Minister Noda expected the talk with the Liberal Democratic Party President ,Mr.Tanigaki.Mr.Ishiba of the Liberal Democratic Party insists, he insists the Democratic party should isolate against Ozawa.Japanese political world is incandescing!

Although Ozawa can't show concretely any measures against the strong yen,or any anti-deflation policies,Ozawa insists that Japan should do something ,before a consumption tax increase bill.Ozawa is utterly unable todevise any appropriate measures to cope with the situation.Ozawa tries only to destroy all the policies of the governing party.
Since Japan has to secure a source of revenue in order to realize an anti-deflation policy,measure against a strong yen, and the full life with social security,Japan has to approve a consumption tax increase bill.Probably,everybody of Aozora fan club wonders why the Japanese government offers economical support to foreign countries without returning "the total balance of trading" to Japanese people.Because Japan does not have the energy resources ,Japan can't but offer the economical support to other countries if Japan hopes to stand on predominance economically as a trading country,in order to secure the energy at the low price.So almost Japanese people are not so rich.
Ozawa always opposes all the policies of the governing party in order to destroy Japanese Cabinet.Ozawa devil King hopes being a King of North Korean residents in Japan after a particularly bloody murder.
Emperor and Emperess20120528
The Emperor and the Emperess
ex-prime minister Obuchi ex-Prime Minister great Obuchi
The present Emperor and the present Empress contribute to peace the most in Japanese history of more than 2000 years.How many people are there in the world,who can stop the dispute and the civil war? The present Emperor and Empress stopped the ethnic conflict of Okinawa by their pure love at the risk of their lives.Since the former Japanese army established headquarters in the underground of the Shuri castle in Okinawa, the Shuri castle disappeared except Shurei's gate by bombing.Since ex-Prime Minister great Obuchi was impressed by the self-sacrificing love of the Emperor and the Emperess,ex-Prime Minister great Obuchi rebuilt the Shuri castle.This is the most beautiful true pure love story.Human beings can exceed hate.
We must defend the Emperor and the Emperess from Ozawa's fearful intrigue.
We must defend our homeland,Japan.
We proud of the Emperor and the Emperess.
Prime Minister Noda should remove Ozawa's name from the register of Democratic Party's list.Prime Minister Noda is the head of a state of Japan.
Shuri castle
Shurei's gate
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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