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Get more aggressive!!!

Prime Minister Noda went to the headquarters of the Democratic Party
Secretary General Koshiishi(left) and Ozawa(right)

Japanese Prime Minister Noda held the tripartite conference again about the consumption tax increase bill between Prime Minister Noda,Ozawa and Secretary General Koshiishi at A.M.11:00 on Sunday for 1 hour and half.
Whenever Ozawa is forced into a tight corner,Ozawa tells a lie as having caught cold in order to attach a mask.Why did Ozawa take off his mask at the conference with Prime Minister Noda? If the prime minister is infected with pneumonia or tuberculosis by Ozawa,it will be Ozawa's responsibility.
The negotiations made headway a little,and the three people parted, without having agreed on the date for their next meeting.
"We have to have serious discussions with the main opposition LDP" Noda told reporters."Unfortunately, I was not able to obtain support (from Ozawa)", Noda said, adding, "I told (Ozawa) I will move ahead with talks (with the LDP, led by Sadakazu Tanigaki, a tax-hike proponent)".
Ozawa told reporters,"I cannot back it (the tax hike proposal). That means I'm opposed to it." Asked if the split could lead him to leave the DPJ, Ozawa said, "I'm not thinking about it."
Azuma Koshiishi, DPJ secretary general, also attended the meeting between Noda and Ozawa. While Noda has repeatedly vowed to stake his political career on passing the legislation during the current Diet session, Koshiishi is aiming to delay a vote on it to avoid a party split between the factions for and against the plan.
The DPJ has a comfortable majority in the 480-seat lower house.Even if Ozawa heads the largest intraparty faction with more than 100 lawmakers,if Noda can win support from the LDP, the legislation would clear parliament, regardless of dissenting votes by Ozawa's followers.
Noda is now hoping to put the legislation to a vote at the lower house by June 15, as he plans to leave Japan for Mexico on June 17 to attend the Group of 20 summit.Since Secretary-General Koshiishi wants to postpone the date of the vote, even if the Liberal Democratic Party hopes to confirm the schedule of a vote, Secretary-General Koshiishi is continuing deceiving.
In the second tripartite meeting,these 3 persons have agreed only upon advancing the prior correction deliberations with the Liberal Democratic Party before the condition of a decision on a bill in a national assembly. In the second tripartite meeting, this was the only one progress .
Probably, Aozora fan club's admirers will be completely disgusted by Japanese politicians' conference because Japanese politicians' conference does not move forward.Officially, Ozawa has no mind to leave from Democratic Party and Ozawa claimed to oppose against a vote of a consumption tax increase bill. But it is an official opinion of Ozawa.To tell the truth,I guess that Ozawa hopes for Prime Minister Noda to prepare a solatium for cutting connections for Ozawa from the secret funds managed by the Cabinet Secretariat.Probably, Ozawa must have expected Prime Minister Noda might prepare about 100 million yen(1,281,230.00$) as a gift in token of the good wishes for Ozawa's departure from Democratic Party, since Prime Minister Noda is a gentleman. However, Prime Minister Noda pretended as if he were insensitive. Japanese politicians are a group of all the old foxes. Prime Minister Noda is especially an expert of a poker face. I wonder what the sly old fox is up to this time.But Prime Minister Noda should not need to give Ozawa even 1 yen(0.01$)of any pocket money.Prime Minister Noda should not waste the taxpayers' precious money.
For Ozawa, a 400 million yen sheaf(5,124,920.00$) is equal to worth of the one-yen coin(0.01$)for a poor person like me, and there is always a 400 million yen sheaf(5,124,920.00$) in his account in Lower House branch of Resona bank by chance.400 million yen(5,124,920.00$) is same price of 800,000 sets of McDonald's hamburger ,juice and French potato. Hey,Ozawa!!Thou knowest well how to excuse and to colour thine own deeds, but thou wilt not accept the excuses of others.Ozawa should buy the Greek national bond ,Spain national bond ,and Italy national bond in order to contribute to the Europe economy . Prime Minister Noda should not need to give Ozawa even 1 yen(0.01$)of any pocket money.
Prime Minister Noda is due to reshuffle the Cabinet tomorrow,on the 4th June.
★May the Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party form a coalition! ★
Ozawa devil King plans to slaughter the Emperor family and the Japanese people, with China,North Korea and Chongryon.And Ozawa is trying to make North Korean residents' country in Japan . We should leave from Ozawa who can only know going and going ahead.
The current Emperor and Empress are the bravest Emperor and the bravest Empress who contribute to peace in Japanese history more than 2000 years.
We surely defend the Emperor and the Empress from Ozawa's terrible plan.
We surely defend our homeland Japan from Ozawa's terrible plan.
We should rescue people who are waiting for our rescue in North Korea.
We should release all the concentration camps in North Korea.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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